Hi guys! I have shared a little longer text down there. It is tuesday, Maybe you want to know how I am dealing with that. (except that my birthday is coming up tomorrow!).
Today I am heading to the gym, then work. The bad thing about my work is that it takes me 1 hour to get there! and it is still in the city, and I live in the city. On the other side I live in the biggest city of Europe.

I made a smoothiebowl this morning aswell, eating it meanwhile I am writing to you guys. It is suuuuuper nice, but the one I had yesterday was even better, I love nuts, it should be nuts in everything.

. Recept and "morning thoughts" if you scroll down.

::::::::::::::::::RED SMOOOOOTHIEBOWL::::::::::::::::

Coconutmilk (not for cooking)

AND THATS ALL! super easy and super refreshing in the morning.

Have the best tuesday so far!

I really hope yall have had a great night with loads of interesting dreams. Sometimes I dream about something really thrilling and then I wake up and I get so freaking mad because I want to see what happens in the dream. WTF DID I DIE? DID HE KISS HER ? WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE WORLD AFTER THE APOCALYPSE? ............something like that hahaha

anyways....Then I try to fall asleep againg and continue the "movie" and it works sometimes, but this is dangerous babes. You have to wake up, you have to have the WILL to get up. that was just a stupid example but I know that you can relate :)

Life is like waves I would say. To move forward- we have to have ups and downs. We just have to find the balance, and thats not as simple as my favorites on instagram makes it look like! IT IS NOT EASY.
for example, a bad one again, Sometimes I wake up and yeh its raining and there is no orange juice and my bathrobe is not close to me so I have to get up in this freezing flat, stumble upon something and hurt my toe then I'm angry and yes its a shitty day.
It is a shitty day. "this will be" a shitty day."
Did that kind of thoughts pup up in your head some mornigns too ? yes I can relate aswell haha. But then again... Did it just pop up in your head ? Actually you created it. you put energy to THAT THOUGHT! :/
I know that this is something dificult. I do not say that I LIVE like this, it is the hardest thing to master. But we always have a choice haven't we ?

If you tell your self, well this is a shitty day- it will be. I promise you your busdriver will drive away from you and you will be late for work and when you come to work there won't be any coffee for you and work will suck and your friends will suck and you will just wish that this shitty day is over.

But if you tell yourself, even if it rains or whatever, THIS DAY WILL BE AWSOME :D
How do you think this day will turn out? Would you care about the busdriver? or the orange juice? Just small little things..

I ALWAYS try to count my blessings. when thoughts like that come up I try to count my blessings instead. I try.

We always have the choice to get up from the sofa. the key is to choose which thoughts to lay energy on.
The sad thing here is that it takes more energy to find beautiful meanings in things than to lay on the couch and "my life suck".

I'm not saying that we should be happy all the time. I'm just saying that I am trying to live by finding which thoughts worth to lay my time and energy on. Thoughts are just that- thoughts. But I can choose If I want these thoughts to become reality or if it is just that- thoughts. I have a recomendation for you, read the book the secret. My life changed after I read that book.
How do you want to create your days ? :) one day or DAY ONE :D LETS MAKE THIS AN AWSOME ONE :D OH YES!! Tomorrow is my 24th fucking birthday! I have come pretty far haven't I hah. so motivated!!!!!!


sincerely a good day to remember.

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Hi again! It was like 1 hour ago I published my last post but I mean, rather post to many than nothing.
I had an idea for a couple of months ago to start updating my friends and family back in Stockholm ( my hometown) about my time here in Berlin. Well I wasn't so good at all to update, or I didn't made it a priority, I would say.

But here I am, givin it another try and also i'm typing in english(?!) haha You have to look beyond my faults when it comes to english.. thats actually why I am writing in this beautiful language now- to practice.
Actually I moved to Berlin to practice more english... Didn't went suuper good since I started to work on a swedish sales department and made more swedish friends than english heheheh NOT OKEY. thats one thing I regret though, and now it is a little bit too late for that because I wont' stay here for long. In a couple of months I will move on with my journey and mvoe to another country, faaaaar away from Berlin, and further away from Sweden.

