Oh man, where do I even begin. What a fucking show.
So just to start this off, for those of you who don't know, Neck Deep is a generic pop punk band from Wales. They consist of Ben Barlow on vocals, Fil Thorpe-Evans on bass, Sam Bowden and Matt West aka Westie on guitar and my boy Dani Washington on drums. They released their first EP in 2014 and since then just gotten immensely bigger. Earlier this year they released The Peace And The Panic and went on their fourth ever headlining tour to promote it.
Sorry, bit of an overshare, I just love them a lot.
So first of all I met with my good ol' mate Jake at Victoria Station and from there went to Brixton, where they were playing. He bought me Subway. Good dude.
Later on we took a seat outside the venue, waiting for security to let the VIP people in. Suddenly Jake kind of freezes and says
"Mel, look to your right"
I looked to my right and there he was, Dani Washington, casually strolling by. I exclaimed a HOLY FUCK when I realized it was actually him. He looked at us and said "hello". We were both so startled we just said a "hi" back. Fucking surreal, guys.
So they finally let us privileged VIPs in. First thing was soundcheck where they would play a couple of songs that weren't featured on the main set and a bit of a Q&A. It was nice.
Next thing was the signing. There were about 100 VIPs and we were all lined up for queue. I was so nervous. My whole body was shaking.
Then it was finally my turn.
Ben was first. He looked at me and said something like "Hey, how's it going?" I said fine and what about him. He said something like great, amazing to be here etc. Then he kinda looked up at me again and said "Where are you from?"
Ugh, this fucking question. I'm trying my best to cover up my swedish/american accent, but apparently its not working.
I told him I was from Sweden and he was like "Oh we've never toured there!"
At least I made them promise, so that's something.

So I moved over to Dani as he was signing my drumsticks. I had promised myself I'd do it, so I told him how he's such an inspiration and that I look up to him so much. he asked me how long I'd been playing and we had a brief conversation before he shook my hand and wished me luck.
Such good lads.
Next was the photo op. This is how terrible it went.

I honestly sort of look like one of them. I like it.
So the show started. I managed to get to the front, pushed against the barrier. INSANE. The first band was this scottish band Woes. Had listened to them briefly before, pretty good. Highlight was them covering All Star. Christ.
Next band was one of my all time favorite and 50% why I went to that concert. REAL FRIENDS.

I was apparently one of few who knew who they were there. I did as I always did at concerts, jumped around, finger-pointing, screaming along to the lyrics from the top of my lungs. I obviously caught the bands attention cause by the end of their set the bassist made eye contact with me and threw his bass pick at me. I caught it and smiled gratefully.

Next band was this band called As It Is. They're pretty good but their fans are pretty much exclusively 12 year olds who's in love with the singer. So that was kinda eh.
ANYWAY. Next band was fuckin Neck Deep. And what a fucking show. What a bunch of talented boys.
Last time they played Brixton, which is a big venue by the way, they were opening up for blink-182. And now they were selling it out. For me, who's been following them since their first release, I couldn't be more proud. It's insane. I love them so much.

My drumsticks.

My back hurts like crazy, my voice is sore, there's bruises all over my stomach and my finger pointer muscle aches, but it was worth every inch of agony.
Go listen to these guys right now, or if you have the chance, go see them. They'll change your life.
Good night.

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everyday life

Okay so yeah, long time no see.

Let me just sum up the last couple of - oh shit - five days for you.

So after we had people over, we went to Johnny the Rockstar's place.

I call him that cause he literally looks like a rockstar. Long hair, leather jacket, ripped jeans... Literally got braces too. Cool dude.

Turns out he lives by the ocean in a huge apartment with eight other people. You could smoke indoors and the sea was literally right outside the window. Here's pictures.

See that window over there? If you'd look out, the sea would be right across the street. Like I said, rockstar experience.

The next day I spent some time with my dad since he was leaving and we went to the pier and I even showed him the depths of The Lanes.


My dad insisted on taking that one, that's why I'm looking so thrilled.

Here's one of me in my room that has had some cozy addition since last time.

