Folks/people be like you will not leave this bluffing buisness martu! Lol ! I
Dont really understand . Whenever i fixed My Hair or wear clothes/dresses(the one liberian man can Called kill blad) that's the time people will say i am bluffing! For real tho , people Are insane!! 

The fact that i am pergnant does not means i am sick! I wont keep Myself anyhow because i am pergnant!

I give thanks to God daily because i am happy and Healthy!
I am still me , i am still Pretty or should is say more prettier in My pergnancy? I have strength and i still have My beloved hubby Paps and loving friends and family! ( My mom is My bubby ) ! The only thing that is different at this moment Is that i am carry a prince in belly which i am very happy for and is endlesly thanking God!

I have No reason to act careless with Myself ! I feel that  now is the Malin time for me to look good and strong for My baby and i because i am the only one representing the Both of us!

So No !!  I Will not stop bluffing at all! I need to shine bright like a Diamond! This is an awesome moment of My life !
IT is the best times of My life because i am carry a treasure ,a Prince ,My first heartbeat and My world that i cant wait to see by God's grace!

IT better yall join the others and be calling me Pretty Prego or sexy Prego instead of worring about what i wont stop doing !

No one should loyal me (in jenifa voice) hahahah lol
IF you get ears make you hearing me! I've Said hahahah ! Looking good is a business !

Not to forgot My little Sis Issata just did My Hair and i Love IT ! She Love me oo but she Love the belly more that is why she keep taking good care of me! I've Love her too Hahaha jenifa has spoiled me. Hahahaha

Anyway IT almost 05:30 am so i have to try and force Myself to sleep before i get hangover hahahah Goodnight !

Lady diva Will always be lady diva !



ITs like My Hair is very angry with me and those that fix IT (Paps and Issata) because we keep telling IT How short IT is and HOw IT is taking ages to Grow !

So now it is about to prove us wrong Cause IT has grew over night! I Love IT so Much !
My Hair My first Love ! I am happy because My Hair is growing fast ,long and IT is very healthy!

For those of you that have been asking about the products i use on My Hair , i am sorry to surprise you all cause i do not use Anything ! I usually wash it with original shampoo ,soap or Anything that is available in the in bathroom for hair and later braid or weave it ! Paps wanted me to do the natural treatment that Others usaully use by mixing all sort of things and makibg sure to wash the Hair twice every week but My lazyness wouldnt allow to !
I am too busy and lazy for that shit ! Aint nobody get time for that and besides i do not like to wash My Hair offen!

So now that it has decided to Grow wildly it is doing it on it's own or Maybe IT SI the baby in my belly that is giving me a long Hair :) either ways, i am still the lucky one Who i has the long Hair so i am happy !
Now IT is Time braid My Hair again ! My biggest fear at moment is that i do not want to sit down for long because My back hurts so i should be doing something simple this time !

See yall later when i am Done with My Hair !

From december 2015 till now ! 



What people Dont understand they crititize ,what they understand they destory. That is why you must not let them understand you !

I See few jobbless people Who find pleasure in crititizing My wonderful and beautiful  life, sweet relationship and whatsoever ! Anyway What they Dont Know Will always be older and bigger than them !  I have a Name for them and they Are callled :

They will open every stingy hole on the body and polute the air with a LOT of nonsense ! LoL i am really really tried wasting My energy on such idiots!
Such People Do not really offend me anymore because they do not understand Anything which mean they can not destroy anything Either ! Yall keep poking yall nose to where IT does not belong! You all have not gain Anything so far and Will never gain shit ! All i can promise your is an unhappy life which each and everyone of you is experience now and nothing more!

Let me Said this time ---> yall should always brush your mouth whenever your vomit shit ! Cause the mouth odour is getting alot around here!

Get this noted too ... the more your talk i keep getting fat,cute,sweet,healthy and happy! While i sit in My house and eat every hour people Are out there worrying about me daily! But i do not give a fucking Fuck!
Because i Know
Thoes Who speak against me want to be like me! IT is just so sad that they can not be like me cause Martu is already taking and can not even be photocopy!

Me and My Sweet unborn is Fine and that is the only thing that matters right now !We bless God and leave all the jobbless People with him!

Pretty and pregnant diva!
You Know she Fine when she is heavily pregnant and Pretty! I Love My son because he Love me too !



Oluwi ni blessing

Small boy turn a biggi man!Small boy get his own house (family) Small has his own Car !
Blessing follow this small boy oo oo oh!

See teeth Hahahahaha God i am dying with laughter ! Paps just made My day lol
I saw this picture and laugh then Said to Myself !
(IF little Paps look like his father i Will kiss him a million times in a day) because My baby was so so cute and he looked so happy when he was little! How adoreable !

Hahahaha but🤔🤔🤔i wonder where did the rabbit ear Go lol
I Love and I am missing My boo !



When Bae just sit and write what is in his mind and How he feel! I 'll love him forever ! He have My back and this is why i am proud !

I Dont Know what to say but today is just not a day i should be mad at My girl. Sometimes God just send you a gift Of life for you to take care of and you are my gift of life . I cant be in this world for a day without you . NO mata with people say i will always love you. My Love for you! only God can tell or show you. Sometimes i get mad at you and you dont know why i do that. I will tell you this today i dont want NO man in this world to tell me that Matu this or matu that. I want you to be a Woman that NO man can talk shits to. In this life you Will always be My Number one and only Matu !

Text by My Love !!
These Are the things i see that just make me smile and Love him more!

I missed daddy Paps !