Being born and growing up in Santiago was great. I am very proud of my heritage and I love Santiago. When I was there I used to slag it off a lot, but I think many of us do whilst we are in our hometown for too long and haven't seen the world yet.

Moving to Europe has been a crazy adventure, specially moving to Scandinavia, because the culture, the climate and everything is very different. There are many things I love about being here and others that I still can't say I'm very fond of, but that's normal. We are raised in an specific way by our family and our surroundings while we are shaping our personality, and our values are influenced by the culture, society and time you are being part of.

So yeah, it has been a shock in some ways but it's been fun.

To start with, the language. Swedish is crazily different to Spanish, and lucky for me, I was already an English speaking person before I arrived, so I can say that it made things easier for me because most people speaks English in this country, but I can imagine the struggle that it is for people that doesn't speak any other language than their mother tongue and I feel that's very brave. To feel comfortable in a new place you need to be able to communicate. Making friends and surround yourself with nice people is a key to start getting used to your new home. I've always felt that it's hard to "be yourself" speaking in another language. The way you joke, the way you verbalise your thoughts, everything it's way more complicated. Like I've said a couple of times to my friends "I am way smarter and funnier in Spanish" haha and I indeed think it's true.

I always get asked how is to live abroad and how easy is to find jobs, etc. Well, you could start by just speaking english quite fluently, but if you live in a non english speaking country, at some point, you MUST learn the language of the place you are in. Better sooner than later. The other thing is that if you don't have a strong university degree you probably will struggle to find jobs and will end up doing something totally unrelated to what you studied or what you expected to be doing. At least for a while until you get contacts, you learn the language and probably take a course or too, but usually natives of the country will get the jobs that you want before you, even if you are technically more qualified (sad but true).

That said, once you get a job (specially if full time) you will probably have the chance to have a good quality life. I've travelled, I've bought quite a bit stuff for myself and now I live alone in an apartment in town at the age of almost 24. So yeah, the fulltime job gives you the chance to do so! At least in Sweden.

A good thing in Sweden for instance is that the healthcare and the education system are great. You can study for free once you get a permanent residency permit or if you are an EU citizen. If you are from further away it's quite expensive though. Other thing that is good is how safe the country is. I never felt scared or uncomfortable walking alone, not even at night. The crime rate feels so low compared to Latin-america and that makes me happy being the sort of person that acts respecting law and other people's rights. If you lose something, you usually find it, even your wallet and your phone, a big YES to Swedish honesty.

As a woman, I'm living in a feminist minded society and I love that. I love how I am not looked over the shoulder by being a girl. I love how I can decide on my body, my sexuality and my career path regardless of my genre. I love how men have to take equal responsibility over the kids, I like how earning more than your partner is completely fine without people judging his manhood, I love how abortion is a choice, how the church don't get involved in stuff that doesn't have to do anything with them, I like how a woman can decide to not have children or get married if she doesn't want to and I love how cat call in so unusual here. I like the respect you get as a female, I love it!

Going to other general matters, one thing that it's always important to consider is that getting residency permits or "visas" is quite hard in most EU countries. You must have a stable partner (and show proof that the relationship is legitimate), you have to have family related to the country (like if your grandma was french and stuff and you have to do all the paperwork to get french nationality, etc) or if you apply for a job internationally and you get placed abroad. As a student you usually cannot stay after your course is finished. Even if you get certain jobs. I've seen so many people struggling with staying in the country afterwards and to be honest, if you start a life somewhere is such a task having to go back home after a couple of years I suppose (but the experience makes it worth it anyways)

Now I'm personally on a stage where I miss home a lot. Don't get me wrong, I like living in Sweden indeed, but there are smells, places, sensations, people and feelings that you just inevitably are going to miss. It's highly likely that I'll visit soon (not gonna say more because you shouldn't talk about projects before you build them up properly) and I'm quite worried about how it's going to feel. I haven't been home in almost 4 years and I know things have changed there and the people I know maybe won't be the people I knew. I have changed too in many ways and the experience to fight life abroad has opened my eyes a lot. I am incredibly grateful for the experience and the tests I have gone through. I feel proud of myself and of my family, because to leave home you have to be brave. You are going to struggle sometimes but you also going to be very happy to have the chance to do all these new things you never thought you would.

