We made a quick stop in Washington D.C just to see the most important stuff. I don't think we got a real good impression of the city so should probably go back in the future. Here are some pictures for you guys.

We kept on driving for two more hours after Washington and stayed in a cute town called Staunton in Virginia.

Idyllic isn't it?

The next stop is a clear favorite so far. Will upload photos soon.


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I'm so happy we went back to New York this year and made it our first stop on the road trip.

We have mostly been walking around the island of Manhattan every day. Our legs are hurting and we have all lost some weight but it felt great just walking around. When Henrik and Hanna took a taxi from Madison Square Garden after the Rangers game was I left to walk to Spitzers from Broadway. I'm very impressed that I made it down to East Village in 25 minutes. Might have been the beer calling to me...

We managed to see the important stuff, enjoy nice bars, do some unnecessary shopping, realize that we hate Chinatown and visit the Trump tower twice (thanks Henrik!)

Battery Park & Statue of Liberty

Pizza at Gemma's - highly recommended breakfast place!

World Trade Center memorial

The luxury of green parks does not exist in Malta.

Sir Henrik in front of a building he likes.

Can you spot her in the background?

Time for the next stop - Washington D.C

- J



I have always been a sucker for musicals and been trying to see one the last times I visited London and NY without success.

Today I made one of my childhood dreams reality. When Henrik and Hanna went to Madison Square Garden for the Rangers game did I think about what I want to do this last day in the city. Watching a broadway show was the first thing that popped into mind.

I booked my ticket for $80, a bit more than I wanted to spend to be honest. But oh my god how it was worth it!

The musical was amazing. I bough a cup of wine for $14 (?!) and enjoyed the show all in my lonesomeness. Even though I would have liked some company, I truly enjoyed the show and sucked in every moment of it.

Tonight I'm sleeping with a happy and peaceful mindset. I wish I could experience this kind of entertainment every week...

It took me about 45 minutes to walk back to Spitzer's corners, our favorite bar. I really love New York at nighttime and just strolling the streets feels amazing. By an accident did I walk past the street where they shoot Carrie Bradshaw's flat in Sex and the City. Such a cute block!

It is time for bed now. We will start driving tomorrow and the first stop is Washington.




I just couldn't help myself... I had to check Victoria's Secret. And I did of course find something so amazing I had to buy it..

New York has become my shopping city for lingerie. I spend a small fortune last year and apparently that's my trend from now on.

Since I'd already started I just had to continue.. I have always loved Agent Provocateur and I bought an amazing bra there last year. Today I found another.

Isn't amazing how spending way too much money can make you feel so good?

We are changing now and getting ready to go to some bars. Until then!

- J



Everybody's jet lagged as fuck. Woke up at 5 am hungry and ready for a new day...

Found an amazing breakfast place and we just had to order lots of food. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, yogurt, bagels and coffee.




After 7 hours of waiting, a total of 13 hours in the air and 1 and a half hour in the uber could we finally see the island of manhattan. We arrived to an externally hot and humid spring day that was worse than Malta sometimes. We are staying in Chinatown in a very interesting flat.. but very close to this new and cool bar The beer garden.



Left work around 4 today to run home as fast as I could to go to the airport. Stepped on a freaking thorn from a rose which got stuck in the foot so I could barely walk... just my luck.

We made it to the airport before 18,00 and had time for a drink.

Sitting in the lounge at Istanbul airport right now and waiting. We had 8 hours of waiting ahead, only 4 more to go. Thank god for the open bar!

We should be arriving in Manhattan in 12 hours.. until then!

- J



Mallorca last year

My timing has obviously never been good... leaving in 2 days, have tons to do and I have been stuck in bed with a fever for the past 4 days. Just great!

I managed to do some light packing today. Nothing matches and everything is in black. As usual I guess!

I am going back to work tomorrow and have lots to do before we go. The girls are coming over tonight so that we can say goodbye to our dear friend Betina who chose to left us. She is leaving next week when we are gone so this will be the last time we all get together.

