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Enro,llment was fine.

I was really nervous and barely spoke to anyone but we got our timetables and the course plan and honestly I'm so excited. The school and its tutors really encourage you to interview your favorite bands and they actually help making it happen. Despite me barely speaking to anyone, I'm pretty excited.

After enrollment, I met up with the guys. The guys meaning my three roommates who are now my best friends. We were still waiting for the italian girl's payment, and then we would be good to go..

But she went completely radio silent. Jay had been in contact with herself, her mom and dad and now neither of them were picking up their phones or answering their emails. Which meant we might have had to stay another night at a hotel, which of course, none of us wanted.

All of us called our parents for advice. I even offered to pay the goddamn £1400 (which is about 15 000 swedish kronor), since I was so desperate to move in.

Right when I hung up on my personal adviser, that being my mother, Jay's phone was ringing and a smile painted his face..

"It's her".

We stayed an hour after closing time, just getting everything sorted. Once the payment had gone through and everything was done.... I cannot even explain to you how much relief I felt.

We all hugged and I was close to fucking cry since it's been SUCH A LONG AND STRESSFUL PROCESS and it was FINALLY COMPLETE..

The one good positive thing out of all this is that we agreed on that this whole stressful experience had brought us closer together as a group. We got through this.. Now we can go through anything.

We signed the last documents, apologized to Jay for making him stay in so late, Got the keys and then just got the fuck out of there. I picked up my luggage at the hotel, and I will admit, it was a pretty good feeling to get in to a taxi and say

"10a Cambridge Grove, please".

I was finally moving in.

And guys, the place is great. There's a loud ticking sound coming from wherever on the ground bedroom, one out of four drawers in the kitchen are actually able to be opened (two of them are blocked, one is literally fake and only for show). There was still some old water in the water boilers from god knows how long ago and the carpet looks pretty shit, But this is our home now. And we all agree of that it's our favorite place to be.

(we even got free wifi which was left here by the previous tennants. It's not a part of our contract, therefore we are not paying for it, so shh don't tell Jay)

I promise to take some better pictures tomorrow cause it'll be bright and shit, but this has literally been the longest day of my life so I just wanna go to sleep. Like we were having dinner (after we went grocery shopping and heated a frozen pizza) (dude our generation takes so much for granted. Like how you're actually supposed to BUY shit like cutlery, toilet paper, soap, frying pans... We're adulting) and we were just so fascinated by the fact that we only met this morning. It literally feels like a week ago.

We sat around the table having dinner, very domestic, and I think we talked for five hours straight? It started of with where the Keep Calm memes originated from,, then politics, gay marriage, opinions about transgender people until it got so deep we decided to just go to bed. Which is where I'm at now. Amazing

In all fariness though, NGB Lettings, guys, What an amazing crew of people.

If you're ever moving to Brighton, use them. We owe them so much..

My new roommates are such amazing people. I couldn't have asked for a better group. We're the superroommates.

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everyday life

Although I haven't enrolled yet. Got an hour and a half left.
So. I'm sitting by the beach eating the double chocolate chip cookie from subway with the soundtrack of an acoustic guitar played by my friend from the Netherlands.
It's been such a good day so far. Met with Jay and signed the contracts. We need a final payment from the girl from Italy. So basically we're moving in this afternoon. Fuckin finally.
I met with the Norwegians this morning. Both of them are such good guys. Like them a lot. We went to a park and had some breakfast before their enrollment.

Here's some more pictures whoo

And now we're singing If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember. Is this really happening guys? Or is this just a fucked up dream I'm just about to wake up from?
I sure fucking hope not.



everyday life

Okay it's not quite bad as it sounds.

Although it is pretty bad.

So I woke up at 11 am. Was just about to get up to get a healthy breakfast, latte and brownie, that sorta thing, when I read an email sent from our letting agent. Basically there were complications that meant that we weren't able to move in today.

Slightly enraged but mostly anxious I got my damn breakfast. But no brownie this time. A GREAT chocolate chip cookie though.

I would've taken an aesthetic picture of it like I planned if the owner of the hotel hadn't stopped me on my way back telling me "oh you were supposed to check out an hour ago".

