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My family is here for vacation, so right now I am in the middle of another tourist roundtrip while also taking time to fill up the hug-reservoar for the time left before Christmas. This Thursday we went to Lugano, all invited to the weekly foreigners lunch in Sorengo. After stuffing ourselves full for a couple of hours we went for a stroll down to the city center for a walk along the waterline. Since my big interest in photography is directly inherited from my father, there were numerous photo stops on the way in search for picture-pretty locations and memorable frames to take with us home. I used my camera rather frequently and have, as you can se, slowly started to place myself in front of the camera as well. Thumbs up for challenging discomfort.

And yeah, it sucks to talk about the weather, but this seriously can't be December that we're having. 10 plus degrees and a beaming sun felt more like the break of spring to me. Surely, the ever-present palm trees do play a serious role in this sudden confusion.


Three places to discover in Lugano:

1. When going down to the city center from the railway station, make sure to follow the stairs taking you below the rails. This specific tunnel is fully dressed in newspaper articles mixed with street art in Banksy style. Arvid posted a picture on Instagram that shows you how it's done.

2. The waterfront below the center of Lugano, overlooking the lake and the surrounding mountain tops, including San Salvatore and Monte Bré. Relaxing and satisfying both for the eye and the mind.

3. Parco Civico, which you'll reach if you follow the waterline. Blooming even in December and surely even more beautiful during spring. Perfect when going for a run, holding hands or indulging in ice cream (which they sell right by the gate).

. . .

Also, as a sidenote: I've been kind of into commercial and editorial photography lately and am thinking about implementing those elements here in the blog as well. I plan on trying out the concept pretty soon, so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to always get a heads up on my most recent posts and up-does.

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Design and lifestyle brand Kinfolk , that I wrote about in the first part of my guide to online magazines , decided to reinvent their Copenhagen HQ. The place is decorated by some true representatives of Scandinavian design - Norm Architects. Surrounded by an earthy, muted color scheme with additional pastel tones, creatives and lifestyle curators are now able to thrive inside the workspace that now has turned into a sensorial, elegant extension of the Kinfolk brand.


One of my favorite Swedish bloggers moved her online platform to Radar Magazine . She's doing such a good job presenting photography (both digital and analog) with emotion and manages to connect with the reader using a simple, but heartwarming language. The switch means an upgraded frequency of updates which I am all for.


One of my top Youtubers and minimalist bloggers, Jenny Mustard , released a video two weeks ago about how to make Christmas less of a terror for your wallet.


Blogger Eric Smedlind shows a new, interesting way to style a shirt , focusing on layering and adding touches to the pieces you already have at home.

... and I made my first personal buy in months, with this overly cozy sweater-dress from Zara. Couldn't find it online unfortunately but should still be able to grab in store.



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Hi guys! How you doing?

Suddenly life has become somewhat busy again. I've realized that my schedule is more cramped than I tend to tell myself. Besides all the regular hours spent on work and practices, we now have another six games in the NLB series before Christmas and two additional ones with the U21 team. I have an assignment for university that I have been postponing forever, a contract that is in the final stages of being signed and a long list of articles that I am eager to write. Next week we have been asked to attend a tournament for kids for three whole days, I have another flight to book for after Christmas and a Skype date that needs to be coordinated in the middle of all this, while still being able to fit in gym workouts, Italian lessions and some free hours for cuddling.


When being caught up in a tight schedule like this, it is more important than ever for me to take the time to relax and reflect on what I am doing, as well as how I am feeling at the moment. Every Wednesday at work I have a scheduled break between 15 and 16. As a growing routine, I've been dedicating this time to reflect on the current life-situation in a more structured way, as to actually get something out of all the thoughts circling inside my head. For me, that implies writing in my journal.

Being able to jot my thoughts down of paper is the most effective form of therapy for me. I tend to use words as a tool to distance myself from things in order to understand things better and eventually be able to close in on my problems. Keeping a journal is not only good for quantifying personal growth, but also to put feelings into concrete forms.

I don't write every day as the aim used to be when I was a creative kid with an everlasting joy to depict my days. Sometimes it only happens during these Wednesdays at work. 45 minutes has shown to be all that is needed in order to empty the brain office and find new perspectives. This particular week I tackled some of my biggest issues of early adulthood, my relationship with time, the pressure of performance and money.

I'll dig further into my revelations another day, but in brief, I realized that I am doing very well indeed when, as a young woman, actually being able to make a living out of my interest in sports. As Rachel Green would have put it: "It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it is a big deal."

Except for leaving the café a lot calmer and appreciative of life, I also left with even more subjects to write about and somewhat greater pride in myself. This move has become a true adventure indeed and I am so grateful for having this opportunity and for actually deciding to go. Now, three months have passed and although I long to see everyone at home for Christmas, I have to say that I am very satisfied with life at the moment.

What does you life look like at the moment? Busy? Joyful? Challenging? Let me know!