1/3 of the sofa is done.... I'm not good with deadlines either.

Tomorrow I have to go to the hairdresser, run some errands and buy some stuff before we go. And yeah - work!

Just booked a table at L'Artist restaurant in Sliema for tomorrow evening for a nice dinner. I have never been there before but really hope the food will be nice. Have been longing for a bloody steak the past days. Yum!

- J



On our way to Miami from New Orleans will we make 2 stops. Mostly because the driving distance is too far.

The first stop will be Panama City in Florida and it should take us about 5 hours to get there without stops. I can honestly say that I don't know anything about the city except from what I've seen on Google. And Oh My God does it look amazing!

Small tip to all the travel fanatics out there:

I always use Hotels.com while making my bookings. I really like the site and their rewards program is amazing. I have received many free nights after my trips just by using my account on Hotels.com. To be honest, I spend about 1-2 hours per day on the site and it is perfect for a travel nerd like myself....

Top Destinations #10: Click Here for the Best Miami Beach Hotel Deals!

Vi kommer att göra två stopp på vägen till Miami. Anledningen till det är egentligen den långa körsträckan, annars hade vi nog hellre spenderat fler dagar i Miami.

Första stoppet blir Panama City i Florida och det kommer ta oss ungefär 5 timmar att köra dit utan stopp. Jag vet ärligt talat inget mer om staden än vad jag sett på Google, men herregud vad fint det ser ut.

Ett litet tips till alla som älskar att resa:

Jag använder alltid Hotels.com när jag bokar mina resor. Sidan är enkel, har ett bra utbud och deras Reward-program är fantastiskt. Efter varje 10:e bokad hotellnatt får du en natt gratis för samma pris.
Jag har fått en hel del gratisnätter som jag använt på mina resor och det är verkligen uppskattat när man gillar att resa.
Ärligt talat så spenderar jag nog 1-2 timmar om dagen på sidan och den är perfekt för en resenörd som mig själv...

- J

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Myrtles Plantation, St Francisville, Louisiana

There is something about plantations.... The place is filled with history, both gruesome and interesting. I don't know why the places interest me so much but visiting one is for sure on top of my bucket list.

I believe Myrtles Plantation is the most famous one for it's haunted history. My friends knows how much I love the supernatural so staying at this Bed and Breakfast would be like a dream coming true. Luckily for me are we already going to Louisiana!

Det är något speciellt med plantations... Platsen är full av historia, både hemsk och intressant. Jag vet inte varför platserna tilltalar mig så mycket men att få besöka en står verkligen högt upp på min Bucket list.

Jag tror att Myrtles Plantation är den mest berömda på grund utav sin hemsökta historia. Mina vänner vet hur mycket jag älskar det övernaturliga så att få övernatta på det här hotellet hade varit helt fantastiskt. Tack och lov så ska vi till Louisiana!

This is the Fannie Williams room, also called "The Doll Room" at Myrtles Plantation. Only the name gives me the creeps.

You can actually stay here for only $175 per night and that includes breakfast and a mystery tour. Sounds pretty amazing to me, I just need to convince one of my travel partners to go with me for one night. Unfortunately all of them are pretty scared and don't really like the haunted stuff (Good thing going to New Orleans then?)

The plantation is located 1,5 hours outside of New Orleans so it will be a bit of a drive, but would be totally worth it for me.

Will this be an adventure I have to do by myself?

På Bilden ser ni Fannie Williams rum, också kallat "The Doll Room" i Myrtles Plantation. Bara namnet ger mig gåshud...

Man kan faktistkt övernatta här för $175 per natt och då inkluderar priset frukost och en guidad tour. Det låter ganska fantastiskt tycker jag, men jag behöver övertala någon av mina resekamrater att faktiskt åka med mig dit och stanna över natten. Tyvärr är alla ganska rädda av sig och uppskattar inte de hemsöktas charm (Bra att vi ska till New Orleans då?)

Plantation ligger ungefär 1,5 timmar utanför New Orleans så det blir en liten bit att åka, men det är helt klart värt det.