I think everyone should go out of their comfort zones and travel, learn, open up to different cultures, meet different people. All the learning is extremely rewarding in the end.

Now I'm looking forward to drink some terremotos, to go walking around Barrio Bellas Artes and taking a coffee with a friend, to go dancing in Bellavista, to sit in a park with my friends, drinking a can of beer and laying on the grass laughing, to go for a weekend to Valparaiso and take a walk in Cerro Alegre and drinking wine in the stairs on a warm night, to visit the museums, to swim in the Pacific ocean again, to hug my friends and catch up about everything that has happened in between, to do some photoshoots, to get tattooed with some of my talented friends and specially to get to smooch my dad's face and cook together while we listen to Ismael Serrano and sing The Smiths in the car. Oh! and have a massive box of Papas Supremas in Taco Bell with a crazy amount of cheese. Call me lame, but I am emotional person and all these sensations just give me incredible happiness. Looking forward to this and to build so many new memories both here and back home.


Umeå, Sweden. ^

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I said I would try to write often and stuff, but of course, I stopped. I actually enjoy blogging but many things happened since the last time I posted and now and I finally got a bit more time and the mindset to keep this updated I suppose.

I must say I'm quite surprised about the amounts of visits my posts have had and I'm kinda glad for it, I like to say things and it's nice to know that some people might be interested in reading it, even if this blog is pure leisure for me and I'm not expecting to get too serious about it.

Well, I been re-decorating my apartment and I'm very pleased, it's nearly done and I expect to be completely finished with all the small details by the end of the month. I turned my very young looking apartment into something more classy and adult. As it's known I love black so I added a bunch of it into my home, plus gold and white. I think it looks way more mature now and I'm digging it. I also been shooting a few times with my friend Matthew and we've got cool shots so I'll be sharing sometime soon.

Ah! and I went to Berlin with my sister for my friend Donna's wedding! It was all super cute and we had a blast there. I am amazed by how cool Berlin is as a city, I feel I could 100/100 live there in the future, it has everything you want from a big city (if you are into crowded and busy cities of course). We met a bunch of people from USA there and they are just great (if you guys read this we luv ya!).

Now I am back to work and looking forward to the warmer weather. Here in the north of Sweden it takes ages for the snow to go away, so yeah, it's kind of not spring here yet at all (kill me please). I'm really in the mood to take the summer clothes out of the closet and show more skin (plus I plan to get tattooed soon and hopefully finish my right arm sleeve that I been so badly wishing for).

I am not a big fan of carrying stuff around so of course, layering is amazing and you can create cool outfits, but putting on and taking off garments is such a task for me. Plus I want to wear my summer shoes without being scared of sliding in the ice and tragically and embarrassingly die in public in a very pathetic way.

I'm mixing a lot of topics in this post but well I had to update haha!

M x



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Make up is fun and everything, but being honest, eventually, it does damage your skin with time. But of course, this is not the only factor that affects it, because stress, dehydration, lack of sleep and bad eating habits have a massive influence in your skin health too.

It's very important to know your own skin and take care of it according to it's particularities. My skin is "Combination type", so I basically have both dry and oily zones. Check out this website in case you are not quite sure about yours: Skin Type.

I recently have been thinking about start being more responsible with my health in general, so I bought a few products to keep my skin soft, moisturised and acne-free (partially, because hormones do their devilish tricks sometimes anyways).

I have some products that I've always trusted but I couldn't find in Sweden, so I start searching for a method to get them online and that's how I found out about iHerb. iHerb is an american website where your can find tons of beauty and healthcare products at very good prices, from creams, to vitamins and even healthy food. The shipping was very fast and I didn't have to pay for custom charges. You pay a small shipping fee but it's totally worth it considering all the pro's of this company.

While living in Chile I used to steal the St. Ives Apricot Scrub off my mum. I think this product is brilliant to get rid of the dead skin and imperfections appearing in your face, jaw line and chest. The scrub is quite rough so if your skin is too sensitive I wouldn't recommend it because the texture is similar to sand, so it's quite a strong method to exfoliate your skin, but if you can manage with it it's great.

