A couple of weeks ago I was been fortunate to be involved in an incredibly exciting event at DogA in Oslo, Norwegian Design and Architecture senter.

Here I've been given the oppurtunity to a variety of different people in the clothing industry talk about the state of the industry in 2016.

Some of the topics that where illuminated today is how we have to work together as a team in Norway to highlight Norwegian design into international fashion market.

Technology versus fashion and much more. Moods of Norway, Tommy Hilfiger, culturesminister and the mayor of Oslo talked to the audience about Oslo E-commerce, how to meet the new generations needs in a environmentally friendly way, at the sam time as we try to make the income grow . Norwegian design is growing in the international market, and some of what we should aim for the future considering that oil is no longer a safety net for Norway such as a couple of years ago.

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