Kanske måste jag göra detta äventyr ensam?

- J



I met this dog on Friday. She would have been great with Lucia and I kinda regret I didn't steal her..

I also never finished the sofa this weekend. Am I surprised? Nope, not at all. I will postpone it to tomorrow...

I am ending this long weekend in bed with lots of candy. It feels like a perfect spent evening.

The weather has been great this Easter. We spent all Friday drinking cocktails in the sun and enjoying spring.

Time to go back to work tomorrow and then home to finish that sofa. Since we didn't do anything Easter-like this weekend will we have a nice dinner tomorrow. I am really looking forward to that.

It's also less than 2 weeks until we leave to New York and I have tons of things to do before then. Busy times!

- J

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Friday - day off!

I had breakfast out on the back yard, smoothie bowl with berries and almonds.

Lucia wanted to join of course. She actually eats everything, even smoothies.

I have now been looking at the pallets for about 45 minutes. I consider that the first step in the building process. Unfortunately I didn't have time to buy paint and a hammer yesterday so the project needs to until tomorrow.

I am off for a cocktail in the sun instead, and I take back the part about no alcohol for Julia...




Some pictures from last Sundays lunch at Medasia, Sliema. We went crazy on the Asian food and ordered 6 different courses.

I am getting hungry just by looking at it.

Yesterdays breakfast at work. Must be one of the best thing with the company - Great breakfast every Wednesday!

It is Good Friday tomorrow which basically means a day off. Fantastic!

I am home at the moment, looking at a delivery of 10 Euro pallets... I am not crazy, I am just going to build a sofa for my back yard. I want to have a lounge area with BBQ on the bigger back yard and I am leaning to Moroccan theme.

Hopefully this will be done by Sunday so that I can show you the result. No drinking for Julia this weekend, instead I will be home building and painting a huge sofa. Cant wait to see how it will look!

Take care
- J



The planned route, USA

Less than 3 weeks to go! We have finally booked the car, same SUV as last time with enough space for us 4 and our suitcases. This time we wont bring as much clothes as last year, so we agreed about 1 cabin bag per person + sharing a big suitcase. I really hope that will be enough for 3 girls and 1 guy....

Det är mindre än 3 veckor kvar! Vi har äntligen bokat bilen, en likadan SUV som vi hade förra gången med tillräckligt mycket plats för oss 4 och våra resväskor. Den här gången kommer vi inte ta med lika mycket kläder som förra året och vi kom överens om varsin cabinbag och en delad resväska. Jag hoppas verkligen att det räcker för tre tjejer och en kille...

Picture from last July. Our car somewhere in Nevada Deseret

We only spent about 6 days with this beauty last year. We were not driving far, from Las Vegas - San Francisco - Los Angeles. Not like this time when we will drive about 3000 miles. Thank god that 3 out of 4 knows how to drive!

Vi hade denna snygging i sex dagar förra året. Den gången körde vi inte långt alls, endast från Las Vegas - San Francisco - Los Angeles. Det blir lite längre nu, jag har räknat på ungefär 3000 miles totalt. Tack och lov så har i alla fall 3 utav 4 körtkort!

Me, in front of the car, drinking something responsible.

It will be interesting to spend most of our vacation sitting in the car, looking out the window. It might be a bit boring some days, but we will definitely see a lot and in total experience about 9 states. Pretty cool!

I am meeting up with the girls tonight to discuss a very important detail - PACKING!

Det kommer bli intressant att spendera mesta dels utav vår semester sittandes i en bil och kolla ut genom fönstret. Det kan såklart bli lite långtråkigt ibland, men vi kommer absolut se mycket och hinna uppleva runt 9 stater. Ganska häftigt!

Ikväll ska jag möta upp tjejerna för att diskutera en väldigt viktig detalj - Packningen!

See ya!
- J



Restaurant in Sweden, Pinchos

The time has come to fly back home. I've had a great week in Sweden and spent good time with family and friends.