Something that has always bugged me it's the fact that I have dark circles under my eyes. I don't know if my "night person" trait has a lot to do with it but I have a hard time sleeping early, so I can't really make it 8 hours per night. So apart of trying to be more responsible with my sleeping patterns, I also have invested in a few eye creams and oils that apparently will help me combat this issue.

I ordered the Eye Gelee by Reviva Labs, it helps reduce the look of puffiness, fight dryness and lines under eyes. I haven't tried this product yet because I got my order today on the post but I will try it tomorrow morning after taking a shower and before putting any make up on. I also bought in the pharmacy, a Swedish product called Intensive Moisture Eye Cream by L300. I put it on every night before going to bed.

For my whole face and neck I bought the Eucerin pH5 skin-Protection cream. I love the texture, it's not oily and smells lovely. It instantly makes my skin become soft and illuminated and it's a perfect balanced moisturiser. I think this product works for any type of skin and it's just amazing.

I am not a big fan of youtubers, but there's a few girls that I look up sometimes who have actually quite interesting routines and seem very clever and not annoying to watch and listen to. One of them mentioned that she is recently using collagen cream. So I wanted to try it too and ordered the Mason's Collagen Beauty Cream; it supplies elasticity to the skin which makes it firm and youthful looking


To cleanse my skin, I purchased the Madre Labs' Witch Hazel toner. This is an alcohol-free product with rose petal aroma and has aloe vera as one of the ingredients. It's great after removing make up and washing your face. It leaves a lovely smell in your skin and it feels very fresh. The bottle is quite big so it last for a long time.

Facial masks are also a great addition to your skincare routine. I usually do it once or twice a week to keep my face clean and combat the appearance of pores. I try to use different kinds of facial mask for different purposes. Now I've received the Queen Helene's Mint Julep masque. This product is lovely, it absorbs the excess of oil, extracts impurities and keep your skin smooth. It does smell like real mint leaves and lime. Definitely recommended.

I hope these tips can help some of you dealing with dermatological issues, let me know about your favourites!

Martina x



I always prefer to separate two concepts; there is FASHION and there is STYLE.

Oh well, what's the difference between them? Fashion is defined as something that is repetitive in an specific time and/or place and it's considered as "accepted". Style is defined as an specific and characteristic behaviour or taste by an individual or group.

That said, I can tell you that no matter what is "in" at the moment, it's always good to be true to yourself and true to what you like. At the end of the day, getting dress is more than being frivolous, because it's a way to communicate, express yourself and it's also a physic image of how you want others to perceive you, but to find your own style can be quite a task.

We could start talking about the pressure of people surrounding you, because sometimes we might feel that we have to fit in or we need to look "cool" or "pretty" for society's standards. But this can quite easily give you a feeling of stress thinking about that you have to be in touch with and what the next trend is going to be, all the time, and that's expensive as well (because yeah, I love fashion but it's quite a f*cked up industry sometimes).

So my recommendations are:

1.- Think about what you really like, not what your friends or other people like, what YOU like.

2.-Get inspired. Books, movies, music, Instagram, other people with interesting looks, etc. There are many sources for creativity and remember, everything you see, experience or make you feel something is what makes you who you are, so take advantage of this beautiful fact and just show it off! Read blogs, look at art, creativity is everywhere and you have your own to play with!

3.-Don't follow every single trend every season religiously. There's a difference in being a fashion lover and a fashion victim. Being the victim becomes pricey and also makes you lose your own essence, because you are always trying to be something new.

4.-It's okay to be/look different. There's always going to be someone picking on you for something in life. Annoying but we all know it's true. But if we all looked the same wouldn't that be a bit boring and uniformed? I believe so.

5.-Very important: LOVE AND ACCEPT YOUR BODY. Love your skin, your features, be positive about yourself. I believe beauty is skin deep and if you show self-confidence, love and respect for yourself, others will see that beauty in you too. Don't let any magazines, catwalks, media or mean people at work or school bully you for how your body looks like, just don't care about it. The main thing is to take care of yourself and keep healthy, because feeling good is about treating yourself with love, 24/7. Don't compare yourself with other people all the time, you are unique and that's wonderful.

A few sites I like to get inspired on is Polyvore, Lookbook, The Sartorialist, Trendland and Dazed. But remember, don't copy exactly everything you see, take ideas and make something more your own kind of thing. Find patterns you like, find colours you feel comfortable in(apart from black which we all abuse of), shapes that suit you and just play around with everything.