Then suddenly it was Tuesday again, which meant it was time for me to go back to school. I found out that I had a hidden class at BIMM East, which is all the way on the other side of town, until 9 pm. Despite the angst and the ugh's, I got there and it turned out to be really fun. It's all about design and layouts and digital media, which is like 50% why I chose this course in particular. Pretty cool.

Despite being absolutely, completely, tremendously exhausted, I got to Revolution, where my friends were waiting for me.

Revolution, as it turned out, is my new favorite bar in Brighton.

They had an open mic where both Asahi and Marcus and a bunch of my other new found friends played. It was such a cozy place. You might not be able to tell from these blurry pictures, so I guess you'd have to come doen to see for yourself.

Now, let me just tell you about BIMM quickly, since I suppose that it's the uni part of my life that's actually somewhat interesting to you, not my constant partying and increased social life.

Everytime you walk through any of those buildings, it's just music everywhere. Whether it's from the vocal course doing harmonies, the bass course practicing a sick ass bassline or the guitar course all playing Wake Me Up When September Ends in unison, the music never seizes. There are framed posters everywhere from legends like Kurt Cobain, Sex Pistols, The Clash, you fucking name it. I may never liked or got into the High School Musical films, but it sure feels like one. Except of course, you know, the randomly bursting into song and the choreographics. Though that would be pretty sick.

Like always, we're currently having friends over, and I'm about to fucking crush Aaron's ass on Blaze Rush.

Tomorrow's also Neck Deep, so hey, exciting stuff.

Peace guys.



everyday life

God, yesterday was a long day.

I had a few errands to run in downtown Brighton, like returning my record player and picking up my bank card. So I was waiting for my housemates, like usual, and we didn't leave the house until late afternoon. Like fucking usual.

So, first stop was the bank. Stood in line for 20 minutes only to find out that I had to wait ANOTHER HOUR for it to be my turn. Like guys, I have mad respect for authority and I would never pick a fight with anyone superior to me (are bankers superior though? Eh, they've got suits and cologne, I'd say they're superior), but holy shit I was mad at that point. It was the sixth time I was there and they still made me wait. But cooler heads prevailed and I walked away from Metro Bank from hell. Next stop was Urban Outfitters where I got my record player from hell. But of course, I had brought the wrong receipt and the right one is nowhere to be found. That's 89 pounds I'll never see again. Sigh,.

We continued our adult journey through Churchill Square and finally reached our final destination. The wifi company. I was already really pissed at that point, so I told them that if I had to experience another setback I'd lay down and have a nervous breakdown.

But LUCKILY the wifi people were really great. We're getting fiber and an engineer is scheduled to come to our house to install it in two weeks. YAY!

Got a callback from Metro and furiously went back.

I spent the next two hours there and was served by the first banker I've ever seen who had a lip piercing. Mad respect.

So after those two awful hours with my new best friend, the punk banker (cool band name?) I finally got my card and my bank account.

Met with Asahi and carried the heavy ass record player back to our place.

A couple of hours later, preparing ourselves for a night out with some good ole ring of fire, I suddenly heard a voice outside. Like a female voice. A really pissed voice.

Turns out our loud metal and screaming and laughing and intense card playing wasn't appreciated.

She yelled at us for being too loud and disrespectful and blah blah. But dude, firstly we weren't that loud (okay we were) and it was friday night, at like 11 pm?? And we're students?

We all came to the conclusion that she's a bitch and that her request will not be granted.

Later we went to a bar that played Jailhouse Rock and Take On Me. Needless to say, my new favorite bar.

Me and Asahi were the only ones who got in though, because Guilia is underage and the guys wanted to stay with her. The two of us talked to some cool BIMM people as i finished my disgusting organic cider.

(organic is evil).

After closing time we met up with Team Norway and Team Underage and had an interesting discovery.

They were sitting on the ground, but they weren't alone. Two men had joined the, and they were all sitting in a ring in the middle of the sidewalk. Me and Asahi exchanged an "what the actual fuck" look before joining them.

Turns out they were pretty cool also very drunk.

We had a good time, except one of them seemed to be a little too keen on me which ended up ruining my night.

So today my dad came to see me to leave some stuff for ,me. Didn't take any pictures though,. We're going to the pier tomorrow

I need to wrap this up because we have a bunch of people over.

They all say hi.




