Do you feel it too?

It's as if all things exciting, bright and vibrant are getting chased away, the eternal buzz, the absent minded rush.

Alongside the leaves, I fall. Being pushed back down.

But it doesn't work. I want to stay. To stay in that sphere of vibrance.

And now they appear again.

I can still smile at pretty things.

And laugh when jokes are funny.

I can still talk to people.

And enjoy nice days.

But when I go inside.

When I'm alone,

There is something so broken,.

And I fall into a sadness so sweet.

That it engulfs.

When I'm falling asleep.

And I miss something.

That no longer exists.

I am not depressed.

I've just been sad for a while.

But I can still smile.

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"I dream of the wind in my hair, the sun warming my cheeks , a book in my hand. Feet hanging over the brim of a Parisian balcony. The beeps of scooters below me, squeels from french schoolgirls- and boys. Wandering between museums spilling with history and beauty. Rooftop nights, enjoying a sunset with new loves.

To adventure."

"I dream of being welcomed back to the city I fell in love with at first sight. Picking out red flowers to decorate a temporary home. To once again immerse myself in the beauty of Prague. To let myself go with the rhythm of the nightlife's song. Walking round every corner to find an endless row of art. Conversing with people vibrating on a level of magic.

To fall in love again."

"I dream of immersing myself in a new, far away land. Running my fingers across new walls, same language- yet so foreign. Toes sinking into new sand, emotions wild at the sight of sunshine disappearing between the waves. Being able to stand on a board, blending in with the Australian scenery. Stepping into a reality only imagined in my mind for years.

To explore the other side of this beautiful, precious, wonderful world."

- A little peak into a journal of mine - 




To wear a bra or not is, naturally, up to each individual.

 This seems like an obvious statement; of course it is your own choice whether or not your wear a bra, but the more I thought about it, the less it seemed like I had a choice as an 11 year old putting a bra on for the first time.

Did I ever question whether or not I should wear a bra? No, I guess I didn't. I don't ever remember considering the possibility of never starting to wear a bra, or questioning why the rush to wear one was there. As soon as the small lumps of fat were even the slightest bit visible, all girls in my class rushed to the nearest shop, mothers tagging along. I remember blushing as soon as I arrived in the shop, hesitant to try them on, but desperate to join the group of girls "mature and cool" enough to wear that minuscule piece of fabric covering up the virtually non-existent breasts on our small adolescent bodies. The next few years it didn't really cross my mind to question why I kept wearing that uncomfortable garment, only growing with discomfort alongside the growth of my breasts.

Recently, however, nipples, free the nipple and the idea of not wearing a bra has risen as a talk point all over social media and in general conversation among my friends. My initial thoughts were "my boobs are too big to not wear a bra" and "what about my nipples? Won't they show?" and then it dawned on me. What the hell is wrong with a bit of nip showing? Men can show all the nipple they want in the world, but we can't? How is that fair? 

Oh yes, of course. Because women's breasts are so freaking sexualized. God heavens no, they aren't just lumps of fat to give life to tiny humans. No of course not, women's breasts are on this earth to please men and to be sexy. Yes of course, that makes sense. NOT.

And with that, off went the bra. Along with my new view came new cute bralettes and braless days, nips all nice and free hehe. 

Not only does it feel so comfy and great to not wear an underwire bra, I also came across some info showing the health benefits of going bra-less!! How fantastic! ( )

Of course going bra-less isn't everyone's cup of tea, and it's up to yourself if you wear one or not- but I think it's a good idea to maybe question things once in a while. It's okay to be a rebel. Be a little bit cheeky ;)

Like mamma says, just because everyone else does it, doesn't mean you have to 




This past summer, having been on my first trip completely independent as a 17 year old alone, along with one of my loves Salka, in Europe, I had the adventure dreams are made of. The two weeks were indescribably amazing, dancing every night until our feet ached; watching the sun rise over new cities; new friends leaving lasting footprints; falling in love with cities, with strangers, with buildings, with the sky and with the feeling of exploring. Discovering how big the world is, but also how small. Feeling powerful, feeling mighty, feeling like we could take on any challenge that came our way, feeling like the world was in our hands. Proud that all the dreaming and planning had become a reality and realizing that it was just the two of us and the bags on our backs, travelling through Europe. It left me with a burning desire to see everything, to learn everything.

Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna - Prague - Berlin