Actually that map is lying about the bustrip in february, cos Paris was canceled because of the bomb attacks. The bustrip was for 1 week and we saw Les Chateaux de la Loire, Aerospatial, Picasso, Sagrada Familia Dali, Futurescope, Barcelona etc. It was AMAZING. I'll let the photos talk for me.

​This was an amazing experience and it feels good to look back at this voyage since TONIGHT IM LEAVING FOR MY EUROPE TOUR!! Excited?! Yeeeees. I love traveling, meeting new people, trying new foods, looking at local people living their normal life and your like a spectateur. I love every single market, every single small street. Coming to a new place feels like coming to a new world. You're like newborn and have so much to explore that you can never get bored. See ya soon peeps



I'm blogging from my phone right now so I have no idea how the resault with be. We had a little photoshoot together with my gurl Khatia the other day, I love how there are roses everywhere in France, it's soo pretty.  Outfit is all Zara everything if someone's wondering. Bisous



February was an amazing moth, a lot of things happened and I got to know more cool peeps. February was the month of my birthday among many other events, as the bus trip which I will write about in a separate post cos it was cray cray.

I started learning subjonctif, haha French gets so much more easier to speak when u know this conjugation form. Il faut que tu le saches. I also started learning the Russian alphabet, I haven't learned it yet and we're in May. lol. Oh yes Léa and me wrote a short story in English and we hit full points 20/20.

Girlssss, Khatia, Maé and me. love

And of course the monthly Rotary meeting, me before vs me after. I like theese meetings, I get to talk to all the club members and sometimes we have conferences about current subjects and you feel so much smarter just participating it's awe. But when you have talked/discussed for 5 hours in a row in French and you finally get home at midnight you might be a little tired. In february we had a Maroccan dinner and I enjoyed. No dessert tho. Shit I need to find back to my self control cos I've lost all my control during May.

Oh this subject is close to my heart!! #jesuiscirconflexe. It's no longer obligatory to write out the hat on the letters and it breaks my heart. Cos now I can't corrige Léa's texts in French anymore :(

Mae´, me, Khatia and Florine

THIS IS SO FRENCH WITH THE BAGUETTES, what shopping in France looks like. No but srsly this country consumes so enormously much bread it blows my mind. But it is sooo French like the bakeries and all, love it.

The 6th of February me and mo host bro Léo and his friends went to Grenoble to party at his friend's place, I had so much fun and I laughed the whole night. It's amazing how many new peeps one person can get to know during one day haha, my life in France is basically that. Damn I used to hate to be with people I don't know at all but like now it's or sometimes it's the best thing you can do. You just arrive somewhere or to a party not knowing anything about anything basically and then everybody asks you questions and is curious cos you're a foreigner with an accent and you have so much so share with them. okay text floating away again. I'm getting so sentimental about everything. I actually broke a piece of a tree and made a freking pins out of it and wrote Grenoble on it and put it on my blazer. No joke.

The 8th of Februaryy was my bithday and too bad I couldn't buy a beer cos I repect the rotary rules, but we had a monaco with my Georgian sistah Khatia, and her mom had made a birthday cake for me <3 when we got back to school (it was a monday) my history teacher confiscated my phone haha.

How I feel when I get a delivery. I thank all of you wonderful peeps who sent me things for my birthday, I love you. I got questbars (my life) and Punnitse&Säästä candy (dried fruit and nuts which is my favourite candy in the whole world) and I laughed to much when my mum sent me a fucing mirror, I have broken the mirror though, I dropped it. According to the French superstitions I will have 7 years of bad sex.

Jade bought me theese amazing cookies for my birthday too, like everybody is so nice I can't get over it. I start crying just thinking about leaving all of this, I, it's my freaking life here in Privas. I got roses for Valentine's day too, from a very lush person who is aka kaksoinen aka ma jumelle francaise.

The 10th of February I went out for a nice walk with my hostmum. It was the mardi gras day and it's in my culture to celebrate all of theese things so together with hostmum we made "fastlagsbullar" or "semlor" as they call it in Sweden and the host fam seemed to love it (so did I haha a little bit too much). We went hiking in our small city to Les Trois Croix and we had the view of the whole city!