So yesterday was my second day of school.
Luckily, I only had one class, called "music journalism in context". I had no idea what that meant.
Since there are, I think four BIMM buildings in Brighton, two of them on the same street and close to me, one in The Lanes and one far as fuck in Kemptown. I had class in BIMM Central yesterday, the one in The Lanes. So I had to take a bus (no way I'm walking that far). It actually went really well. I love UK buses since they're double deckers, so I took a seat on the second floor, in the front, closest to the window. It was rad. Our side of town is so beautiful. It's like the typical English countryside.

I got off at North Road and had to walk 10 minutes to get to BIMM. Don't worry, I lived.

I got there an hour early cause, you know, better to be on the safe side. Although I was cursing my own time pessimistic self as it got more and more windy.

BIMM Central is weirdly in the same building as the Swedish Handelsbanken. Now you know.

So more people showed up as we went into the building. I talked a lot to this girl Phoebe who plays bass in a pop punk band and has a We Are The In Crowd tattoo. It's rad.

So eventually our tutor walked through the door.

Wow. Just wow.

He had a thick layer of eyeliner (done pretty badly honestly, sincerely the winged eyeliner god) and his eyebrows were drawn with eyeliner as well. His scalp was completely shaved bald except from two patches each side, dyed orange and drenched in hairspray and wax, styled in a way that they ejected from his head, like two devils horn.

I kept looking at him, amused, thinking it was a Halloween prank thing.

"I love your hair" I told him, expecting a laugh and maybe an explanation back.

But his face maintained straight and serious as he replied "oh thank you".

He's just a weird guy I suppose.

The lecture turned out to be pretty okay. A lot of theory about music history which I think it's a total bore, but he was just amusing.

Right in the beginning of the class he told everyone

"I want you to think about what the greatest album is"

I thought about it the entire lesson. Like the obvious answer would've been American Idiot buy I already expressed my undying love for Green Day and didn't want everyone to think I'm a crazed fangirl (although I am but shh), so as Simon, the tutor, asked me by the end of the class I said Copacetic by Knuckle Puck. (which is a complete BANGER by the way). The guy behind me exclaimed a NICE, so I turned to him and did a thumbs up.

I'm gonna be friends with this guy.

So, class dismissed. Got out of there. Went to The Lanes and then took the bus home. Nothing happened that night, so here's a picture of our street.

Today I had class at 12:30, "introduction to music journalism" for three hours. Worst class yet honestly. Teacher was a bore.

Then I went to the bank to get a bank account for the third time. Got rejected a fourth time cause they fucked it up for the fourth time.

Relatively pissed off, I walked home only to find out that the boiler had broken AGAIN and that we didn't have any hot water AGAIN. The pile of our house problems keeps growing since the ceiling lamp in our kitchen is broken, toilet clogged again and the vacuumer is total shit. Nothing about moving has been easy, guys.

At least I am surrounded by great people.

Tomorrow is friday which means no school and hopefully fun times. Gonna try to persuade the housemates to go to The Lanes and Churchill Square with me since OH MY RECORD PLAYER IS BROKEN AND I GOTTA RETURN IT.

Ugh, man. Right now I'm also missing one of my favorite bands playing in London since I gotta save money and I'm STILL SICK.

Oh well. We're gonna continue playing Until Dawn on Marcus ps4 and hope for better days tomorrow.




everyday life

Okay, long story.
First of all, my neverending coughing kept awake most of the night, and I think I fell asleep at 5 am something. But it was alright since my first class, or "lesson" as they say it here, was at 1:30. So I got my gross self out of bed, had breakfast, took a shower and then probably spent an hour in front of the mirror to make the eyeliner look perfect. Here's the back to school outfit I chose today.

Here's a picture of me and Asahi very stoked for our first day of school.

