Jag håller på att lära mig norska!

Jag tycker att det är så kul med att lära sig nya saker. Jag har bestämt mig att det här är min nya hobby sommar 2017 att lära mig norska och plugga matte... pratar om det där lust att plugga fast man är klar med sina studier.

Jag har skrivit massa andra saker som ska bli mina hobby under juli-augusti månader.

Så här valde jag...

Läsa en roman: En syster i mitt hus av Linda Olsson

Plugga Matte med boken: Matematik från A till E

Excelövningar: http://andersexcel.se/grundkursexcel/ plus kolla olika videor från denna kanal https://www.youtube.com/user/SthlmUniBusiness

Jag har skaffat en online kompis för att hjälpa mig med att lära mig norwegian tills jag uppnå nivå A1 :D på Hellotalk https://www.hellotalk.com

Länk till bilden: https://www.pinterest.se/pin/329748003948621655/

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Do you love to be loved? So, share love.

Do you love to feel appreciated? So, appreciate others.

Do you love to be accepted? So, accept others.

Train your empathy today! and get ready to see the world differently <3

Look for the results of being empathic it might surprise you! And remember to fight negativity with love!

It's winter and unfortunately there are people sleeping out in the streets feeling cold! don't fear to donate a fleece, a pair gloves or a jacket. Try to observe if there's anyone that deserve this care also be careful with strangers but don't lose your goodness.




I felt blessed to take a nice walk around the town. Me and A took our time to find a nice caffe in Turin. Our dog was very excited to get a long walk. We changed our plans because first we thought to visit a caffe with cats inside!!! it's so unusual because most of places I've been in Europe do not allow domestic animals inside.
For hygiene matters I'd be disgusted if I find cat hair in my food.... but nah I think it's ok if they keep the cats away from the kitchen.
We human being can bring more virus into a place than a cat! So next time I go there I will take pictures! I'm not a cat lover, but I think all the animals should be loved ❤️
We went to eataly and inside there's caffe vergnano and we had our dog with us so take a look in the picture below! She got even a water bowl just in case she was thirsty 💕

On the walk back I got an awful sciatic nerve pain and went straight to hospital! Now I'm healing from it and waiting for Christmas!

I'm a bit restless wanting to do things like cooking and cleaning... sometimes we complain for doing these things but nothing like feeling healthy to do things. I reflect a lot about being thankful for what we have!

And mm I'm listening to Mozart !!! What about getting to know some of the effects of it??
It has been researched about Mozart music effect on things... and the result is plants grow better, improves intelligence in us and give a quicker growth on premature children 👏🏾🎼🎼

Now changing subject ... I'm really angry with those online shops... can't wait to them include some diversity in their model selection🙋🏿🙋🏾🙋🏽


but of course I think to use my voice for it😉
So nelly.com and na-kd upgrade upgrade!!!!

Have a really great day yall! And make your voices heard babes! Check out the pictures bellow.




Is it normal to think about Christmas? Because, that's all I do since November 15!

I have many reasons to love christmas and I list up some here:

  1. decorate my home
  2. family gathering
  3. eating christmas dinner
  4. listen to christmas playlists
  5. Think about the greatness of Jesus (even though I am not religious I see christ as a role model)
I get a bit upset to think that people let christmas shopping take over the beautiful meaning of sharing love with your loved ones to be out rushing to buy things.
I don't think that hunger would exist if we were united and willing to help each other.
It's like our dna contain a selfishness that we look up for ourselves only... sometimes when I see a person out in the street begging for money, I would like to ask are you hungry or do you need a new jacket? is your shoes still good to walk... but, somehow I do not ask and keep it for me... So every time I get the possibility to donate clothes or food I do it with all my heart. Money is the last thing I'd give to person out in the street ...even though it can be what they really need... I don't wanna help people to buy alcohol or drugs so I rather save my money in this case.

With this I do not mean that people should stop buying presents on Christmas, but to let the family meaning be stronger than materialistic stuff.

These days I thought what it is that keep us so far from each other... I thought the answer may be fear... so don't let the fear overcome and steal your caring thoughts! help someone today! can be people inside your own family needing to hear that you care about it or needing a hug..- spread love!



girl talk, It-girl shopping

Good evening sweeties!!!

I've a question to anyone who usually buy clothes at nelly.com.

What can you say about nelly.com as an online way to shop?

My worries when I buy clothes are ... do they arrive in good conditions? Did the fabric made you allergic?and was delivering time fast or slow?

That's all... I hope to get any reader that can write a short feedback about nelly.com, I intend to shop there but nothing like having a little bit of girl talk before shopping :)