This photo got reposted on some instapage of Ardeche :D

Birthday dinner with host fam <3 champagne is my favourite drink of all time (after my protein shakes), thank god I got France as my host country haha. My host fam offered a Dolce&Gabbana parfume and it is my new signature smell. Soo much love. Now i get so sentimental again writing about this butseriously I can't get how lucky I am who got two amazing host families, theese people host me cos they have big hearts. They do it out of good will. When you live 6 months in a family you feel like it's your own family, you get to know them so well. Enough of this deep talk.

Celebrating Léo's birthday with my homies

​Partying like animals, literally! This night was so fun :D When we get home and my friends sleep over at my place the tradition is to go to the jacuzzi in the middle of the night! I haven't even finished my resume of february and my computeris starting to drive me mad. This is a really good excuse actually to end this text. No but in my next post I will write about our Rotary bus trip to Barcelona, I have sooo many photos and even videos that I will link, it was such a great trip and I can't wait until the europe trip which is in two weeks, not even two weeks. Damn time flies by. 

Today we're the 23rd of May and I cannot believe how fast this is going, I know I'm saying that all the time but today when I contacted my school in Finland I actually realized that this dream is almost coming to an end. It's painful to think about leaving all of this. My heart breaks thinking about it. I feel as an obese person from whom you take away the pizza haha. What a comparaison. I have never been this happy in my whole life as I'm here. I have got to know my self so much better and I feel like I understand so much more about..life? haha Omg I don't know how to derscribe it. It's probably really annoying to read about the feelings of an 18 yo. exchange student who is realizing her exchange is ending in A FEW FUCKING WEEKS. I will miss every single thing about this country. Not every thing but I feel like my exchange is probably one of the most succesful ones in the world haha so dang proud of this process and myself. And so thankful, I feel pure greatfulness. I have never met so many big hearted and broad minded people as during this year. France you will forever have a special place in my heart.



I found this blog and realized it was mine and that I haven't updated since JANUARY?! I'm ashamed haha. What is my excuse this time for not updating? Well I guess that life happened. I thought I could make like a .short review of every month and put some pics of the highlights and main events. Anyway, first just generally how it's going and so on:

Everything is going really well as you all want to hear. My exchange year is coming to it's end and I have experienced so much. I will never be able to tell everything I have experienced. That is why this is so uique. I know that when I move back "home" (home will NEVER be the same again) my friends will ask me "So how was your trip?" Well it's more like a lifetime lived during one year, even though it still feels like I arrived here yesterday. It kind of feels like living in a dream but it's real life.

When you go abroad you will realise how important the friends are and the people you surround yourself with. I have no idea how I will mentally survive moving back to Finland. Of course I love my friends over there and I miss them with all my heart, but I will see them again and everything will be as before. But I never know when I will see my French friends again. Everyone tells me that they have never seen anyone as integrated to the life here as me and it makes me so happy to hear that. I have got so many new friends, learned so much about human beings, relations and myself and just grown so much as a person. I have seen how people have such big hearts and I just want to tell you that please know that you will always have a home in Finland haha. Wow, when I start writing I can't stop myself. But what I want to say is that i feel at home here and I try to appreciate every moment here because it's going by so damn fast.

Ah it's going to be really hard to try to keep this text assez court. I have a hard time keeping the French aside. Btw, I love speeking French and I really try to have a dope accent, but when I myself speaking on videos or smth I can't stop laughing. I'll just say that it's my charm riiightt.


The 9th january I changed host families and it was sad and happy at the same time. My new host fam is just as lovely as my first one! I only have two host families during this year and I found that it's a lot better that way, cos I get a lot closer with my host families since I live with them for a lot longer. They call me their adoptive daughter :D

The view from my window, there is a swimming pool and a jaccuzzi. And I have used the jaccuzzi a loooot! My school is 3 km away (the same distance to the city center of my smaaall city Privas) so either I walk or I get driven to school. My gym is like 800 meters from my house so it's basically my second home.