She's a pretty girl.
So my first class was music business for some reason. I met up with what probably is my best friend in the course, although we don't know each other at all so that was cool. We walked into a classroom which wasn't really a classroom, more like a giant room with a stage with a full drumset and amplifiers and shit, and in front of it was a bunch of round tables surrounded with chairs. Me and Quinn took a seat in one of those.
The tutor introduced himself as Dex Lush.
I know, right?
We were given these "business cards" which weren't business cards. Just cards with questions on them. I got the question "If you could invent anything, what would it be?" the purpose of these cards was to walk around to the people in class, ask this question, get their name and a way to contact them. This was supposed to be an exercise for "networking". It went alright, was able to talk some good people.
After the exercise, Dex continued to talk about himself and the course and it was pretty interesting.
Anyway the course ended and me, Asahi, Asahi's friend and Marcus met up to have lunch. Where? Subway of course. And it was delicious.
An hour and a half later my second and last class of the day started. It was a music journalism class with my tutor Jacqui Swift, the woman I've been in contact with during my entire applying process. It was in a computer room I had some trouble finding, but I finally did and sat awkwardly alone since me and Quinn didn't have this class together. Jacqui wanted us to do some more forced get-to-know-eachother excersices, so at first she asked everyone to stand up, say our name and where we came from. I was so nervous. After some other students did it, she looked at me, way back in the classroom and said "Melina - or Mel - why don't you go next? You've traveled the furthest"
My heart was pounding, but I managed to stand up and tell everyone my name was Melina, but they could call me Mel since it was easier and that I came from Sweden.
"You're also a massive fan of blink-182, aren't you?" Jacqui asked, in front of the whole class, remembering the interview from March or something.
"I am"
"Is anyone else here a fan of blink-182?" she asked the class.
Some people carefully raised their hand and someone blurted out "who isn't".
"We're gonna be great friends then" I said.
Jacqui continued: "I'm actually interviewing a band you love soon".
"WHO?" I said, probably way too loud.
"Fall Out Boy"
"No ffffff- no way" I said, trying to tame my emotions and not using the f-bomb in front of people I didn't know.
She said that I could help her with the interview if I wanted and that we could talk after class.
Holy f-bomb shit.
In the next exercise I was paired up with this really sweet northern girl. We were given a sheet of questions to ask one another and it was alright i guess. Then Jacqui asked the questions out loud and asked various people to answer them.
"Melina, what really got you into music?"
I knew the answer to that. I took a deep breath and said something like
"I think when I was about seven years old, Green Day released American Idiot. That was an album that just changed my entire life, my existence. Then bands like blink-182 and Fall Out Boy came into my life and they were the bands that changed me and made me who I am today".
It got quiet for a moment and I could hear some "hm"s in agreement.
"That's a great answer, Melina" Jacqui said.
The class went on and we ended up quitting half an hour earlier. I came to see her after class and I learned that she was gonna fly to Los Angeles to interview Fall Out Boy and that she had interviewed them before and they're really nice. She probably didn't insinuate that I'd go with her to L.A, but since I knew a lot more about their scene than she did, she wanted me to help with some questions. Jesus f-bomb christ.
So after class I bolted to this gift shop we came across earlier that sold giant pug plushies for £9.99, so guys, please welcome out new pet, Jeremy 4.

Right now we might to to an open mic thing, but I should really stay in and get healthy. We'll see how that goes.



everyday life

Okay, I keep leaving huge gaps between my blog posts these days. Sorry guys.
Truth is I'm sort of homesick so I keep myself as busy as I can to avoid thinking about it. And it works.
So, these past days have just been relaxing. Friday we went to The Lanes, which is probably my favorite place in Brighton. We came across a super cool store where I bought a lamp and that also had a cat roaming around. It was some real good times.

Featuring Giulia.
Here's some graffiti.

Yesterday we were supposed go to Churchill Square, the Brighton shopping mall, but my roommates were procrastinating so that didn't happen. Instead we went to Tesco to buy some alcohol (just kidding, mom and dad). I can really recommend Mars Milk and Bailey's together. Sometimes I stagger even myself with my genius.
So at 12:30 we were debating on whether to stay in or go out. I was tired and nauseous from the Bailey's so I told the guys I'd rather stay in. But then they came with the genius idea LET'S GO GET SOME ALCOHOL AND DRINK BY THE BEACH.
Despite me being ill with a cold that keeps clinging onto me, hell yeah I was in.
It was too dark for pictures, so I'll just describe every detail for you.
See it now?
The thing about Brighton, maybe England in general, is that the people leave perfectly good furniture out on the streets. And since we're poor students, why would we let them go to waste when we could just re-use them? So far we got two tables (one of them spider infested and in my room), a semi-functioning lamp, a wine shelf, a terrifying elephant painting and a stray shopping trolley from Tesco. Of course we brought them home.
Our house is probably very haunted.
Here's two dark pictures of Marcus holding the semi-functioning lamp.