I am very thankful that I got to see my grandparents, spend some time with my sister and enjoy the nice spring weather and nature (!!?)

Pitcher of Sangria, Pinchos

Normally you get super small drinks for a very expensive price in Sweden. I ordered a pitcher of sangria, which I thought was gonna be like 2-3 glasses. Instead I got this one to enjoy... And hey, I'm not complaining. Lasted (almost) throughout the evening.

Connect hotel, Nykoping

Stayed one night at the hotel at Skavsta airport since I had such an early flight. It was much more convenient but have to say that the prices of €95 per night for a small double room is pretty expensive for an airport hotel.

The lobby/bar/restaurant area was very nice, but the standard for the rooms could have been better for that price.

Bar, Connect hotel

I am sitting at a cafe in Gdansk waiting for the flight home to Malta. It feels good to go back home, even tho I wouldn't have mind a few days more with la familia :)

Talk soon!
- J



This is what Swedish fika at your grandparents house should look like!

It is so good to be back, even for a short period. I have been ejoying every moment but am also looking forward to go back home and start another adventure in my life. More details about that later - I am off for dinner with my girlfriends now!

- J



I booked flight tickets spontaneously to Sweden this Thursday to surprise my mother. She had no clue I was coming and she really looked like shed seen a ghost when I entered the house. Too funny!

I planned the trip with my dad who fixed so he could pick me up from the train station without her knowing anything.

I have spent every morning in Sweden like this - breakfast, green tea and then out jogging in the forest. People that knows me knows very well that I never spend any time in the nature... so this is big.

I must say that you appreciate the nature a lot more now when you live out on a rock in the ocean where it's hard to even find a tree...

I'm off for another walk in the forest. Until next time!

- J



Plantation, New Orleans

When we first talked about going back to the states on a road trip we all really wanted to see New Orleans. Since we decided to drive on the east coast this time from New York to Miami could we amazingly fit in New Orleans (Along with some other amazing stops on the way). So after our stop in Memphis, this is where we are heading.

For some reason have Lousiana always been appealing to me. It might be because of all the ghost stories I've heard from there, and it has probably someting to do with my favourite movie as a kid; Scooby Doo on Zombie island...

När vi först pratade om att åka tillbaka till USA på en Road trip snackade vi alla om att få se New Orleans. Eftersom vi bestämde att köra längs östkusten denna gång från New York new till Miami kunde vi få in New Orleans lite fint tillsammans med några andra trevliga stopp. När vi är klara i Memphis kommer vi alltså köra dit.

Utav någon anledning så har Lousiana alltid lockat mig. Det kan nog ha att göra med alla spökhistorier jag hört från platsen eller så beror det på att min favoritfilm som barn var Scooby Doo och zombieön...

AMHS season 3 Coven

This is the first stop on the way where we will stay 2 nights in the same city. That means one whole day of exploring! On the list of things we want to do we have:

- Visit a Plantation (Hello ghost from the past)

- Go on a river boat

- See a swamp and hopefully some crockodiles

- Ghost tour in the city

- Stay at a hanuted hotel (I am alone on this one)

I haven't made that much research on what to do in the city yet, will save that for next week. I think I have to re-watch American Horror story's season 3 Coven before we go. That show will hopefully put me in the right mode for New Orleans!

Detta är det första stoppet på vägen där vi kommer stanna 2 nätter i samma stad. Det innebär att vi får en hel dag att utforska stället! På vår lista har vi:

- Besöka en Plantation

- Åka på en river boat

- Besöka ett träsk och kanske se någon krokodil eller två

- Spöktur i staden

- Bo en natt på ett hemsökt hotell (Verkar som jag får göra detta ensam)

Jag har inte kollat så noga vad man kan göra i staden ännu, tänkte att jag sparar det till nästa vecka. Jag tror dock att jag måste kolla om American Horror Story season 3 innan vi åker. Den borde ge mig en perfekt känsla för New Orleans!

House from Coven

If you have suggestions at all on what to do or where to go in Lousiana, please let me know!

