Heya, guys!!!

Today was just a normal day. I woke up home alone because Siam had a sleepover at his friend's house and my parents went to see the doctor (because of my mum). Wait. I dont think you guys know but my mum is pregnant. She is 9 months pregnant. We are expecting the baby around 3rd May. Lol. I cant tell anyone which gender it is, my mum doesnt like to tell anyone (she did the same when it was me or Siam).

Anyways, I made myself noodles for brekkie. Then my parents came home and I cleaned out the bathroom. Some time ago, my mum decided that she is gonna renovate the house because she wants the baby to see the house clean and polished. So after I cleaned out the bathroom, I had a shower and ate lunch. My brother arrived after lunch.

In the afternoon, I had nothing to do so I decided to bake some chocolate cupcakes. I wanted to make some frosting to put on the top of the cupcakes. But I failed miserably. Lol. But the cupcakes cake out pretty good. And they were tasty as well.

Well, that's all that happened today, I know, it wasn't that much. I have a pretty boring life. Lol.

So that's all. Bye, guys.


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This was the last week of the holidays.

I decided to have a sleepover at one of my best friend's house (her name is Ayesha). I stayed there that night. Ayesha has a big brother and so my brother also decided to stay that night. The next morning, we had breakfast and my other best friend, Aneca arrived at Ayesha's house.

Later, Ayesha finished some chores while Aneca and me talked. Siam's (my big brother) friend arrived to pick him up because they had to finish their project. Then, Aneca's parents arrived to pick her up but she wanted to stay at Ayesha's house for a sleepover and her parents allowed her (lol, that happens only once in a blue moon).

Aneca's parents left and Aneca stayed over. Next, my parents arrived (they picked up Siam from his friend's house). My parents came to pick me up... Ayesha's mum really wanted me to stay another night because it was with Aneca!

Ayesha's mum had convinced my parents to let me stay another night. That night, Ayesha went to sleep early. On the other hand, me and Aneca talked till 5am. LOL.

The next morning, we had brekkie and my dad came pretty early to pick me up. I actually wanted to go home because I missed my house. Lol. Home Sweet Home.

Last night, I found out that Ayesha went to Aneca's house to finish off their assignment and that Ayesha stayed that night.

Well, that's it! Lol, I actually have nothing else to talk about. -.-

Kay, bye.



Okay guys, today I woke up checked my Instagram and found out that I GOT A THOUSAND FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRM!!! I was really happy! Like, thanks to everyone who follow me, I really appreciate it.

Okay, so I woke up early today cause I had to go baby shopping with my family, for my new sibling. But later, we realised that it was Easter Sunday and that most of the shops were closed.

We then dropped my brother at the mosque and went grocery shopping. Later, we got home and I had a nap.

Then, we watched a movie called 'The Passion Of The Christ', which was playing on TV, probably cause it's Easter. I was pretty interested in the movie because I was learning about Jesus and Christianity.

Right now, I am gonna finish this and then start watching some cricket with my family. God, today's match is between Australia and India. I REALLY HOPE AUSTRALIA WINS!!! It starts pretty late here (12am) but my family is gonna watch anyway!

So yeah, that's all I did today.

And again, thanks for the 1k followers!




Hey, folks!

So today was the first day of the holidays! Term 1 of school finished. We have 2 weeks off school. Phew! A break...

Today, my family and I cleaned up the house because some guests were coming over. But my brother wasn't home because he had to go over to his friend's house to complete their group project so I had to do his chores... That's how the morning finished!

In the afternoon, I sat down and watched some TV. I played Colour Switch (a phone game) while watching TV and I bet my high score in the game and made 31, which is my new 'personal best', pretty happy though.

Later, I decided to bake a cake. Yes, my first cake. It tasted pretty good though. But it was a mug cake. If you don't know what a mug cake is, you are lucky I'm here! Lol. A mug cake is a cake that is pretty small but you bake it in a mug or a jug. I literally broke the cake into pieces trying to get it out of the mug.

That's how today finished! I'm so excited for this holiday, I want to go to so many places in these two weeks!

Kay, guys. Bye for now!



Hi, guys!

I know I haven't posted for a few days. I was really busy with my exams and school stuff.

Anyways, on Monday, my school celebrated Harmony Day and National Day Of Action Against Bullying. It was pretty fun. As it is going to be the Olympics this year, each class was supposed to set up a stall about one of the countries playing in the olympics. My class did China. We got a lot of crockeries from China and other stuff too. I wore a chinese costume but soon changed into my Harmony Day clothes after the stall. The school spent 1h30mins playing some sports before school finished.

It was pretty fun!



Hey, guys! Okay, as I said, I'll be doing a few posts on my friends cause I want you to know me. :D Hafeezah is one of my closest friends. I've known her from Grade 2! Me and Haf went through a lot of stuff, trust me. We went through so many ups and downs but... Well, after all, best friends are best friends. Even when we quarrel and we stop talking to each other, a part of us will be like "I miss her". #notgay Haf has always been that friend to look up to when I'm really upset or confused, no, literally. When I'm confused in class, she helps me. But I'm not the dumb friend though. Lol. I help her as well. She always there when I need something, that means that she gives me pens when I lose mine. She's really Islamic and that's what I love about her! Anyways, I think thats all.

Bye! See you in the next post!



Hey, cupcakes! So this is my first post! Whoa. I'm really excited to start a blog. I had an old blog in WordPress but it was for a school assignment. So I'm not going to continue on that one.

So I decided to post my first blog about me. I am Maryum Rahman. I was born in a country you may not know called "Bangladesh". When I was 6, I moved to Australia. I live in Australia now and I love it here! I am 13 y/o right now. I was born on 4th June. (Wish me on my birthday!) In my family, I have my two parents and my older brother. I am going to have a new sibling around May this year! :)

I wil do a couple of different posts on my friends as I have to explain about them and what they mean to me. I am in Grade 8 this year. One of my favourite things that I love to do is annoy people. If you know me well, you will always hear me say 'Hey, let's go annoy someone'... I know its a bit weird but, hey, I like it. I love taking pictures, fishing, being stupid... *AWKWARD* and reading. I can finish any book you give me any one day (only if it isnt a Maths book) My favourite colour is Teal, Red and Blaaaack (and again, I hit weirdness pretty hard, lel) I think that I am a r weird person but I'm also one of those people who want to see each corner of the world no matter where it is, I want to help each and every person in this world who are in need. Anyways, my favourite animal is... I dont know, I dont have one. I love all kinds of different animals. I come from a family who love cricket (part of the South Asian culture) so I grew up to love it too!

Okay, I think you are really getting bored :/ I mean, I am pretty boring if you say.

So yeah! Thanks for reading through my weird blog. I hope it made you smile, if it didnt, well I think I reached my goal. Lol.