​A few long term goals

1. Complete high school 

2. Go to college and study to become a nurse

3. Graduate college with a nursing degree 

4. Find a job being a nurse

5. Live in California 

6. Keep blogging

7. Start youtube channel

8. Be true to myself, love myself

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These are my summer goals:

1. Get into a Routine: ​I want to get into a routine of things I do each day and make sure that I do them every day. That may sound a little boring but what I mean by things I do every day would be cleaning, walking my dog, working out, blogging, selling things on ebay, and those sort of things. I want to start this blog up again because I think it could really stimulate my mind. Eventually I want to start making youtube videos again and start blogging and all that. 



​Helloo and welcome to my blog. My name is Meagan Conley and I love beauty and fashion. I created this blog to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. I am very new to this whole blogging thing so excuse the mess of a blog I have right now while I get situated. 

A little about myself...

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia very close to the nations capital, Washington D.C.. From a very young age I began playing soccer and seemed to be pretty good at it. Since then I’ve been playing on a club team and have travelled to places such as New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, and a few others. I enjoyed playing soccer but recently have found it's not so much a sport for me as I have a love for beauty and fashion more than soccer. 

So, I quit my soccer team after having played for 10+ years to pursue something I can't even describe. All I know is I want to work in the beauty and fashion industry one day, and that dream starts today. On this blog I hope to share with you my journey to becoming whatever it is I become. Hope you enjoy:)