Have you ever wondered why laser metal cutting technique is preferably picked over others? To find out the reason, conducting a research to understand the pros and cons of it may help you.


  • One of the biggest advantages of laser metal cutting service is precision. As the laser beam is directed on to the material with a very thin beam of ligh, its sleek cut edges are achieved.
  • Laser cutting technique offers quick and efficient results in the production. The laser moves at a high speed that move as quickly as 20-70 inches per minute. In fact, the precision of the method makes the following necessary steps even faster, as measuring an cleaning processes can be skipped in many cases.
  • This method offers easier customization. For having a sheet metal fabrication of your choice and specifications, laser cutting technique is the best option.
  • During the cutting process, many times fabricators face warping of the metal. With laser metal cutting, this issue simply gets eliminated.


  • Laser cutting is more expensive as compared to other techniques. However, considering all the advantages, the costing factor can be ignored. You can consider it as an investment which is worthwhile.
  • Depending on the material and the technique used in laser cutting, it has some limitations. For example, laser cutting with CO2 on bras and copper is not recommended.


For custom metal products and services there are many considerations that go into a job. Cutting metal with a laser does not only give us the speed but also the accuracy that is needed. You can trust our experience and expertise when custom fabricating your sheet metal project to support your DIY and home improvement projects. MetalsCut4U is a one-stop solution for getting custom metal fabrication.