The 19th january I had my conference about Finland for my host Rotary club and my families at a reastaurant called La Croix d'Or. I had worked so hard with the presentation and trained many times in front my family. I spoke for one hour about the Finnish life, culture, school, my family and even some history and politics. First I was like hella nervous but then after five minutes I got relaxed and I just talked and talked and I got them to laugh many times and afterwards they congratulated me and complimented my French so I think it went quite okay haha. I made my whole rotary try Finnish Salmiakki and I think you have to be Finnish in order to like it. Afterwards we had a dinner and we had a "standing table" dinner and "Galette de rois" as dessert and ofc I got the small thing that's hidden inside the cake that breaks your teeth. I have no idea how many times I have eaten that cake haha. In Swedish it's called "Trettondagstårta" and it's associated with the christian christmas celebrations (Epiphany).

The famous Galette de rois, which basically represents january in France haha

I also had my friends over to my home a for jaccuzzi and fooood. Love you guys <3

Nadia always playing the guitar :D

We decided to be like super multicultural with the food!

The weekend 24th january we had a Weekend de Neige with my rotary district in Saint Sorlin d'Arves. It was amaaaze to see all the other exchange students and speak a little English. The evening there was like a talent show and we sang Titanium by Sia with my Polish sister Ola. So good to gossip and laugh together with people who are in the same situation as you. The next day we went snow shooeing for the whole day in the mountains. I was crevée afterwards, but it was so fun! We climbed up and then we ran/rolled down in the snow n'importe comment. I got hella sunburned in the face too haha, Finns...

I had like the unsexiest sunglasses evaaah so enjoy the photos.

It was cool to see talents from so many different cultures, like dancing and singing etc. We all come from different places in the world and we're here together just think about the coincidence. Anyway, thanks Rotary for a great weekend and miss you guys!

The 30th january we went running/hiking with my host brother Léo and his friend Benjamin in the mountains of Ardeche. It amazes me how there are beautiful places like this here! 12 km did us good!

We ran all the way up to the top, only to see THIS rock! What does it look like???? A fist? An animal?

I also made this salad lunch for my host fam and they loved it! January was a great month learning to know my new family and having a great time with friends! I'll write about february in my next post since I don't trust my computer and I don't want the whole text to disappear, so I just wanna press"publish" rn! Stay tuned and curiooouuuuss bisous



This week school started after 2 weeks of vacation. I had the most amazing vacations and I have been too buzy to sleep enough and my circadian rhythm is quite messed up so I couldn't catch sleep last night. I swear I went to bed like at 9 p.m. but I was just too tired to bee tired and I ended up watching youtube videos about how to cut a parmesan cheese in the right way? And just random videos of travel destinations. I have got such a travel fever right now, I just can't wait to visit all my exchange friends in their home countries and just travel and see the world, to see the real culture, not just the fake tourist culture. I need to travel and to see the world to understand more of it. If I could wish for a gift it would be to be able to speak every language in the world. And to fly!! That would be so cool haha. Who has not dreamed of being able to fly?? Like a bird, not with a plane, just to make it clear.

As this week begun so did the last week for me in this host family. I will change families on friday and I have such mixed feeling about it. It's sad to leave this family when it feels like I just got used to everything and I feel so at home, but at the same time I know that my next host family is just as amazing and I'm also looking forward to it.

I just love my current host family, they are such big-hearted, kind and humouristic people. I feel at home here and I will miss them so much. They will always be my first host family and I have so many things to thank them for. They welcomed this lost and confused Finnish girl, struggeling to understand the language, to their home with open arms and made me feel at home. They have helped me so much learning French. They have introduced me to their culture and taken me out to visit places. I am so lucky that I came to them.

However let's get started. I found a blogpost like this at Kenza's blog so I'm going to make my own version of it. Here we goo. A typical monday in my French life;

Alarm rang at 6:20 and I got dressed and did my make-up. Yes that's my normal grumpy face at 6 o'clock in the morning..., DON'T YOU DARE SPEAKING to me in the morning before I've had a coffee.. I also let the cats in and started preparing my breakfast.

