Tomorrow is going to be the first race of the season. Its a slalom race and right now slalom is going quite well so I am not so nervous. I think its gonna be interesting to find out on what level I am right now.

Yesterday we had training and in the evening I went for an ice cream with Jenny. I can't remember the cause but I think we were celebrating how good our school is going right now :) 

Today I was preparing for tomorrows race so nothing special. I was in the gym two times and in the evening we went to the sauna!

We will now have four days in a row competition here in Levi and straight after that we are going to Kiruna. 

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On Saturday was the womens alpine worldcup and on Sunday was the mens worldcup. I got to be the forerunner in the womens race and it was so fun! I was really nervous in the start but when I went out of the gate and started skiing I couldn't stop smiling. The run went really good until the middle of the steep section where I fucked up and ended sliding down hill on my stomach... And when I at last got up on my feet and continued on the course I flew on the last roll and was out again :) The other run I passed the course with a quite good run.

Even if I fell down it doesn't matter because it was a really fun experience and something I will remember a very long time, and I hope that I will get to be a part of the Levi worldcup again next year.

After the race I was resting and in the evening I was with my friends and it was very fun.

Today, Sunday, I didn't ski as a forerunner because it was the mens race but I got to watch the whole race from the finnish area. It was fun to see the race and I can't wait for our first race next week. The only bad thing about today was the weather because it was snowing the whole time and when you where standing still watching the race you got after a while really cold.




My name is Mathilda and I am going to tell you short about myself.

I am a 17-teen year old girl from Finland. I live in the summer in Kauniainen but in the winter I live in the middle of Finland, because I am an alpine skier. I ski the most in the fall and the winter but I have also some camps in the spring and the summer. My life is a lot about skiing, but that doesn't matter because I love skiing. My dream is to get to the top in alpine skiing.

In this blog I am going to write about my life, so a lot about skiing and training.

Right now I am in Levi. And tomorrow I am going to be skiing as a forerunner in the worldcup. I am very excited but really nervous because this is a new experience.