There’s something magical with mornings. Even though I’m not a big fan of waking up to the early am’s I must admit that getting up before sunset and watching the world slowly come alive is one of my favorite things to do. Birds begin to wake up and sing their songs, seeing the army of cats on the streets of Oahu and cars hitting the road one by one.

This morning, that was our car, on our way to hike up Koko Head at 4am. It was darker than we thought and we forgot to bring a headlamp, luckily we had the full moon on our side who shadowed down on us. As the sun was dancing its way up the horizon our little spot at the top of the mountain was getting more and more crowded. It’s fascinating to me that the sun who rises each morning can be such a magnet to us humans, when it’s actually super normal and a part of the everyday routine. For some people it takes a sweaty, hard breathing hike to really appreciate and see the beauty of the day that’s been given to us. We sort of act like it’s a one time moment and our camera roll fills up with a bunch of dark photos with a small light source in the middle.

I’m in no place to blame them though, I’m hands down a sun worshipper for sure! No wonder why we’re addicted; it gives all living on earth its energy, it gives us sun kisses, it makes the colors come alive, it gives us life.

So let’s lift our heads up from the square phones attached to our hands, let’s trash the New Years resolutions towards the square lifestyle and the square mind. How about discovering the treasures of what’s right outside our window?

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This will be my first time experiencing winter time without being surrounded by the cold but cozy snow covered Swedish forest. The feeling of winter coming together has not got to me yet. I’m used to wake up to a darker morning, put on my dads thickest jacket and take the dogs for a walk in the white snow that makes that crunchy sound walking on it. But I’m nowadays being waked up by the sound of chickens, sirens or someone sweeping the streets right outside my window. I guess I just have to take advantage of the hot weather of Hawaii and make the most out of it!

For example, taking spontaneous road trips with my friends, going to all the touristy places. I love when we loose ourselves in deep conversations about life and i really believe that the meaning of life is to build relationships. Opening up to others and being vulnerable is a scary thing. But once you find the courage and come to the realization of the importance of friendship is when you finally can get the taste of the treasures of relationships.

I’m incredibly lucky to live life side by side of all my inspiring, loving and world changing friends i now call my Ohana.

Because after all; we’re doing this thing called living life together.



Here's some pictures from our Sailing Adventure Leadership and Training trip taken by my incredible talented friend Madison Graham. We got the chance to learn how to sail in the middle of the pacific ocean. It was an indescribable experience to explore the beauty and wilderness of the sea. It was for sure a challenge for me to just rely on my team and the unpredictable waves and allow myself to relax and enjoy the trip. We anchored in a harbor at the island of Molokai and got to adventure on both Molokai and Lanai.

The island Oahu; where I currently call my home.

Taylor Bond; one of my classmates and sailing buddy!

Josefine Friberg; my classmate, sailing partner and one of the strongest woman i've met.

Roger Von Niederhäusern; this is my SLS leader and one of my role models here at Surfing the Nations.He's an precious friend with a wild mind that inspires everyone around him.

The island Molokai; Here's where we had our first stop on this trip. Such a remarkable beautiful island with a mind blowing nature. I fell in love with its magical atmosphere and delicious hot bread.

Josefine, me and Madi

I finally got the famous Molokai shirt from a local shop in town! Bucket list check fo sho!

The island Lanai; Wow, isn't the structure of this island amazing?! It's crazy how God has an eye for details sometimes. This is where we spent our second night, anchored right by the cliff.

Linnea Olsson; my hero, she's the one I go to when ever I'm in need of advice, peace, a laughter or comfort. It's a pleasure doing life with her here in Wahiawa and an honor to have her by my side.

Cavemen.. woman..

Mikael Snook; my bunk buddy, mini mom and friend. She's my source of joy, thankful for this wonderful girl.

Madison Graham; one of my classmate, my newfound soulmate and inspiration. Couldn't have a better sailing partner than her, all of my thank you points to her for being such a good friend on this trip.

I just want to take the time and thank all of you who support me and read my blog. It means a lot to be able to share my journey and what God is doing, not only in my life but in so many others.



A part of Surfing the Nations Surfers Leadership School is to run a Ohana Service Project. Since this falls class is unusually big we have three different projects this semester. The first one up was the Surf Art & the Surfer, it is an art festival taking place at Surfing the Nations property Friday and Saturday. The whole organisation spent this last couple of days preparing and cleaning this place with excellence and care for it to be the best art festival possible. This year they had live art and live music in the coffee bar, a fashion show in the vintage store, an art gallery in the artis, vendurs and food trucks filling up the parking lot. It was a magic atmosphere which brought people from all over Oahu to celebrate a night to appreciate the surf and art culture.

