It's been a beautiful summer here in Oslo. Norwegians really lighten up when the sun shows up. People go out more and socialize, hang out in the park, and the streets are full of smiling human beings going somewhere. I love it!

Also the fashion picture changes.. This summer is no different than others, some new and some repeated styles from inlet year is to see.

I think some of my favorite trends for this year has to be 70's bohem chic, with a pinch of brighter colors as yellow, orange, metallics fabric and details, rough jackets in denim and oversized bombers with prints.

I will post some outfits from my own closet later!

Now in the morning hours when I sit here with my tea in our apartment a Sunday morning, not any morning I would say. Its the 10th of July. Already. The time is flying so fast. I cant help it but dream me away to paris .. Only 72 days before departure. I look forward to strave around and explore different parts of the city with a camera on my shoulder, find hidden fashion treasures and be inspired! Use all of the tools I have learned the past year about processing ideas into products. I would say thats what the essence of the trip will be in a holistic perspective. -

I have a certain picture in my head how this fall will be. I have so many plans and dreams about what I want to to or accomplish within the time I am staying in the capital of love and fashion. If I can complete it, If I want to stay longer or what the hell actually will happen, I dont know.. I guess thats the feeling that gets me so exited. I have no control of my future at this moment. The future just waiting with its potential and is ready to be the shape of my own efforts and choices.. Exiting!

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A couple of weeks ago I was been fortunate to be involved in an incredibly exciting event at DogA in Oslo, Norwegian Design and Architecture senter.

Here I've been given the oppurtunity to a variety of different people in the clothing industry talk about the state of the industry in 2016.

Some of the topics that where illuminated today is how we have to work together as a team in Norway to highlight Norwegian design into international fashion market.

Technology versus fashion and much more. Moods of Norway, Tommy Hilfiger, culturesminister and the mayor of Oslo talked to the audience about Oslo E-commerce, how to meet the new generations needs in a environmentally friendly way, at the sam time as we try to make the income grow . Norwegian design is growing in the international market, and some of what we should aim for the future considering that oil is no longer a safety net for Norway such as a couple of years ago.




My name is Marie, I am 20 years old, born and raised in Oslo. Currently I am studying at ESMOD Fashion Mode in Oslo, learning constructing, sewing and developing clothing collections from scratch.

I find it hard to describe my own sense of style. I just like what I like.

Although, I am a sucker for originality, street style, clothes and accesories that stand out from the crowd. But when it comes to the everyday choice, what I choose to wear from occasion to occasion is happily influenced by the way I feel and the mood of the day.

Autumn 2016 I am moving on my own to Paris for 4 months. The plan for my time down there, is to be inspired, learn French and blog about fashion in Paris from a Norwegian youngster girl's perspective.

I do not know where my path will end with my current education, what kind of work or where in the world I will end up. All I know is that I have a strong passion for fashion, citylife, and to take pictures to share with others. I think that a year of basics from ESMOD Fashion Mode and moving down to Paris is a damn good start!

Stay tuned!