06:50 This coffee machine is amazing. For breakfast I had an oat meal (or porridge however you want) and natural yoghurt. Cinnamon and milk on top of the oat meal and goji-berries with the yoghurt. Healthy and good and #fitspo

At 07:17 I left home and walked my 4 minutes to the bus stop in the dark, listening to this hihi.

At 07:37 I arrived at school and I got this christmas gift from Léa!! <3 I know you all got curious now, what could it be?? Hah, I won't tell you.

From 07:55 to 09:50 I had science. And 10:10 to 11:05 German, but my teacher had prepared some excecises for me in French, so I worked with that.

Normally I finish at 12 but today at 11 already because our teacher was absent. At 11:45 quequeing for the cantine. We already entered at 12:25 I think yeey. I forgot to take the picture before starting to eat I'm so sorry haha.

I forced them to do this picture haha :D squad

We went inside because it was too cold outside and this is basically me when I see that the radiator is warm.

At 14:00 we went to the center with Khatia for our weekly coffee date.

Capuccino! I drink too much coffee for my age I know.. We spent the afternoon telling eachother everything about the vacations (we always speak French, even though she speaks 6 languages) and time just went by too fast and we had to back to school for our last lessons.

At 15:50 back to school for the recreation to see everybody. Looks quite fancy the school right? It's a lot uglier on the inside haha.

At four o'clock it's time to eat again. Khatia dancing and singing as usual :D

From 16.10 to 18:00 I had history class. The buss arrived at 18:20 and I got home around 19 I think. The bus stop is a little bit further away from home on my way home. Quite depressing that it's dark when you go to school and dark when you come home. So this is a normal French schoolday, from 8 to 18, but today I had exeptionally few lessons. I got home and just took a quick shower before dinner.

Cuddling with the cat a few minutes before dinner.

At 20 o'clock we had dinner. Onion soup as starter, followed by my absolute favourite dish; Joue de boeuf en daube. That is just so gooood. And to the right is my new favourite cheese.

​Around 20:45 tea time and TV time with host family. I went to bed at around 22 o'clock.

I hope you liked this kind of post, sinon tant pis. See you soon!



I spent the christmas with my host family in La Niévre. It's a region 4 hours away from where where we live. My host mum's family lives there. I spent my christmas eating, running playing games, eating, baking and enjoying the countryside. My host mum's brother is a farmer so we lived at a cow farm and I actually saw a castration, no joke! It was something I have never seen before, I experience a lot of things here in France.

Normally I'm not a board game person but we played one game, which name is Time's Up! and i loved it. They goal is to explain as many French words in French as possible in 50 seconds and afterwards you have to play charades and your partner has to guess the words. It's actually great for learning French. We also played a lot of card games and as my childhood equals card games I learned them some new games.

This is where we lived the whole week, isn't it beautiful? The nature changed quite a bit, no mountains as in Ardeche.. And more cows and horses than habitants. It was by the way my first christmas where I could walk outside in a t-shirt without freezing...

The whole family <3 Also great-grand mother, who rolled the R:s, She had a different accent and I was so surprised when I heard her speaking French! Why can't I roll the rs without sounding stupid??

By the way, I'm still confused if the real date for celebrating christmas in France is the 24th or the 25th? We opened the gifts the 24th and had dinner. We had oysters, fruits de mer, escargots and cheese and different desserts. The 25th I woke up quite late and the first thing I ate in the morning was a glass of champagne, haha. More family and relatives arrived and we had christmas lunch/dinner with them. We also opened more gifts the 25th so actually I had two days of christmas :D I will upload the pictures of the menu in a non chronological order, since we ate so much and I hardly don't remember in what order we ate everything.

One thing that we ate a lot of is Foie Gras but unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.

les huîtres

Bulots et crevettes.


To the left, haricots, boeuf, endives et champignons and to the right cheese!

Brochet in French, Gädda på svenska, hauki suomeksi and Pike in English with; salade, oeufs et crevettes.

Balancing up the eating with a little bit of running. I ran 4 times during this week and I think almost 34 km all together.

Oh more food pictures! Salmon is also popular here during christmas times.

