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Last month I got my hands on the Candy K lip-kit by Kylie Cosmetics. Here's what I thought!

Colour: Candy K is a lovely dusty rose shade, a perfect step up from nudes/pinks without being too bold for everyday wear. When I first tried it on I was surprised by the darkness of the shade on my complexion, and so I thought it would look best if I had a fuller makeup look and smoky eye to go with it. However, I recently tried it on again after coming back from holiday with a tan and I felt that it suited by colouring much more, without much other makeup. Either way, it is a beautiful shade and I highly recommend choosing Candy K.

Lipliner: The lipliner was very smooth and glided easily onto my lips and gave a very precise finish. I love the formula, however it did apply slightly darker than the liquid lipstick due to its strong pigmentation.

Lipstick: The lipstick also applied beautifully and evenly, drying quickly to a matte. I recommend sticking to thin layers so that it does not appear patchy or uneven. Once dry, it feels fully soaked into my lips and very comfortable to wear. I rubbed it against a tissue and my fingers, and no residue was left. The only problem I had with the lipstick was the sweet vanilla scent which was hard to miss, however it was not so obvious once on my lips.

Durability: After many hours of wear and a meal, the lipstick mostly survived the test, except a small faded section on my inner lips. I would recommend topping it up with a clear balm later in the day instead of another coat, which could cause uneven patches. As it had lasted so well, I decided to put it to the ultimate test - jacuzzi party! I applied a swatch on my hand in the morning before spending hours dipping into the hot jacuzzi with friends and despite a few cracks and slight fading, the lipstick was still mostly intact!!

Overall I am really pleased with the lip-kit and I would definitely recommend them.

xoxo - molly ♡



These watermelon popsicles are refreshing and healthy - perfect for the summer heat. Here's how to make them:


- 1 seedless mini watermelon

- 3 lemons / 6 tsp lemon juice

- 1/2 fresh cucumber

- 1 handful of fresh mint leaves

- 1/2 cup (120ml) coconut water


- Cut watermelon into chunks

- Squeeze lemons and sieve to remove pips and lumps

- Add coconut water to lemon juice

- Wash and cut cucumber

- Add mint to cucumber

- Blend watermelon in food processor or juice maker with 1/3 lemon-coconut mixture until smooth

- Blend cucumber and mint in food processor or juice maker with 2/3 lemon-coconut mixture until smooth

- Pour watermelon mixture into popsicle moulds, leaving about 1cm unfilled

- Leave in freezer for around 1 hour 15 minutes until the mixture is firm but not fully frozen

- Gently spoon in the cucumber-mint mixture ontop of the watermelon mix

- Insert popsicle sticks and put back in freezer for around 2 hours or until fully frozen

- Remove from moulds when serving and enjoy!

xoxo - molly ♡



This summer I explored Mallorca with family and friends for a relaxing yet exciting trip.​

We stayed in the Hotel Daina in Port de Pollença, which is on the Northern coast of the island.

The hotel was lovely and was located on the main strand of shops and restaurants right opposite the beach. The main beach was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel, so we spent most of our time there.

MondayWe flew at midday from London Heathrow to Palma Mallorca. As soon as we were off the plane we felt the heat, so rushed into the air conditioned taxi for a 45 minute drive to Pollença. We arrived in the afternoon and had some drinks as we introduced ourselves to the other families with us on the trip before wandering down the strand for a delicious paella dinner. After dinner we relaxed on the beach and headed home.

Tuesday: We relaxed at the beach and caught some sun before we headed onto the banana boats for a hilarious and exciting ride in the sea. It was a nice, chilled out day with a barbecue dinner at our friends villa, watching the sunset and playing cards.

Wednesday: Waterpark day! We arrived at Hidropark in Alcudia after lunch because the boys had got back late from clubbing the night before, but we still had plenty of time to slide and swim all day long. Although the waterpark was quite small, it was a great day out.

Thursday: After a relaxing pool day, we ventured into Old town Pollença for dinner. The Fiesta de la Patrona de Pollenca was in full swing, undergoing daily preparations for the upcoming 'battle' in the form of white tissue paper bunting covering the sky. It was beautiful to see and the Old town had a great buzzing atmosphere.

Friday: The different family groups separated today, so I went to the beach with my best friend Issie and our families for a lovely, chilled day in the sun. We bought mango from the infamous 'Coco-Melon' man who brings round a cart of fruit and chops it for you on the beach before we headed into the sea for a refreshing swim.

SaturdayBecause we enjoyed Friday so much, we decided to head to the beach again with the same family. The brothers went to the gym while Issie and I sunbathed and relaxed. Later, we all went on a huge inflatable obstacle course in the sea for an hour - it was amazing and tiring!