Låt mig gärna veta om ni har några förslag på vad man borde se eller göra i Louisiana!

- J



Poolside at Bellagio, Las Vegas

When we booked our flight tickets to the states back in January it felt like these months would take forever. I can't believe how fast they went by! It is exactly 4 weeks left until we will head off to Istanbul, wait for a few hours at the airport and then take our flight with Turkish airlines to New York. I am very thankful that we will fly with Turkish Airlines this time, in my opinion it is one of the best airlines :)

We are almost done with booking the hotel nights, more info about where we are staying will come soon!

Have a good evening!

När vi bokade flygbiljetterna till USA i Januari kändes det som att tiden skulle ta så lång tid. Jag kan faktiskt inte fatta hur snabbt dessa månader har gått! Nu är det exakt 4 veckor kvar tills vi åker mot Istanbul, väntar några timmar på flygplatsen och tar sedan vårt flyg med Turkish Airlines till New York. Jag är glad att vi åker med Turkish Airlines den här gången, enligt min åsikt är de en av de bättre flygbolagen.

Vi är nästan helt klara med bokningen av hotell i USA. Det kommer snart ett inlägg om vart vi ska stanna.

Ha en fin kväll nu!

- J



Met my dear friend Nickie for lunch yesterday. We went to Pure, a really nice salad bar that sells amazing pressed juices and vegan cakes.

I took my favorite tuna salad with feta cheese, greens, quinoa and lemon dressing. Amazing!

Nickie couldn't stop talking about sweets when we were at Pure so I blame the coconut cake I bought on her. It was a vegan cake just like a bounty bar and soooo good!

Today we are waiting for the sun to come out so we can have a BBQ on the roof terrace. How will you spend your Saturday? x

- J



Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

About a year ago did I go on one of the best trips in my life. I count New York last New Year's Eve and Vegas/LA last summer as the best ones, but this one was just below on the list.

This was an event with work that my friend Henrik and I planned for our customers. We decided to go for the Red Bull Air race in Abu Dhabi and it was truly amazing.

Red Bull Air Race, Hilton Abu Dhabi

We stayed in Dubai for 5 days with 16 customers on Jumeriah beach. What a culture difference it was.. It hit us in the face once we got off the plane.

I had never been in an Arabic country before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I don't like the whole thing about burka and covering my self up because I'm a woman (My friends know that I dont own any covering clothes). I had some problems with packing before we left, I actually had to borrow some dresses that went below the knees... but it went fine. I think I expected that it was gonna be more strict then it actually was. I even saw some girls dressing like the typical maltese party girl and then we are talking SHORT dresses.

Everybody was super friendly and the service was exceptional. They sure know how to treat their visitors good!

Vogue cafe, Dubai Mall

We did everything from dune bashing to fancy dinners to spending a relaxed day in Abu Dhabi on the beach while watching the Red Bull Air Race. This was the second time I've seen the race, Henrik and I did another event in London the year before. If you haven't watched it, please do. It's super cool!

Dubai desert

We spend one day out in the desert where we had dinner while watching the sunset. The quietness in the desert was magical...

After that day could I both check camel riding, dune bashing and dinner without alcohol at a camp in the desert off my bucket list.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Henrik and I often talk about this amazing trip and we both would love to go back soon. I am thinking about stopping in Dubai on the way to Thailand next winter. I really miss the place!

- J

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Alcudia beach, Mallorca

Spring is finally here in Malta. The sun is warming nice against my skin and I can't stop imagine being on a beach tanning and swimming.

The gap between spring and summer is usually not long here on this Little Rock. Before we know it we will be back enjoying life on the cliffs.

Egg sandwich, coffee and strawberries, kiwi and coconut flakes

I will soon be heading to my 5th gym class since Sunday. I am honestly EXHAUSTED but can only think "Miami beach, Miami Beach" in my head.

Before we head off to the states will I do a fitness box from Forever Living called C9. The box gives you amazing result so I believe I will be ready for bikini weather after the box and lots of gym classes. Contact me for more info!

