My babies Are looking Classic and shit haha!

Paps be like Kanye West is getting out of his Car with his son and paparazzi is taking pics Hahaha yall see My trouble lol this nigga is making him self to feel special he wish he was Kanye west !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol

Anyways yesterday Paps got us a car because the struggle is about to start ! As i stated in My last video i got a job which means i have to stop My Mama ledighet and started working !! Yessss ! I Found it a bit boring sleeping My ass off till 14:00 most days why i can be out there counting hours!

So i made up My mind and decided to work ! I Know it wont be easy beening a Young mother and working at the same but Will try My best , all and everything for My baby (Pamodou Morris Fatty Jr)i need to build mansions for him(Inshalla)

Paps is working in the evening so i had to work in the morning ! The car was needed for them (Mina boys!Papss) to drop me off and pick me up from work !
Yall may probably be thinking that i could take to bus , i would have but i am very bad at catching busses lol i live like 10 second to the bus station but i always missed the buses and perphars that is because i am a African !(we Are noted for not Knowing time! 2. I have to take selfies before i step out Hahah beside Our working place is a bit far from where we live , I finsh at 15:00 and Paps starts at 15:30 ! So getting a Car is one of the easiest way to Lessing Our bruden!!!!

THe is not brand New because it it just for us to get around but it is up to standard and Pretty Much cool for My little family and guess what i choosed it ! I did not had time to take a proper picture of it because i was busy tryin to get Myself a computer yesterday too but i might use My camera to snap some pictures later!

Right now we are at Paps 's mother house cause Paps little sister was straving to see Pap jr so we had to bring him to her ! The good thing about coming here is ....... i do not have to wake  up at night to take care of Paps jr because His Grandma  usually takes Over but the sad part is i Do not hold or play with My baby alot cause his anuty ,uncles and grandma Dont allow me to !

Poor me !! I Am here laying down and My babyboo pap jr is not close to me ! I missed his small feet that his use to kick Mama face i missed his morning smile and i missed him telling me his dreams Hahah he always wake up with a smile and start Talking so concluded that he be telling me his dreams !Yessss

So amma let yalll be for now see ya soon

am about to Go and grab My baby


Lady diva



A couples of months ago when i was pregnant i stated here on My blogg that i was going to start vloging and upploading videos in feb but i could not keep up to My promise because My lil man did not wanted me to vlog at the time he was in My belly! So  he started pulling out some tricks that get me worried and i could not film at all !
First i had countless number of pain in My stomach and i thought i was going to give birth but that was just some of his tricks!
Secondly he delay and passed his due dated !
And because of that i could not sit infront of the camera ! I was stress and worried about when My baby was going to Come out !
Yesss !!! I sincerly apologize!!!

So now that he is her and is so cute ,smart ,and kind its just the perfect time to start!!
I've got most of the equipment that i needed and My film teachers Paps has taught me a lot about filmning ,editing and My camera so i think i am good to Go for now ! Thanks Paps for the Help thats just why i Love you My Big baby!

Anyway i ve got Myself a chanal now yall need check it out ,subscribe, like ,comment and share the videos!

The link is on My instagram page so feel free to hit me up !
My instagram Name is Laddy_diva for some of you that is New on here !

No negative creatures should appear there tho cause i ve got the Holy ghost fire to burn them!
Love you all

Stayblessed laddy_diva
Mamma paps



God i cant believe My eyes! My baby is growing so fast ,sweet ,cute and heathly and give Thanks to God for his goodness upon My little family! Two good months is Gone gosh How time flies! I am a mother to a Big boy na Chey i am feeling Old already 😂😂😂😂😂 lol

I Love My Mr happiness , My look alike, My own nine month, My joy, My cutie pie, My heart beat , My talkative and first Love with every drop of My blood !
i cover his life with the blood of Jesus and pray that he Will live a million years and give cute grandchildren just as cute as he is !
Happy two month My Prince Paps !