With my hostsister we made cinnamon rolls.

Marron glacé and Tartiflette

With my host grand mother we went to a real catholic christmas mass.

Last but not least, La Bûche!! The famous christmas dessert. Surrounded by homemade macarons.

Thanks everyone for your wonderfu christmas gifts. I hope you also had a great christmas.



Last school week before the vacations, coffee with this girl <3

Repas de Noël at school, la bûche et du chocolat and fried potatoes in the shape of small christmas trees, yes.

I made my frieds try some Finnish chocolate and as far as I know the seemed to love it! They Even put the papers under their phone cases xD And by the way am I not such a talented drawer? :D

I went all in decorating my morning porridge. By the way my breakfast is not a typical French breakfast, they love to eat tartines, pain au chocolat, biscuits au chocolat, croissaints etc for breakfast, I have tried it all of course!

My hostdad cooked a fancy dinner with white fish, endives and veggies mixed with pied de cochon, which means foot of pig. ( I am not joking! In France I'm not even chocked by things like this anymoore) There were a sweetish sauce with it all. So good!

One day we also had fondue bourguignonne, meat fondue. Everything with meat is love.

With my hostfamily we went to Montelimar one day. We visited Palais des Bonbons et du Nougat and I have never seen this much candy in one place in one time in my whole life.

Afterwards we went to the center of Montelimar and visited the christmas market and saw all the christmas decorations.

I also received this thing from Finland. Was there a person inside? Clothes? A horse? I won't tell you :P my favourite candy though, natural nuts and dried fruit <3

The last week before the vacations I also had a riding lesson and I had the loveliest pony ever! A 5 yo mare, such a pleasure to ride.

I also tried a Brioche au chocolat blanc.

I also participated in the school's sports team Cross country academic level running event and I didn't do as well as the last time. I came 22th of 50 participants so it was kind of a disappointment,. But it was a cool experience! We were in Aix-le-Bains, three hours away from where I live and by chance I also met another exchange student from my district, Danielle!

Two weekends ago we visited Aubenas with my hostfamily. The city was lovely! We saw the christmas market (I don't know how many christmas markets I have seen in France, but I will never get tired of them!) and there was a man who did ice sculpturing! Afterwards we went shopping (wherever you take me I will find somewhere to shop, haha) I think I looked in 6 different shops for a black classic long-sleeved shirt and three minutes before we had to leave I finally found one.

Oh yes I almost forgot, we visited the church and an arts gallery also. The evening I went out with my hostsister and her friends and I had so fun, such a great weekend. I am so thankful that my hostfamily takes me around to visit cities and do shopping and just exploring the world. It is probably the best gift you can give someone. Also thankful to Rotary for making this exchange year possible, I can't mention it enough. I'm having a blast. And I can finally say that I can understand almost everything in French, I feel so happy about my progress in French. Stay curious and positive!

And stay also tuned for my upcoming post aboout christmas in France!!!



Hello! I haven't really had time to blog, but no it's Les Vacances so here we go!

A few weeks ago I was in Lyon with my second host family and I stayed there for the weekend at my hostsisters place. It was amazing, I just fell in love with this beautiful city. We visited the christas market and the old city and hung out with her friends.

One of her friends had this map on his wall where and every foreign person he meets can leave a pin on it, so I did! He also knew how to say "Missä on pyörätuolin korjaaja?" in Finnish!?!?!

Pictures from the christmas market! A lot of people and a lot of French christmas specialities.

 I have a lot of things to write about so I'll just share everything up in different posts and write everything today, stay tuneeed...



Why is it so difficult to start a blog text? Okay, so since I last blogged I have done a lot of things. Sleepover at Khatia's place for example! I'll let the pictures talk for me.

We went out for a walk and this is the view of my little city called Privas.

I have made and eaten so many macarons!

Last weekend we went to the cinema to see the Hunger Games in 3D with the girls. I loved the movie and I also understood almost everything even though it was dubbed to French. Before that we went to the gym with Léa and had dinner at her place and we had endives au jambon gratinées. Léa gave me this selfie stick so I had to try it...

