Hi! So who am I? Good question, I don´t even know. An alien? A Unicorn? A potato?

Nope, sorry if I´ve disappointed you but I´m a just a "normal" human. So we begin with that.

Andréa is my name, live in Stockholm, Sweden. I live with my family, little brother Zacharias (Zache), mom, dad and my cats. I read the line aesthetics and media.

This blogg is gonna be a photo blog but I going to write sometimes under the category Thought and me

Stuff that you just need to know about me is:

Name: Andréa

Age: 18

I have dyslexia, if you don´t know what that is so google it.

Love music, I listen to music everyday.

Love Disney, like anime, sleep, be with friends, shoot for private purposes.