I think that so far everyone has written their resolutions for 2018, which means that I am a bit late with the related article about the experiences of 2017, and the plans for this year.

2017 was quite a challenge for me, hard to finish, but it was also a year of many changes. A carousel of emotions, but what I think that we should all be considering for 2018 is how to be better as a person. Better by attitude, better at what we do, at what we love and better with others. Let's become our best version through actions, words and thoughts. I have always been caught on how other people let me down, or other people's needs and feelings, so what I want this 2018 is to be more careful about my needs- If i feel the need to say stop, I will say stop if. I feel the need to go, I will go because I know that I am the only one that wont let myself down . 2017 drained me of power at a certain time and it was hard, but once you hit the bottom there is only one way up .

It was also in 2017 that I met people that made me stronger, and it was also 2017 that brought me to Milan for the first time in company of my bestfriend. There are ups and downs.

It all depends on how you think and what you do for what you want, but also about the energy you invest everyday . I am taking this year differently- one day at a time. So bring it on , 2018 !

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Hello girls !

I thought that in today’s blog post I am going to be sharing all the beauty products that made my life a whole lot easier this past months. I’ve settled with some beauty products and I honestly believe them to be the very best I have ever tried, and of course like many girls, I’ve tried MANY.

I love to know other people’s latest favourite products and why, so I thought I’d share just that with you! If you try any of them, or just love them too , let me know !

MAC BLOT PRESSED POWDER- Price | 225 kr | 30 Euro

I must say that I am a MAC fan, and I really love most of their products, regarding this powder powder, it has saved me many times from looking like a shining star, since I have very oily skin and it mattifies it perfectly .

I usually set my NYX foundation with it and it works very well

MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER- Price | 175 kr | 23 Euro

This concealer is not the most pigmented I ever tried, however it does do its job, it convers my under eye circles without making it look too heavy.

I usually apply my concealer after using the foundation because sometimes if I go for a natural look and my foundation coverage is doing well enough , I do not apply any concealer on .


Even though it is a VERY pricy palette , I think that it is totally worth the money , because the colors are very pigmented and they are easy to blend . I like warm colors because I have green eyes and I dont usually use any shadows on my eyes , but when I do, all the colors I need are on that palette !

HUDA BEAUTY LIQUID MATTE- Price | 185 kr | 24 Euro

I always liked darker lip colors because light pinks and nude don't look good on me . I really like this matte lipstick because it lasts very long and it smells good .

I don't use it very often but it is one of my favourites !

CHANEL MATTE LIPSTICK- Price | 280 kr | 37 Euro

This lipstick is one of my oldest and I love it. I think that it is quite similar to the huda beauty mattes, that is why they are both in my favourite products list .

I usually wear it at night when I want to focus on my lips and I have a natural eye look

NYX STAY MATTE FOUNDATION | Price | 60 kr | 8 Euro

I first started using this foundation 3 years ago but since then I tried many other options and I ended up choosing it again because it works so well with my skin and it has a good coverage

NYX EYELINER | Price | 50 kr | 6 euro

I always used the l'oreal eyeliner until I discovered this one , that is cheapand also very efficient . I love how it looks and that it doesnt get oily .It lasts quite a lot but it isnt waterproof .

L'OREAL MASCARA | Price | 90 kr | 12 euro

I use mascara everyday , and I have many , but this one from L'oreal is my favourite because even tho I apply more than one layer, my lashes don't end up looking like spider legs!

It is easy to apply and it works well !



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                    For MOM 

             For Dad

                       For Her

     For Him

Hello girls ! The Christmas spirit seems to be already here even tho December has not arrived yet ! The streets have their christmasy lights and the shopping malls already have their Christmas decorations on , which makes me feel that Christmas is right behind of the corner !

When it comes to giving gifts to someone I am that kind of person that makes thousands of plans and thinks of everything from way long before . That is why I want to share with you a guide for Christmas gifts that can help you get inspired in what to give to the people around you.

I have picked very useful items.And those you want to give gifts to can enjoy them everyday !

Get inspired and breath in the Christmas smell !





Hello girls ! I haven't been out much lately since the weather is not very nice so this is a very brief post where I want to encourage you to read magazines because it is a great source of insipiration and it helps you relax and get your mind off some things .

ELLE is my favourite magazine that focuses on fashion,beauty, health and entertainment. I always get inspiration by reading it and it helps me with my blog , gives me ideas .. etc

Have a nice day !





​Hey girls ! So I spent my day with my family at my step grandmother's house . It has been a long time since I was there and it felt good to be around family . This place always inspires me and I love the decoration therefore I thought of sharing it with you.

Have a good sunday ! 




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Hello girls !

We’ve already talked about faux fur for the upcoming frigid season, but if you’re looking for an equally cozy yet lower-cost alternative,fur teddy jackets are here to help save you from feeling the cold. The fluffy coats offer a lot of texture and come in a surprising amount of colors and styles. From cakey blues and pinks to more vibrant shades .

Even though a teddy bear coat is the ultimate cosy coat, most are statement pieces and oversized. This means that you can keep the rest of your outfit pared down and as minimal as possible. Basically you don’t really have to think about getting creative with the rest of your outfit !

Melissa xoxo



fashion, autumn, NOVEMBER, VIBES, copenhagen

Hello everyone! Today I spent my day in Copenhagen, enjoying the vibes of the city and the cold that November has brought to Denmark. I had the chance to try the Fenty Beauty products that are so famous at the moment and I loved them. The food, vibes and shops of Copenhagen are amazing and I love spending time there .


For a casual day as always I chose to wear black . To feel comfortable and warm I took my black fur jacket with me !

Melissa, XOXO



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This is a mini fall serie about that kind of coat or jacket you just put on go ! Today , the short faux fur coat is what keeps me warm and looking great . All the jackets that will be presented in this mini-serie are available at Zara .

Get Inspired #mydaymyjacket

Love, Melissa xx



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   coats        season
Hello ladies ! Today I am going to write about another key trend that is getting us this fall . The most desirable pieces are the checked coats which is by definition a very classic piece that makes part of the 70s but many great designers brought it back this year .

If you choose the right coat with a modern cut you will get a very fresh look no matter what you mix it with .

You can create many different looks using a checked coat and it is a must in every womens wardrobe this fall .

I have taken some examples and hopefully it will bring you some good inspiration !

Love , Melissa ! xx 



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When the big and famous designers sent all-red outfits down to their runways it became clear that red is and will be the official colour of this fall.

Red actually never really represented who I am and it was never a colour that I would personally wear, but designers found a good way to include the color in monochromatic outfits that looked amazing and inspiring even to those who wear head-to-toe black, like me .

Comme des Garcon,Givenchy Max Mara and Fendi sent down the runway all-red looks presenting luxe coats, sleek dresses, and pantsuits.

When you wear red clothes you will for sure be noticed, and some people seem to be afraid of that. Not everyone wants to be in the centre of attention, but on the other side ,they say that red is the most feminine colour.

Also, if you are not the biggest fan of red, you can start up by adding a little bit of colour to your looks with accessories 

 So from bright reds, to muted burgundies, everything goes!