Last weekend we also went to Montélimar with hostmum and hostsis to do some shopping. And we visited Le Musée du Nougat Arnaud Soubeyran and we could see how they make nougat, which is a speciality from this area! Nougat is soo good!

One week ago on wednesday we went to La Neuve with Khatia and had a picnic. We are the only ones who have a picnic in November outside, but hey it was not that cold after all!

Okay, so here below are some of the latest foods I've tried. To the left you can see Nougat, Huîtres(oysters), religieuse à la Vanille (the bakery thing) and also the map of france of rice, yes my hostdad is funny :D In the middle you can see Cuisse de Grenouille (Frog legs) and to the right Boudin which is a sausage made of blood. Yes we had that at school one day and it was actually really good!

Oh and not to forget! This wednesday I went to a running event with my school and I ended up third of the juniors so I got a bronze medal. It was only 3300m to run so it was easy, but it took the whole day. The busride to get to Vernoux-en-Vivarais took one hour and we spent the whole day there, and the same bus ride to get home. I got home freezing and hungry but so happy! And the view was quite something up in the mountains.

And now some normal life pics. I do a lot of sports and it's so nice to go to the gym together with friends. And yes we always take a selfie after Grit Series and I promise I will make a huge photo collage in the end of my exchange with only our sweaty selfies :D This horse to the left is my love. They warned me from falling in love and I did. But he is sold now so my heart is quite broken. Jk but it's sad though, I hope he'll have a nice new home!

Running view!

À bientôt !



Last Wednesday we were free from school so we went to a city called Aigues-Mortes together with my hostfamily. The weather was beautiful, the food was good and I got to see the mediterranean sea! The pictures above are from a candy shop. It was super big and they made us try a lot of different candies just because we stepped inside the shop. I could have visited every shop just to get free candy, haha.

First time I tasted "BULOTS" in the pic to the left, so good with aioli. As the main course I chose Dorade (the fish). Dessert was chocolate mousse and a coffee, starting to get really addicted to coffee (and chocolate).

It tasted even better listening to a musician playing live music for us.

Aigues-Mortes is a medival city and was a really important harbour-city long time ago. It's situated on the shore in an area called Camargue, a river-delta on the southern coast of France. The city is really well-preserved, surrounded by the walls that you can see from the photos. Inside the walls in the small city you can find numerous small shops selling specialities from this area such as; salt, camarguan rice, soap, candy, clothing in camarguan style and souvenirs decorated with white horses and black bulls. Camargue is well-known for it's white camargue horses(a horse breed), camargue bulls (Taureaux) which are black and smaller than normal bulls and often used in bullfighting and other bull-related spectacles. Camargue is also known for it's pink flamingoes, but we didn't see any flamingoes. The city of Aigues-Mortes has a lot of restaurants where you can try food from this area, and due to being on the shore to the mediterranean sea you will see "les fruits de mer" on every menu. Bulots, Tellines, Huîtres, Moules, Poulpe etc.

Tourism is a major source of income, which I can understand since I bought a key keeper for 6 euros... But I'll attach it on my blazer.

YES I SWAM and it was cold. But hey I'm a Finn, I can't help it. Swimming in November, not too bad, huh?

After swimming we visited another small city in Camargue called Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. We climbed up to the roof of a church and the view was amazing.

St-Marines-de-la-Mer is known for it's annual pilgrimage made by the gypsy people in devotion to Saint Sara. (The patron saint of the romani people). It's a spectacle involving horses etc attracting a lot of tourists Close to the church, of which you can climb up to the roof of, there are plenty of little shops selling both typical souvenirs and traditional regional produce (art and handcraft) as well as the all important equipment for the Camargue gardians, such as hats, shirts, boots, knives, and much more. And equipment for their horses too. I got really excited at first, since I though that it was a horse shop, but I didn't really find anything there. The breeches had one zero too much on the prize, I had already spent my living on the key keeper... And on a postcard which I sent to my family in Finland. :) It was a really good daytrip and I saw a lot. I'm sure I'll return here someday. I loved the gastronomy and the atmosphere!