Last Sunday I went to Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. Hortus is like a garden with several greenhouses fulfilled with beautiful plants, trees and little insects. Hortus also has a nice restaurant where you can have a nice lunch and enjoy the tropical surrounding. It has a few greenhouses where you can find all kind of exotics plants. My photographer and I got some great shots! Luckily it was a nice and sunny Sunday, so the lighting was perfect! Normally I have not that much interest in nature or the environment, but this place was totally different and out of my box. You’ll see plants you would never encounter normally on the streets of Amsterdam or even in Holland. I definitely recommend you to visit this place, if you want to do something extraordinary.

This greenhouse was filled with butterflies and it was really hot!!

Taking some pictures! hihi


Jumper: Good people

Jeans: Gabba

Sneakers: New Balance

watch: Timex

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Last Sunday, I went to the Foodhallen of Amsterdam.

A lot of my friends suggested me to go there, so I decided to take look! 

The Foodhallen was not too crowded and had a nice urban vibe

The food looked amazing! They had all kind of food, Asian, American, Mexican, Dutch and more...

I was craving all day for a good cheeseburger and the one that I had, was bloody delicious! The burger was just so good! The patty was perfectly medium raw and the roll was tastefully shiny on top. After this burger, I was totally satisfied!


Turtle neck: Sevendials

Jeans: Gabba

Shoes: Nubikk

Shades: Rayban

Watch: Komono


Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam



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