M xx



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Alright, I've been thinking about giving some tips about fashion, because many friends usually ask me where I buy things, or how they should combine garments to not look "too much", etc.

I believe that to build up a closet you need to start with 10 things. Those 10 things will give you a lot of freedom to play around with other garments and accessories that you probably won't wear as often, this goes regardless your personal style, that's why they are called basics, because they are like a canvas to make art on, kind of.

Anddd I'm going to start with my personal recent purchase:

1.- WHITE CLASSIC SHIRT: Yes! a shirt. When I used to be a teenager I thought that was kind of an office middle age woman thing to wear but NO! you can rock many cool outfits with this essential. I bought one from Bik Bok last week; it's quite manly and oversized, kind of looks like a mini dress and I think that's amazing, because I can combine it with a pair of over-knee black boots, some non visible shorts underneath, a big shoulder bag and even a hat/scarf with some pattern or colour in it. You can even add a denim/leather jacket and trainers for a more casual look.

2.- THE FAMOUS LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Great for job interviews, going out for lunch with a friend, party, dates, etc. It doesn't have to be a classic Givenchy Breakfast at Tiffany's sort of dress; as long as it's black, not overly revealing, and knee length it works. In my opinion black is always going to be the new black, and you can combine it with any colour or pattern and it works, so a big yay! for this closet essential. Try to find a dress that fits your figure right. It doesn't have to be overly simple, I personally have a bodycon round neck with back cleavage and long sleeves.

3.-STRIPED/POLKA DOT SHIRT: Yeah, these definitely had a big come back and it looks great with jeans, dungarees, a skirt and even combining it with the right prints or bright colours. I always prefer the classic black and white or navy blue, because they are more versatile to combine. (Too obvious that I love Alexa Chung?)

4.- BLACK BLAZER: This is crazily handy, specially if you want to smarten up a look. I prefer long-line ones that go under the bum and don't have too much curve. I found this one in Missguided that I am probably going to invest in.

5.- LEOPARD PRINT ACCESSORIES: It can be a scarf, a pair of shoes, sunglasses or a bag. This fantastic print has been coming and going, but it always works putting some spice in casual and basic looks.

6.- PERFECT FITTING PAIR OF BLUE JEANS: This must sound like a very hard task (and it usually is, because all brands are very different in size and shape) but this is a key garment in your wardrobe, not much reasons needed because it's obvious, but the important thing is to choose a pair that fits you perfectly (considering the shape of your body, length, etc). I still have a hard time with jeans, but I prefer high waist, slim fit or skinny depending of the shoe I'm wearing. Recently I fell in love with these ones at Nasty Gal.

7.- LACE OR STRAPPY BRALETTE: I know this is more like a trend right now, but I think it's a little bit of a "style life saviour". Apart from being crazily comfortable compared to the push-up bras (recently I've heard they actually can be a factor of breast cancer), they are ideal to wear underneath see-through garments, loose oversized shirts and sweaters, because if it shows a little bit it doesn't look tacky and it's elegantly sensual.

8.- BLACK MATTE TIGHTS: The dress looks too short? Got you covered. It's a bit cold outside today, but you really want to wear that skirt or shorts? Got you covered. What else can be said?

9.- GREY OVERSIZED WARM GARMENT: A sweater, sweatshirt or a coat works perfectly. I think it just looks great to layer up your outfit once the weather starts getting chilly. We make the mistake sometime of wearing just black the whole A/W season, but sometimes it's nice to brighten up your look a bit.

And last but not less important

10.- PAIR OF POINTY BLACK HEELS: I know some women prefer round front, but a tip I've leaned recently is that pointy heels make your legs look longer and slim, plus you can wear them with jeans, leggings, dresses and skirts with no problems. I went to a conference during the fashion week, and two experts said that the perfect height of the heel to not be uncomfortable but high enough to be noticeable must be 7,5 cm, any more than that I recommend front platform to level your toes and your heel to not be wanting to die after a day wearing them.

And there you have it, my top ten garment tips to gather in your closet. I hope this help some of you guys to start into the venture of style and make easier for you to decide what to wear day to day. Next post I'll be talking about defining your personal style and what it's the role of fashion as an individual, which is essentially a way of expression and communication about your own persona.

