I cannot say I am not happy being a single mom.

That is my choice, my decision. I knew that I am a strong woman that can handle that way of life.

I just wanted a child, my child, without being married to anyone.

I knew that I want to organize alone. I knew that I did not want to wait for anyone, or expect anything from anyone.

It is just me and her right from the start.

Overcoming the obstacles

A few months ago, I experienced severe financial issues. It has never happened to me before. Maybe I just got a little distracted. I haven't calculated all of the expenses. And suddenly, I didn't have enough money to buy a new baby stroller. Considering I am living in a suburb, I needed a better one, a bigger one, and the one that is made of steel. I wanted to buy the one that could keep up with worse conditions on the village road than they are downtown. Of course, I wanted my baby stroller to be eco-friendly and non-toxic as well. But what problems did it bring?

Financial issues

I googled a lot and realized that I do not have enough money to buy a baby stroller my baby girl deserved to have.

Since I don't get help from my parents, about which you will hear more of in some of the next articles, I decided to turn to my friends. It was a bad idea, let me tell you. Every single one of my so called friends, didn't have the amount available for the loan. Then I turned to the bank as the second option as to get the loan that I needed.

Of course, they neglected my application since I wasn't well suited for the credit loan.

So, what was I supposed to do?

In search of different options

So, I started googling how I can get an online loan. And among various options, I found the one online loan website that fit my needs perfectly! I just want to share with you the fact that it shouldn't be a taboo getting an online loan. You shouldn't be scared of internet possibilities! You can be well protected online, don't lose the opportunity just because you are scared or insecure. Online loan that I chose is more of a bank loan than an ordinary loan that you have to payback after a few weeks.

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