Have a good one,
- J



Contains affiliate links

For some time now have I wanted to buy an apartment. I have thought a lot about where the best place would be; Here in Malta since Iv'e been living here for so long? As an investment in Stockholm? In Spain since I would love to move back there at one point?

I believe it would be a good idea to buy a flat in Stockholm since the market is good, but on the other hand would I never be living there myself... Malta would of course be the natural choice since this is where I live right now, but the prices are even worse than in Stockholm. I lived in Spain about 6 years ago and I still think of it as my second... or third home. Some day will I for sure go back.

I am thinking of this apartment as an investment for the future. Perhaps I wont live there for so long, but I would like to rent it out and use it as an extra income.

I am coming a little bit closer to deciding where and honestly, it will be INSANE! I am so excited and I just can't stop thinking about how it will look once it's done... I wanted to share some inspiration with you guys and my idea of the perfect house. I am in love with this white style and I find it perfect for my first flat.

If you ever come visit me in my dream flat will I open the door wearing my pearls and my favorite Dior perfume in a nice dress while serving macaroons on a marble tray. Doesn't that sound just amazing?

- J



Walking in Memphis...

I have loved Elvis Presley ever since I was a kid. I believe that this crush came from my grandmother who always played his records and talked about him. His voice, his look, his everything... If he isn't dreamy then who is?

Jag har älskat Elvis ända sedan jag var liten. Jag tror att denna förälskelse kom från min mormor som alltid spelade hans skivor och pratade om honom. Hans utseende, hans röst, hans allt. Är han inte bara fantastisk?

Great song, great artist.

After our one night stop in Nashville will we head east towards Memphis. We will actually loose some time by driving there and staying for one night, but we just couldn't resist. Memphis is appealing to all of us and I need to see Graceland. That is very important!

Our plan is to drive from Nashville in the afternoon and arrive to Memphis in the evening. The drive will take about 3 hours, the shortest drive so far. I believe that we will find some restaurant, have a quick bite and go to bed pretty early. In the morning will we have breakfast and then go to Graceland first thing.

Efter vår natt i Nashville kommer vi köra västerut mot Memphis. Egentligen kommer vi att förlora en del tid genom att köra dit men vi kunde bara inte låta bli. Memphis har lockat alla oss och jag måste bara se Graceland. Det är en viktig punkt på min lista!

Vår plan är att köra från Nashville på eftermiddagen och anlända i Memphis på kvällen. Det kommer ta oss runt 3 timmar, den kortaste körsträckan so far. Förmodligen kommer vi leta efter någon restaurang, äta snabbt och sedan gå till sängs ganska tidigt. Vi vill vakna upp tidigt dagen därpå och direkt åka till Graceland.

To be honest, neither me or my friends knows that much about Memphis. When I think about Memphis I hear "Elvis" or I starting to sing "Walking in Memphis"...

Since we all want to go to Graceland it would be fun to make a whole day out of it and stay at The Guest House. The official hotel looked amazing, but is a little bit over our budget... Have anyone been there that could tell me if its worth spending a night there?

We are FINALLY booking the car and some hotels tonight. The plan is Apple pie and USA-talk at my place. Can't wait!

För att vara ärlig så vet varken jag eller mina vänner så värst mycket om Memphis. När jag hör stadens namn tänker jag "Elvis" eller så börjar jag nynna på "Walking in Memphis"...

Eftersom vi alla vill åka till Graceland hade det varit roligt att göra en dag utav det och stanna på the Guest House. Deras officiella hotell såg fantastiskt fint ut, men bryter lite på vår budget. Har någon varit där som kan tipsa om det är värt att stanna hela dygnet där?

Ikväll ska vi också ÄNTLIGEN boka bilen och några hotell. Planen är äppelpaj och USA-fix i min lägenhet. Det ska bli kul!

- J



Early morning smoothie - Yum!

I wanted to write a short blog post about my experience with Vitamin B as a warning to other girls.