OH?? THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW SOONER. Tried to explain my situation to her, but she barely spoke English. I at least was allowed to leave my luggage (or bags as I put it to her cause she didn't know the word luggage) with her for 10 fucking pounds.

Thus begins my afternoon of being homeless.

I met up with a swedish BIMM student I met on the pre- departure event so that was a relief. I might be able to speak english pretty well, but knowing there actually are swedish people in the school is a relief.

I spent the next two hours calling the company that acted as my guarantor, borgensman for you swedes, since they hadn't got my signature which was why we weren't able to move in. I'm not gonna bother you guys with too many details since I'm not sure I even understand them myself, but after roaming around Brunswick Square for two long hours, I returned to NGB Lettings.

Our agent hadn't been in that day I was told by one of the employees earlier that day, casually swung by before heading to Brunswick Square, but I decided to check back anyway because, you know, I was homeles.s. Didn't exactly have a better place to be.

I sit down for about five minutes before this guy in, short haircut and bright red suspenders, walks in and heads towards his office chair. He sits down, looks at his computer and exclaims a "YES!". His colleagues look at him and he continues "The 10a Cambridge Grove place is good to go. I'm gonna call the girls".

10a Cambridge Grove is my new adress. So I stand up and go "I'm her from 10a Cambridge Grove". The whole office bursts into laughter and our letting agent, Jay is his name, shakes my hand and asks if I'm Melina. Well yeah, I am.

I spent the next four hours in that goddamn office. It basically didn't lead anywhere. There were problems with payments from everybody and we weren't able to move in today. BUT we're meeting him tomorrow morning, me and three of my four roommates and hopefully get everything sorted.

So basically, tomorrow's moving day.

I met with one of my housemates though. Really sweet girl. Japanese. So nice.

So I picked up my three heavy ass bags and started walking towards this new hotel. I explained my situation to the guy at the front desk, he felt sorry for me and gave me a discount. Fuck yes.

I met up with my roommate and her friends shortly after that awkward mirror selfie was taken. We met at a pub, where they had this thing called "Open night". I barely knew what it was, just sounded exciting. I ordered a coke and the best goddamn sweet potato fries I ever had. The place was soon filled with fellow BIMM students and Open Night began.

Open Night is basically where you sign up and perform in front of everybody else. You get to do two songs each. And man, everyone's so talented. My new three best friends performed, my roommate from Japan, a half serbian half british girl and a norweigian girl and I was so overwhelmed by all of them.

Then this guy I briefly talked to went up on stage, made some dumb jokes and then went

"This song is by Neck Deep and it's called A Part Of Me"

Jesus fucking christ.

For those of you who don't know, Neck Deep is one of my favorite bands.

That guy is from The Netherlands and we spent the rest of the night watching the rest of the acts and talked about music. He even followed me home in the pouring rain. Great dude.

The night ended however with a car driving too close to the sidewalk, right in a pool of water which ended up splashing on my jeans which are now soaking fucking wet. I was supposed to wear them to the enroll,ment tomorro.w. #prayformelsjeans2k17.

Here's two shitty pictures from tonight.

I had the time of my fucking life tonight. People here are so open minded, the opposite of judgmental and just so coo,l in general. Back home I've always been socially incompetent, but somehow it's a lot easier to talk to people here. Can't explain it.

I just feel a lot better than yesterday and thank fucking god for that.

Anyway I'm really tired and my head's killing me. Complementary breakfast at 8 am. Meeting Jay and the guys at 9. Enrollment at 2. Yeah. Tomorrow's also gonna be along ass day.

Goodnight readers.



everyday life

And I'm not gonna lie, things feel pretty tough right now.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Flight went really well, thank you for asking. Managed to sleep through most of it which was nice.

(Cue classic airplane wing picture)

Everything else went actually really well. My entire body is sore from all the carrying of the heavy goddamn luggage, but I like to see it as exercise. Right?

The train ride was very nice and scenic 10/10 would recommend.

After a cab ride that to be candid scared the shit out of me (the brits are fucking insane in traffic man), I got to the hotel that cost me a whole astounding 19 ponuds, which is for the swedes, about 200:-. I expected roaches big as rats and mold covering the walls but I'm actually at peace with my queen sized bed all for myself. Although the black specks of mold in the bathroom I could have lived without.

The following pictures are brought to you by coca cola and a single IKEA pillow case.

