Many people, in general, do not have a working knowledge ofwhat an art gallery is and how it operates. Here is an overview of what an artgallery is all about. 

An art galleryessentially “houses” (whether directly or indirectly) art works and othermaterials which have artistic, cultural or historical value, such as relics,ancient manuscripts, archeological artifacts and jewelries. That is, a gallerycan exhibit actual valuable materials for display to those who have thecapacity and intention to purchase them or it may provide assistance, throughits fine arts consultants, toward acquiring art works not yet in theirpossession. Yes, they can even do the hunting for you! Especially of wild birdsyou wish to keep “alive” on your walls. Ordinarily, of course, buyers would notwant to wait and simply go to galleries that house works they can buy onsight. 

Some of the art works are not directly owned by the gallerybut consigned to them by their owners. This means they have been displayed in agallery in the hopes that they will attract buyers instead of being kept athome where they cannot be seen by as many prospective buyers as possible.Consignment is a common practice since it does not involve money upfront eitherby the owner or the gallery, until a buyer pays for a piece of work. In short,everyone is happy when a sell is made, especially the buyer who goes home withthe art work. We can almost say that, artistically and practically, the buyeris the ultimate winner. 

It is precisely for that sense of satisfaction of providingassistance to customers that Hawk fieldGallery Consultants continues to provide quality services to art buyers andcollectors. The list of artists represented in the gallery is provided on thewebsite for reference. Nevertheless, the gallery welcomes others artists andcan appraise their works as well to give them an idea as to the fair marketvalue of their works.   

Those with experience in the gallerybusiness consider evaluating art works as a delicate process not easilyaccomplished as it can be a quite subjective. Hawk field’s fine arts consultantsutilize comparative sales approach by using recent auction sales as basis for pricingart works. Likewise, the gallery also considers the opinion of independentconsultants for appraising art work.   

Hawkfield Gallery offers competitive prices as it has lowoverhead expenses. Through visiting antique shops and art auctions, the gallerygains insight into the quality and value of art works that they have collectedand of those which they hope to acquire from many sources. This assurescustomers that what they see at Hawkfield Gallery are not only a broadrepresentation of classic American art but also of guaranteed high-quality andfair price.