My skin is not perfect, far away from perfect. Most mornings before I put on my make up and most evenings when I wash the day off my face I feel ugly when looking in the mirror. It is hard staying positive and confident about your face when it's so much prettier after a layer of make up then it is naturally.

I know that most of the girls fights with these kind of issues on a regular basis so I am not alone. Hey, I only got 1 friend with perfect skin (That bitch, she looks like a god damn model) and I don't think she can relate to how the rest of us feels when looking in the mirror.

I have tried so many different products for acne and acne scars and to be honest, most of them don't help at all. I got a tip from a friend of mine who told me to try Omega 3. Her acne is almost gone since she started with Omega 3 about a month ago.

Omega 3 från Holland & Barrett

I thought I would be smart and take this to another level. I googled a lot about vitamins for the skin and acne and found out that Omega 3, Vitamin B and Zink would be good for this.

I went to Holland & Barrett and bought Omega 3 (The wrong kind) and Vitamin B (Biggest mistake ever)

I am not sure if I didn't google enough or if the sites I found gave me the wrong information. But Vitamin B can actually make your acne worse, and believe me if I found that to be true. After 1 week from going to pretty normal but oily skin I got acne all over my cheeks, and that has never happened before in my life.

Today I will go and buy the right kind of Omega 3 that helps to balance the hormones and I am never touching vitamin B again.

I just want to tell the rest of you who is also fighting skin problems to be very careful and to do a lot of research before making to same mistakes as I did!

On a positive note would I like to recommend some products from Paula's Choice which I recently bought and really like. They are free from fragrances and very good to your skin. I absolutely love the super light wrinkle moisturizer with SPF 30. It is not heavy at all but will still protect your skin against the sun. Perfect when you live on a hot and sweaty island like Malta :)

Super light moisturizer / Redness relief Toner / Redness releif Cleanser 

Do you have any good skin care products that you recommend?

- J



Celestial Black

Mondays are for dreaming. Dreaming of weekend, sunshine and money for shopping...

I fell in love with this bag from Lyla & Bo and I think I need to get it. It is Monday afternoon, I'm back at work and have 5 hard classes at the gym this week. I really need something to cheer me up :)

Do you have any good shopping suggestions? 



Nashville, Tennessee

It is time to start focusing on the road trip again! In exactly 2 months will we be strolling the streets of New York just waiting to get in the car and start driving south. I can honestly not tell you how excited I am.

Once we leave Roanoke we will drive south east towards Nashville. The drive will take about 6 hours so it will give is plenty of time to see the surroundings from the car. We are aiming on arriving in the afternoon so that we have time to check in to the hotel and explore the city. I want to go to some nice music bars to experience the city in the best possible way. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Det är återigen dags att börja fokusera på vår raod trip! Om exakt två månader kommer vi att vandra ner för gatorna i New York och känna längtan efter att hoppa in i bilen och börja köra söder ut. Jag kan nog inte förklara exakt hur mycket jag längtar efter detta!

När vi väl lämnar Roanoke kommer vi att köra sydost mot Nashville. Det kommer ta oss ungefär 6 timmar att ta oss dit så vi kommer ha massor med tid i bilen att beundra naturen på vägen. Vi siktar på att komma fram på eftermiddagen så att vi får gott om tid att checka in på hotellet och utforska staden. Jag vill jättegärna gå till några trevliga musikbarer för att uppleva countrystaden på bästa sätt. Har ni några förslag på vart man ska gå?

I really like country music and I have always wanted to go to Nashville. When I was a kid I use to dream about living there in a big house watching the sunset while listening to great music. Cheesy I know!

I started watch the TV-show "Nashville" about a month ago and I absolutely love it. So much good music, drama and actors. I hope it can give me a little bit of reality feel for the town of Nashville. I am for sure more excited now than I was before I started watching the show.

Jag gillar verkligen Countrymusik och har alltid velat åka till Nashville. När jag var liten drömde jag om att bo där i ett stort hus och kolla på solnedgången medan jag lyssnade på bra musik... Klyshigt kanske?