Now guys,, thank god for Jake. Without him I would've spent my entire first night in Brighton alone.

We met online due to similar, okay EXACTLY THE SAME interests and he's just such a good guy. A complete dork.

If you're reading this man,, thanks for showing me the metal bar, for buying me that drink and for agreeing California part 2 is better than part 1..

I got back to my hotel room at 10 p,m just staring at the wall. It hit me how completely alone I am over here.. I miss my friends. My room. My bed. Even my parents. Although, that is probably just the sleep deprivation talking.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with one of four roommates as well as our real estate agent to, I guess sign some contracts? Be given keys? MOVE IN?

Of course I'll give you guys a tour of my new crib.

But that's for tomorrow.

Now I'm gonna fall asleep to the audio of Crime Stories from the 5 inch hotel room TV.

Good night.



everyday life

So, I made it to the airport.
The goodbye to my parents wasn't as emotional as I originally thought, but I suppose they tried their hardest not to show how sad they really are.
Come on though, I'll be back soon.
So I'm sitting in a café eating a chocolate muffin (för 49 jävla spänn vafan är detta) and waiting for my plane to board. It's all good actually. I feel like I've got shit under control.

I've got 30 more minutes to eat this gigantic fucking muffin and I ain't letting a damn crumb go to waste since I paid so excessively much for it.
See you guys later.



everyday life, concerts

So it's 3:35 am.

My plane leaves at 2:10 pm tomorrow.

No, I have not at all comprehended what is going to happen.

I have kept so busy these past days I have not had time to actually sit down and wrap my head around that I'm moving to Brighton.

I'm not quite sure I want to understand it either, because I know deep down, how completely scared shitless I am.

So,, let me tell you guys about my last days in Stockholm.

Yesterday me and the usual suspects went out to get some drinks, as you know,, one last night.

Though one of my friends drank too much and ended up getting us all thrown out of there, we ended up at mcdonald's at 2 am so I guess it was all good.. Dem chili cheeses made up for the loss of alcohol..

Bottom line is, I really love these guys. I don't tell them enough. But they're such a big part of my life and leaving them, not being able to call them up, ask them what's up and then get together to see a shitty movie together it's just gonna be.... Weird. Like I have forgotten what it is to live without that.

I suppose that is one of the things that scare me the most.

Today was a little different.

I was actually supposed to leave today, but a while ago I found out that one of my favorite bands plays in a very odd suburb outside of Stockholm. So, uh, obviously I had to postpone my moving date to see these crazy ass irish men and woman rocking the hell out.

It took us a while to actually find the venue, which was very strangely misplaced, but due to my excellent google map reading we found it. It was weird how the band we came to see, Sir Reg they are called I guess I should add, stood by the entrance, talking, So I got my starstrucked shit together and asked for a picture. It was the cringiest shit ever but I managed to have a brief conversation with the guys. Super cool people.

The show started and we were three of a total ten people in venue, and apparently, I was the only one who had heard about these guys. Needless to say, I was the most enthusiastic person there.

Afterwards they came to the merch booth and we actually had another conversation. I told them I was about to study music journalism in Brighton, and they told me "don't fuckin forget about us!"

Uh hell no.

After that close to overwhelming experience I went to have dinner with my parents and my adoptive sister.

She's not really my adoptive sister, we've just been friends since fuckin forever and she means the world to me. Literally an extra member to my dysfunctional little family. And my parents would definitely agree.

I came home a while back from one last movie night with the gang. We drove around and listened to music forever, just enjoying each other's company because, well, now I won't see them for a while.

It is now 3:59 am and I should wrap this up.

To my relief the suitcase actually is able to be closed and zipped shut. Got the booking reference for the flight, the hotel I'll be staying in the first night is paid and done.

This is real, people.

I'll be updating tomorrow to keep whomever's interested updated on... everything.

Thank you and goodnight.



everyday life

hey guys!

so I finally made the hopefully wise decision of actually starting a blog.

I'm moving to Brighton in south England this sunday to start the music influenced university BIMM Brighton to study music journalism for three years.

though I am extremely nervous and scared shitless of how things are gonna go, I figured this would be a great place for me to keep whomever's interested updated in what's going on in my life.

so without further ado,

welcome to my fuckin blog.