The Whole block of STN was open for everyone in Wahiawa to join us in this celebration.

Both local and international artists were presented in the art gallery. This is one of my personal favorite artists and our own SLS leader Robert McDaniel's work.

This is Kirstin Anderson's paintings. I could get lost in the top one for an eternity, I really adore her unique style.

This BABE Linnea Olsson is one of the students who made this all happen, she is an incredible hard worker and gives her whole heart into whatever is infront of her. I am honored to have her as one of my closest friends. I am convinced that Linnea is going to change the world some day.

My crazy girl Emma-Cathrine rocks my world. I have the privilege to share room with this beauty and the amazes me every day by her pure heart and the love and laughter she brings me.

WOW! I have met my own Finnish princess here in Wahiawa, it's crazy how God has blessed me with this gorgeous woman. Aino inspires me in many ways, her strong relationship with god and her view of life is so precious. I can't express how grateful I am to explore even greater things with you in the future.

These are the fabulous women I'm sharing apartment 304 with!




A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

These pictures are from a day of adventure with the greatest of friends.

After a long hike, followed by another hike, a little rain and midnight swimming i can't be more that happy. Thankful for all the memories and laughter, being pushed out of my comfort zone and allowed to grow to my fullest potential.

Love you guys,



WOW. I've started to use the word "wow" so much lately, the experiences and realizations I've had since coming back to Surfing the Nations has been priceless! I'm incredibly thankful for all the new ways God has been speaking to me and I'm super excited about what's next.

A part of doing the leadership school I'm doing right now is participating in a mini adventure held by our leaders for us to been pushed out of our comfort zones, face our fears and growing closer as an ohana. They surprised us with flying to another island - THE BIG ISLAND where the ground is covering in black lavarocks, spots of a vivid rainforest and volcanos. Starting off this journey we were left at the airport with only a map with an ending destinations handed to us. Without knowing what way is north, south, west or east we began our hike carrying our full packed backpacks unknown how long it would take before we reaches our end destination. But because of the mindset everyone chose to have and controlling the attitude we had towards this and each other all the 17 of us survived a 21 miles walk in the heat with a half can of chicken and a lot of water in our stomaches. I'm curtain when I say this was the toughest, sweatiest and funniest thing i've ever done.

We had the blessing to have our camp right by the beautiful ocean, waking up hearing the waves, stargazing and getting lost in the mystery of the moon made me opening up my eyes of God's wonderful creation in a totally different way. Living out of a halv potato, a half package of ramen noodles and of course an oatmeal for breakfast taught me to appreciate the things i actually do have and the fish we caught every day. Yes you read right, we laid out nets to caught our own fish!! Wow, like real cave mens with the survival mode on! One day they came home with a SUPER COOL OCTOPUS! I was amazed. So fascinated by its colors and structure.

I've always been afraid of diving and as you may figure out I needed to overcome my fear of the BIG BLUE SCARING WATER and go diving in order for my team to get food (as I said; real cave man with the survival mode on!) Pointing out exactly what I'm afraid of, praying for protection and strength and having such big supporters around me I couldn't feel more safe in the water. Finding all the treacheries the ocean has to offer I am super proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a step of faith.

I am unbelievable grateful for the influencer, supporters, role models, world changing superheroes I serve side by side with here in Wahiawa.




This week my SLS class got the opportunity to help out with one of Surfing the Nations program called Feeding the Hungry. It's our oldest outreaches where we hand out food to over 600 households every week. This is a great chance to take the time to talk stories, build relationships and to love and care for the people of Oahu.

Elizabeth is a very special auntie at FTH, she's 94 years old and she won the battle against breast cancer when she was 80. Now she makes beautiful leis and brings joy to all us volunteers. This time i got to hear funny stories about her grandchildren, and i can't wait to chat with her again and get more inspirited by this rad lady!



Here's a late update on my trip to San Francisco! Me and Linnea stopped by San Fran for four days before our Surfer Leadership School started. It was so much fun and very much needed to just relax after an intensive summer of work. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, ate some mochi balls, suuuper good pizza and read a book by the pool to cool down from the 43 degrees weather. I'm so exited for this new chapter of my life and i'm thankful for experience it with this hot chick!