Yes I'm on a mattress.

Today is the day before school starts. I try not to think about it too much cause I'm so goddamn nervous and anxious. We're about to leave for Churchill Square, The Lanes and then the pier today though so hopefully I'll have other stuff to think about. I got my student finance today (fuckin 12 000 swedish kronor) (although I'm gonna save more than half for rent and bills. being an adult sucks). It's Monday so tonight's back to Brunswick.
See you later.



everyday life

So I've been terrible at updating lately, and I'm sorry. I know how you all eagerly wait in anticipation for how I'm gonna fuck up next. So you're welcome for this.

A lot of things have happened. I've been so busy which is why I haven't been updating for a while..

Since we start school next week this is the week for all the "freshers events". It's basically just a bunch of parties for BIMM students to get to know each other. It's pretty neat.

Monday was 90's night at a club called Revenge. Clubbing and dancing and getting shitfaced isn't really my thing, but I will say, scream-singing to Spice Girl's Wannabe with a girly drink in my hand together with my new best friends was pretty magical.

They had this rooftop with a view you can't even imagine. I was a bit too out of it to take pictures, but if I ever go back I promise I will.

I built up the courage to talk to some of my classmates. All really good people. Honestly pretty excited for school to start.

Yesterday was Rock Night at this rock club/bar at Sticky Mikes. A band was playing, and dude they were so good. Despite the crowd not knowing any of their songs, they were so into it and it was so good to see.

Mark my words, readers, before my three years of studying are over, I am gonna start a band and I am gonna perform on that stage.

When the band's set was over we hit a club called Coalition by the beach. Every Tuesday they have this thing called EMO POP PUNK METAL NIGHT which basically means that they only play good fucking music. I can't even count the random people I screamed along with to A Day To Remember and While She Sleeps songs.

That's the music I'm the most passionate about, and seeing so many other people dancing, jumping along to my favorite songs.... That was fucking magical, man.

I lost my glasses sometime during the moshpit of Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon, but Petter, one of the norwegians luckily found them. Broken, but still. Whoops.

Forgot to take pictures of that too, but here's one the official Coalition photographer took of me and some random guy I ended up dancing with most of the night.

Yesterday was also Asahi's birthday. We surprised her and bought a cake. Her reaction when she opened the door was WHAT THE FUCK?

Love this crazy girl.

So back to the problem part. Our water heater is broken, so we only have freezing water. Which became a problem when we all needed to shower. But I'm swedish, I got viking blood in me. So I was fine.

Wish I could say the same about Team Norway. I have never heard such girly noises come out of such manly men.. It was very amusing and me and Asahi laughed so much we ended up on the floor.

A guy came around to fix it so it works, for now. But the clogged toilet remains.

Tonight of my favorite bands are doing a DJ set at another club by the beach. Can't fucking wait.

Here's some updated pictures of my room.

And a cringy one of me.

Right now I'm seated on the stairs to the kitchen area, listening to Guilia, Marcus and Petter playing video games, and Asahi plinking on her acoustic guitar.

(also my girl Emelie from Study Abroad asked me if I wanted to take over the Study Abroad instagram account for a week. Let you know how that goes. HEJ EMELIE)

See you later.



everyday life

That's right people, The Pineapple Chapel now has a TV! (we call it the pineapple chapel because everything is pineapple. blankets, glasses, lights, everything. also it's catchy). We got the TV off Shpock and though it's really small and the OK button on the remote doesn't work, we love it. Marcus, the norwegian in the picture below brought his ps4 (actual angel), so we're gonna have a lot of fun.

I'm listening to Asahi rehearsing for Open Night tonight. She's one of the most talented vocalists I have ever heard, so I can't wait for tonight.
If we stop procrastinating, which was the only thing we did yesterday, we might even head to the pier. Not promising anything though.
Oh and another thing, Asahi's friend clogged our toilet and we have no idea what to do. Will keep you updated.