Sunday: The other families were leaving today (except Issies' family) so we headed back to the beach all together for a final banana boat! Fun day but sad to say goodbye to everyone :(

MondayMy brother Harry and I felt very unwell today so we called the doctor, who said we had throat infections. We stayed in bed all day, except for a stroll to the shops with Issie. At least we had room service pizza!

Tuesday: Feeling a bit better from the antibiotics, I decided to get up and go to the beach in Alcudia to meet the new group staying with Issies family - her older cousins and grandparents! They were all very nice and we went for a swim in the sea after purchasing an inflateable turtle (because it was sooo tumblr!). Unfortunately Harry stayed at home because he still felt ill, but he joined us for dinner at the villa for an exciting game of Ibble Dibble with the extended family.

Wednesday: Last full day! :( We decided to make the most of the day and get up early to go to the local market. It was really nice to see and meet the locals. Afterwards we relaxed at the beach again and put on some silver and gold temporary tattoos to take some fun pictures with Issie. We had a lovely pizza meal in Old town Alcudia before the boys and the cousins went clubbing again. Issie and I watched the shooting stars from inside the pool - an unforgettable evening,

Thursday: We had a quick blast of sun at the pool before grabbing some lunch and saying our goodbyes to everyone. It was very sad to go but we had an amazing trip and I would love to go back again!

Thank you for reading, 

xoxo - molly ♡



My lovely family holiday in Spain has now come to an end.
I had an amazing and relaxing time!
We rented a big house with a beautiful outside place + lovely pool.
The house was located in a small town called "Frigiliana".
Frigiliana is about an hour drive from Malaga and about 20 minutes from Nerja.

Here's what me and my family did on our wonderful holiday:

Monday: We arrived Monday afternoon at the Malaga airport, we drove for about 1 hour to our villa in Frigiliana.

Tuesday: Super chill, and laid back day. We did a lot of sunbathing and swimming in the pool. In the afternoon we visited the Frigiliana town centre, such a beautiful place with a lovely chill vibe.

Wednesday: Another very relaxing day; sunbathing, swimming and eating a super tasty meal made by my mum:)

Thursday: On Thursday we woke up slightly earlier than normal. This was because we headed to the beach!
We went to a lovely, quiet beach in Nerja. The water was so, so blue and it was the perfect place to snorkel! We saw lots of fish and other sea creatures.

Friday: On Friday my dad took the family to "Alhambra palace". A very old Islamic palace in Granada. Very interesting and a nice place to visit. Friday was probably the warmest day of the week; 39 degrees at the warmest!

Saturday: "Chill day!"
In the evening we decided to go to the city of Nerja, so so beautiful!! I really love Nerja. We walked the small, narrow, crowded streets that were full of small shops. We ended up eating at a posh Italian restaurant that had really nice food!

Sunday: Last day of the holiday. We hoped that the sun would shine but unfortunately it was a cloudy start to the day. Instead of sunbathing in the morning we went to the famous "Nerja caves". Super cool experience. It's hard to explain how the atmosphere was in there and it was hard to capture what it looked like on camera.
Anyway in the afternoon we sunbathed like normal and ended the day and the Holliday with a barbecue meal!

Thank you for reading about my Holliday, now here are some lovely pictures; hope you enjoy!

Please leave a like and stay tuned for more updates on our blog:)

Xoxo - ellen <3



Avocado and tomato quesadillas are the perfect summer meal - fresh, quick and deliciously healthy. Here's how to make one yourself:


- 1 fresh avocado

- 2 medium tomatoes

- 1/2 lemon or 1 tsp lemon juice

- 1 flour tortilla

- 1 small handful of fresh basil leaves

- 1 sprinkle of sea salt


- Mash avocado using a fork and squeeze the juice of half a lemon over it

- Spread avocado over one half of tortilla and sprinkle with salt

- Add small chunks of tomato and fresh basil leaves on top

- Fold tortilla in half and place in panini press to toast until golden brown

- Alternatively, place whole tortilla over melted butter in small saucepan and cook until browning, then fold in half

- Cut into wedges and serve immediately

xoxo - molly ♡



London makeup haul:

- Nars, Miss Liberty
- Mac, Honey Lust Lustre
- NYX, Matte finish, setting spray
- NYX, Lingerie matte lipstick, 09 corset
- NYX, Intense butter gloss, 11 tres leches
- Collection, prime and ready
- Models own, hyperGel, White
- Collection, lasting perfection concealer, 2 cool medium
- Simple, kind to skin cleansing facial wipes
- Simple, kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser

xoxo - ellen <3