M x



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I discovered this TV show I think last year during the summer. I've always been a big fan of witchcraft related stuff since I was a kid, specially after watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the cinema with my class and I wanted to be Harry pretty much.

Historically, witchcraft is been present a lot in every culture, in the shape of shamans, druids, healers and "witches" themselves. I find it very interesting that something that now a days is kind of considered as fantasy had an actually serious place in old civilisations and people was scared so much of it, that they actually decided to burn everyone that had a minimal sign of supernatural power.

That said, I think this TV show is great. It has a lot of historical elements as the colonisation of North America, the war between the French and the English to keep the land and also the genocide of native american people. Plus, as it's known, Salem is supposed to be historically a particular place for magic and obscure arts. Of course the TV show has a lot of fantasy, and it's american, so it gets cheesy sometimes, but I think it traps your attention quite well, the art direction is wonderful and very dark, the costumes are beautiful and the actors are quite attractive (cof cof) They have Marilyn Manson in the last season!

I don't recommend to watch it with kids because it's quite gory at times, but the story is interesting and you are in a constant battle of liking and disliking characters, which is great in a TV show because it doesn't kind of force you to want an specific "team" to win.

I watch it online, there are plenty of streams for it, both in english and subtitled (yeah I am an internet rebel, streaming stuff everywhere, I refuse to pay cable TV because most of it is crap).

Check it out if you are into more darky-scary stuff, maybe if you are the "MTV Tv Show" kind of person it's not for you. But I love it! <3

M x

One of the things I love the most about this program is the costumes by Joseph A. Porro

You can look more of his work for the series here:



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Today I woke up pretty late compared to the usual, no big plan was made but me and David decided to go to our favourite second hand shop in Umeå, specially for home-ware and all the random stuff you can find there.

I found a book about The Smiths for 5kr! whooot! Yeah, like half an euro and it's in English, crazy. Plus we needed a frame for the picture we bought in Florence, a Birth of Venus poster that we were craving on our wall. But typically when we go there we see loads of other stuff we like and it's perfect for students, because things are good quality and cheap, you can find anything, from video games to sofas and kitchen tools.

Then headed back home and I made a Tikka Masala curry with chicken, beans and vegetables. I love indian food, and it's funny because in Chile is not so popular so it's one of the things that being in a relationship with a british person teaches you haha. I usually drink beer or drinks that match the food, so we bought a thai beer called Leo, perfect to have with spicy asian food.

I didn't really have anything particulary exciting to write about but I'm pretty chuffed about the finds of today haha and I don't want to keep having massive gaps between posts :)

M x



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No sun. Yes, winter time in Sweden, specially up north is always very dark, so when the sun is out we have to make the most out of it and I did! So I played with the shadow of the palm I got in my window to take a picture.

Lately I've been off for a couple of days and me and my friend Tam enjoyed black Friday together, first having a little make up lesson at my place and she cooked a lovely Vietnamese dish with rice noodles and kimchi soup! Then we headed out. I got some good quality pencils from Faber Castell (that are usually very pricey) and a few garments that I fell in love with.

I'm trying to get into university again next autumn period, so I'm preparing all my school papers, university papers from Chile, have to do an English level test and finish the Swedish as Second Language course. Plus I also have to make a portfolio in order to apply for the course (that's why I bought pencils).

I studied Fashion and Textile design and I want to do the same now, hopefully in Borås University. The school is very prestigious and I feel that this course is more focused in the areas of fashion design that I am personally most interested in, differing from the course I did in Chile.

I am very excited and a bit anxious about studying again and also applying for a course and not getting in! But I'll hope for the best and work hard in my application because it's time for me to start doing and working in what I enjoy the most.

My mum gave me one of her sewing machines yesterday and she will give me a mannequin as well. I am very excited to start creating things again so I ordered a few sewing and pattern making rules, some threads, elastics and stuff to warm up my hands again before I start school.

I recommend watching the British Vogue documentaries hosted by Alexa Chung, in which she goes around London and New York talking to people who works in the fashion industry, from students, magazines, bloggers, PR specialists, fashion lawyers (yes! this career does exist!) and a few others. I think is very inspiring and opens your eyes about the different focus and career paths you can take within fashion and style. You can find the videos on Youtube and they are quite extensive, so it's not just a vague glimpse of information, but they show a lot of different things and professionals that will give you tips and also ideas!