Jag började kolla på TV-showen "Nashville" för ungefär en månad sen och jag älskar den verkligen. Det är så mycket bra musik, drama och skådespelare. Jag hoppas att den kan ge mig en liten bit reality feel för hur staden verkligen är. Jag är defenitivt mer exalterad nu än innan jag började kolla på programmet!

So if you haven't watched it yet, be sure to do so :)

We only got 1 night in Nashville unfortunately and around lunch time will it be time to hit the road again. This time we wont have to drive so long before arriving to the next city. I will for sure put on my Blue Suede Shoes while stopping at the Heartbreak hotel and asking for a Little less conversation...

Så om ni inte har sett programmet än, se till att göra det! :)

Vi kommer dessvärre bara stanna i Nashville under en natt och runt lunchtid nästa dag är det dags att åka vidare. Den här gången kommer vi inte ha så lång tid att köra innan vi anländer till nästa stad. Jag kommer defenitivt sätta på mig mina Blue Suede Shoes när vi stannar på Heartbreak Hotel och fråga efter a Little less conversation...

- J



Grotta Palazzese, Bari

If you love chocolate more than anything in the world and someone offers you 5 chocolate bars for free, would you say no? No, you would take the chocolate bars and eat them even though the bikini body will be even a little bit further away.

So when some friends of mine said they will go on a mini vacation in the end march and suggested that I should join, what was I supposed to tell them? Even though this will totally ruin my budget, I just can't say no...

Bari, Italy

Since Malta is very close to any nice destination like Spain, Italy and France we realized that we wont have to go far to have a great vacation. We are talking about Italy at the moment, both for the amazing food and the very short travel time.

So far have I only been to Florence, Milan and Rome and the food is overall fantastic. We are discussing Bari right now, as you can see on the pictures it looks pretty darn good.

I have a travel and booking meeting with the road trip gang on Wednesday and after that I will meet the Italy-gang. Isn't this just a lovely week?

Have a good one
- J



I am not very good with deadlines. My goal this weekend was to pack my whole apartment and move everything over to the new place before Sunday afternoon. Did that happen? No. What did I do instead? I enjoyed some cocktails and the early winter sun. Am I stressed about it? No.

Mela mela as we say in Malta. I will always have time tomorrow instead. For now I will enjoy a beer and a pizza in this warm Sunday afternoon :)

- J



Back to road trip planning!

We are right now in the process of choosing hotels. Since both me and my friend Henrik loves the Mondrian hotels we wanted to see if we might bump in to some on the way. And we will - Mondrian at Miami South Beach. Jackpot!

Reseplaneringen är igång igen!

Just nu håller vi på att välja hotell för resan. Då både jag och min vän Henrik älskar Mondrians hotell ville vi se om vi faktiskt skulle stöta på några på vägen, och det ska vi - Mondrian hotell på Miami South Beach, jackpott!

This is a picture from Mondrian in West Hollywood where we stayed last summer for a few nights. We attended to a crazy pool party and I do believe our new friends at the party were to blame for destroying one of the nice tables you can see on the picture. Crazy times indeed.

Det här är en bild från Mondrian i West Hollywood där vi bodde några nätter förra sommaren. Vi festade på ett crazy pool party där jag tror våra nyfunna vänner råkade ha sönder ett av de fina borden ni ser på bilden. Galet kan man säga.

We first fell in love with Mondrian hotels in London 2 years ago. The best hotel Iv'e ever stayed at with fantastic rooms, good service and a roof top bar. Mondrian in LA was also good, even tho the rooms were a bit smaller.

I really hope that we will end up choosing Mondrian in Miami. We need to check every one off the list, right?

Första gången vi förälskade oss i Mondrians hotell var i London för 2 år sedan. Det är det bästa hotellet jag bott på med underbara rum, bra service och en nice roof top bar. Mondrian i LA var också väldigt bra även om rummen var ganska små.

Jag hoppas verkligen vi väljer Mondrian i Miami nu. Vi måste ju checka av alla deras hotell på listan, eller hur?

- J