Anyways, for you who have never heard of me, I'm Matilda matilda matilda. I am turning 24 years around the sun in 2 days! - will celebrate it here with my boyfriend and my closes friends.
I am raised In Stockholm and I woudl say that I was that typical city girl but Universe had another plan and put me in the right direction quite drastic, I was that type of girl that saw everything from the bright side and I did not see any meanings in things until something happened that completely made me more ... grateful of being alive? Now I am in a state of mind where I try to find the balance between all these magical moments and not so magical moments. yeh well I could write a book about this but hey maybe I tell you more about my "story" some other time, maybe not. This was just about to be a little "hi welcome to my blogg" kinda post.

Anyways... I like to say anyways, I like to say hillarious, I like to say for sure, litteraly, basically, wassssuuupppppp. thats me.
I like long deep conversations and intellect. I like to be in the nature and I love the ocean. The ocean makes me feel free.
I want to be best at everything and eveything I do I want to master. I have though come to the conclusion lately that I canät do everything.
I want to learn everything also. I loe to speak about the universe and I am really interested in patterns and mathematics. I love to stay up late but I ove to go up early in the morning also and do as much as I can with the days.
I see silverlinings with everything. hmm or I aways try to find the meaning in things. Thats how I want to live and thats how I want to believe. I am not religious but I respect people who are. I am more interested in quantum physics and I belive that god is just a methaphor of something that se can not yet describe as human beings. but quantum physics is close.
i love to watch documentaries about history and the future and about animals and nature. I love music. oh how I love music....... amazing music is my life. I love festivals and I love to dance. I can dance for 10 hours in a row haha. I love my best friends and I love my family. I try to love my self and I am on my way. I would lie if I said I LOVE MYSELF fully haha not even close and I bet no one is. I respect my self. Alot. If I do not vibe with a situation, I am not in that situation for long.
I would LOVE to say that I am vegan, but I eat everything that make me feel good. meat is not included there at all but I would put my self in a special term. I just try to do what makes my body feel good. But vegans should be fucking proud. I am proud of myself to sometimes but eating meat doesnt make any sence for me at all nowa days.

I currently live in Berlin, the weirdest city ever, I would say. haha I freakin love Berlin, but it may not be a city where I would see my self settle down but I'm not looking for that either. I want to travel. Learn to know every bit of this beautifu earth and all beings. I want to get to know my self and meet people that make me see things from other perspectives. But at the moment I spend my time here in Berlin and I have learned so much since moving here. And also I have met my boyfriend. We met at work one year ago and he really fought to get to me. and he smashed down my walls. He is a musician and a talanted one. One of my favorite things to to is to see him on the stage, doing what he love. He is really entertaining actually. You would like him.
He is truly one of the kindest beings I've met this far. He brings out everything from me, but most of all the good parts.

I will try too keep this blogg as balanced as possible, since I want you guys to know me but not everything is made for you. But here you have some pictures so you can put a face to this page:)

Tonight I will go to a selfdefence class with S. After that we will maybe eat something and then go to bed early since we both have work tomorrow.

Hope this was in any further interest for you. if not, then please comment why because I'm quite new with this so I would love some feedback.

My purpose with this is only for updates to my friends and family back home but If I could I would love to have the possibility to spread some good vibes also. To whomever wants to follow my journey, feel free.





Hi! I'm back after 2 stressy months. I don't have the energy to speak about it at the moment but maybe in the future. it's nothing serious it has just been alot lately and I haven't had time for any updates here.

anyways, I'm back, filled with energy and motivation that I will share with you.

Today I took out one of my vacation days because I had some things that I had to fix.
it's so difficult do do it othervice because I Finnish at 6 and most of the stores and offices close in general at 6, so even if my office is located in the centrum, i have no time to do it.
so instead :) I woke up with my boyfriend, made some breakfast that I need to share with you. and yes, it's vegan.

smoothie bowl:
frozen spinach
almond milk
caschew nuts

I would also recommend to have some banana in it. I didn't have that at home this morning but it was suuuper nice anyway.