Martina B xx



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I recently started being really into make-up, I mean, I have always been but now I actually have invested more in better brands and more specific products.

To be fair, many cheaper brands are actually alright. I don't know if you have tried H&M cosmetics, but I think they are ok. The only one I am not a big fan of is their foundation. My skin is "normal" so in some areas gets dry and others are a little bit more oily (the T zone as they call it), but one thing I personally don't enjoy is to feel my skin sticky (I have mentioned this before regarding lipsticks) and therefore I always prefer powder products, because otherwise I look shiny and I really dislike the greasy feeling, so all my advice depends of the kind of skin you have, etc.

When I do my make-up I usually start with my brows, and for that I use the pencil "Brow Wow" in Medium-Dark by Barry M. Cosmetics (middle picture on top). I bought if from Asos and I really like it, the colouring part of the pen needs to be re-sharpened quite often, but the finish is very good and it comes with a brush on the other extreme of the pencil to blur it out, so it doesn't look like you have drawn your brows with a Sharpie (be very careful, that's a crime).

"The Nudes" Maybelline eye palette (picture down in the middle) is great and it's very affordable. The colours are perfectly suitable with each other and the pigment is quite good, doesn't take too many layers to get it noticeable. I like to do brows and eyes first before doing the rest because usually when you use eye-shadow you drop pigments in your cheeks, so if you did foundation and contouring then it can get quite messy, but if you leave it for later is easier to clean up your bare skin and don't make a waste of effort. There are plenty of ways to do eye-shadow, so I prefer to recommend you to watch some tutorial on Youtube, because I am not quite an expert anyways, I'm just sharing my personal experience with some stuff I've tried.

After eye-shadow I usually like to line my eyes and for that I have both H&M's "Dipliner Ink" and also the "Precision Eye Maker", the first one is liquid and the second is like an ink pen, so it all depends of what is more comfortable and easier to use for yourself, but I have both because I think they have different finish so I vary depending of the kind of make-up I'm doing. Finally after that I curl my eye lashes and I use "Roller Lash" mascara by Benefit Cosmetics or "Lash Sensational" by Maybelline.

After all the eye thingy, I apply "The Pore Professional" by Benefit Cosmetics (picture up-right). I LOVE IT! I use it on my nose, under the eyes and cheeks. It gives the skin a very soft feeling and it's perfect as a primer before applying foundation.

I purchased for the first time Lush Cosmetics foundation not so long ago. It's a small package of 20g, but you are supposed to mix it with your favourite facial moisturiser (I use one oil free with matte finish). I usually blend both products with a cotton stick and then use the same stick to apply in my face, but then I also use a brush to spread everything uniformly (I will attach a link to identify which kind of brush is for what below this post). I think this product is very good and stays long, plus it's content is more natural than the usual cosmetics.

Then I use "Studio Fix" powder by MAC Cosmetics with a powder brush in all my face (apart from eyes of course).

In the big picture you can see the "Highlight & Contour Pro Palette" by Nyx Cosmetics. It's in a powder version, but I think they have something similar in cream in case you have dry skin. I like it a lot, I think for my skin works perfectly and I can skip any bronzer because the tones of this palette are quite brown-ish and warm. It even includes 4 different highlighters, but I prefer to use "Luna" cream highlighter by MAC (picture bellow-right) and then apply H&M "Champagne Spark" powder on top of the creamy highlighter so it doesn't look "sweaty".

After that it's just lipstick or lip tint and that's up to own taste and colour relation with what I'm wearing, but I usually tend to wear matte lipsticks in red or pink colours, and very occasionally a brown Nyx lipstick or a dark wine/purple colour, also by Nyx.

I recommend you to check this guidelines so it makes more sense depending on your own facial features and also the product you are using:

Make up brushes: BRUSHES

Eye-shadow Styles: EYE SHADOW

Contouring according face shape: CONTOUR

I hope this post helps someone that is starting to get into the make-up thing or want to know about some reviews before buying a product! If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below on this post and I will answer as soon as possible!

