As much as I love the winter, there's just something about spring that always draws me in. Maybe it's how after dying, all the flowers, and the trees come back to life. Maybe it's how the air smells fresh, and everything is in a dream state. What ever it is, I love it, and I draw inspiration from it.

The spring color trends this year really caught my eye, from the reds, to the blues, the pink tones, and even the yellows. I am super excited to see the outfits I can put together.

I put together some images where I am really drawing inspiration from, for the upcoming season.


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Hi guys!

To keep this short, and sweet, this is my outfit of the day (even though I'm wearing it out tonight, so technically its my outfit of the night, but oh well)!

I know there's a big stigma with wearing black, and blue together. But I just couldn't help myself.

For fall/ winter 2018 the colors black, and blue have been seen in a number of designers collections including Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent, and Versace to name a few.

I decided to pair the the top, with some checkered pants, a cute hat, and some patent leather boots!


Pants: Brandy Melville http://brandymelvilleusa.com/

Shirt: Forever 21 http://forever21.com

Boots: Nine West http://ninewest.com

Hat: Urban Outfitters http://urbanoutfitters.com

This is a super simple, non-expensive outfit, that you can dress up, or down, or anyway in-between!

An outfit like this, is definitely my current go-to look.

I hope everyone is having good weekend so far!




I am obsessed with skin care, and skin care products. My winter night time skin care regime is pretty simple, to the point, and leaves my skin blemish free, hydrated, and baby smooth. When my face is clear, and hydrated I feel on top of the world.

The products from left to right are; BIOSSANCE Squalane+Rose Oil+Vitamin C Oil, Lush’s Ocean Salt, Kiehl’s Calendula Toner, Herivore Blue Clay Mask, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, Philosophy Purity, Herbivore Lapis Oil.

My skin has definitely been feeling the wrath of the cold weather this winter, so i've been a little more keen with keeping it hydrated. I use Purity to cleanse my face, and wash off any makeup build up. The Calendula Toner really just evens out my skin tone, cleanses any left over build up, and soothes the face. The Biossance Oil main ingredient is plant-derived squalane; which restores the skins moisture balance, and soothes the face, along with other amazing properties. The Lapis Oil also aids in helping my skin stay moisturized; the main ingredient blue tansy has anti-inflammitory benefits along with soothing the skin of any irritants. On nights my skin really needs that extra TLC I add in the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, it really helps lock in the skins natural moisture, and protects it from the severe cold weather. I only exfoliate my face with the Ocean Salt maybe once or twice a week, I love this exfoliator because it doesn’t feel drying. The Blue Clay mask is my all time favorite mask. It’s non-drying, cleanses deep into pores, and reduces the over-all appearance of existing blemishes.

I believe skin care is so important, and finding good products are key to a good routine. My advice is to find products that work best for you, and use it daily!

I hope this may help with anyone’s struggle with the drying air of winter. Keep that skin hydrated!




Happy New Year! And boy what a year it was.

2017 was probably the hardest year I’ve had. A lot of decision making on my end, and life lessons I wish I didn’t have to go through. But I think everything happens for a reason, whether I want to believe it or not, and some things had to happen in order for me to grow, and get a new perspective on life. I have high hopes that 2018 will just be an all around good year, where I really blossom into who I want to become.

I’m a huge homebody, so I really enjoy being home. But my sister ended up coming in for the New Year, and so we went to a nice dinner, then went back home, changed into some pj's, got cozy, and watched the ball drop!

The dress is from For Love & Lemons, it's super feminine, and very versatile. It's by far my favorite dress I have in my closet. I dressed it up with some flashy heels, and an ear cuff.

The shoes I had for a while, but they're from DSW. They're just a nice, glittery heel you can wear for any celebration/ occasion.

I think every year I attempt to make some type of New Years resolution, but I never follow through with them. This year I really hope to follow through with my resolutions.

Instead of the typical, eat healthier, or go to the gym more resolutions, I really want to make this the year I better myself, and the people around me, and put my happiness first.

When I first decided I wanted to start a blog the timing just wasn't right, I had a lot of fears, and there were some things I feel like I had to deal with personally before I could really be consistent with posting, and also stay true to myself. To say the least, I had to "re-find" who, and what I wanted to be. I'm still figuring that part out but what never changed was my passion, and my love for the fashion, and beauty world/ industry.

I love reading up on, and studying new fashion, and beauty trends. And creating my own twist on it.

My goal with this blog is to really just inspire people with what I create, or what I do. My hopes are to maybe turn a hobby into a full time career.

I will be posting every Tuesday, and Saturday.