Martina x



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I am a massive music lover. I think everyone says that, but I can say I like many different sorts of music (some are quite embarrassing but I bet everyone has that). My story with music is quite funny actually, because I come from latinamerica so there's a lot of cheesy crappy romantic bands that every 10 year-old liked at some point (like Belanova and Julieta Venegas at least). But luckily I built up my taste quite well, going for many phases of taste (I was an emo in my early teenage years, so Saosin, Funeral for a Friend, Alexisonfire and several others are included in this story).

I think the first time I started liking a "good" band (in my opinion of course) was when I was around 11 and a song by blink-182 came up on the radio. I was mental about it, if I remember well it was "I miss you" which I still love. That was the first door into "pop punk" or "punk rock" stuff like they are supposed to be called but I find it kind of hard to categorise music because I think many genres influences each other so I think I am very bad at telling some differences between some of them.

One thing I must say is that I am not a big fan of the typical radio music (apart from Rihanna and some of Drake songs, who I am not ashamed of liking them anymore because cool people I know like them too). Here in Sweden there's a girl called Zara Larsson that people like a lot, and that's exactly the sort of pop music I don't like at all, unless I had a few to drink so I dance to it in some pub with bad taste music, which is common here in Umeå by the way haha!

My mum is totally an 80's woman. During her teenage years she lived the fever of big hair, curly fringe, neon colours and high line bikini bottoms haha! So David Bowie, The Cure, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, etc. was a typical thing to play in our home during my childhood, apart from the latinamerican salsa of course, that's a must if you have a latina mum haha!

When I changed school I went for the first time to a school when primary and secondary students were in the same building, and I met older people that I liked a lot and of course, influenced my music taste somehow. I met a guy who played in a emo band, a guy that liked hardcore and also other kids that liked bands like Millencolin and NoFx. So yeah, I went through that emoish-hardcorish stage, but always keep it dark, never fell into the "scene kid" style, I never liked it, I thought it was a bit tacky.

I also discovered "MySpace" and started following those famous MySpace kids like Audrey Kitching, Jeffree Star and so on, and if any of you ever had a MySpace profile you might remember that you could attach a gadget with a mini music player in your page, so I found many new bands this way, creeping into some internet celebrities (and I also happened to find my bf's band back in the day that was a metal/deathcore sort of band haha that's how we actually met, but once again, that is another story).

Then I went on a phase of getting tired of the loud screamy-like music and started discovering a lot of 80's bands and that's when I feel in love with punk and post-punk bands like Joy Division, Buzzcocks, The Fall, Siouxsie and The Banshees, etc. Plus my older brother was a punk back in the 90's so lot of these bands I actually discovered when I was very little (he loved The Clash, TC Matic, The Cramps, Public Image Ltd, etc). I actually combined these genres with the new-born hipster generation growing in Santiago around 2008-2010 and I started liking a lot of indie rock/pop bands and electronic indie music. I can't really put in category all of this because as I said, I have a hard time knowing what sort of music each thing is, I just like them and that's it.

In 2010 I moved with my dad and then he showed me many bands and artists that he likes that now I love! A few of them are Bauhaus (80s goth/new-wavy band), Elton John, Beatles, The Smiths ( we used to play CDs in the car and sing along all the songs haha) and also some artists in Spanish like Ismael Serrano and Serrat. I have very fond memories of this and it's lovely to have music that you share with your parents and brings you back to nice times you spent with them.

I have to mention the big amount of gay friends I have, so yeah, my ears were abused by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé many ocassions, but also by bands like Hercules and Love Affair, The Knife, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Of Montreal and Metronomy. I had so much fun going out in Santiago with my beloved friends, there were specific venues like Bar Loreto, Mala Vida (that actually has a name that fits the place perfectly), Blondie and Teatro Caupolican, I don't really remember the name of many of the places we used to go, but I remember that at least the music they played was way better than many of the clubs I've been in Sweden haha, just to mention that a few months ago my sister, my friend Pocky and I went to a club and they were playing Jeniffer Lopez and 50cent! IN 2016! Whooooot!? Such a shame.

If you actually go in my Spotify profile you will see how broad my taste is haha so I have like thousands of different artists and albums and playlist and and and everything.

I have a few playlists public if you want to discover some new things or remember the forgotten ones! I usually get compliments for my music taste and that feels nice, so check if you please and enjoy some undiscovered material!

Blessings x