Those of you with a keen eye, will see that these photos have been featured before. And with a bunch of new readers, and an assignment coming up next week in school, I thought I'd just to a bit of recycling.

Because this yellow jacket.... Well - I did warn you all about my affinity for outerwear when we first met. My kid has got enough. And more. But this one... this is a lovestory. It was one of those jackets that I knew I didn't need. One of those you touched... Felt... Took of the hanger... Carried around the shop... Put back again. Tried to be strong... And then just ran back to get before someone else grabbed the very last item in that size. And then dragged the creditcard so fast there was no going back.

When it comes to childrensclothes KappAhl is my all time favourite at home here in Norway. I think I would have died a little if they didn't exist. In fact, they did close the nearest shop to my home, and I was heartbroken. (Well - I was pregnant and hormonal at the time as well) I easily travel a bit to pick up clothes from Newbie, and the outerwear from Kaxs, is not only affordable, but at a far better quality than a lot of other "playclothes" I have come across. His raingear from this brand, is the one that is permanently kept in kindergarten. The other, more expensive one, is kept as a back up. Not because we try to "keep the best for special occations". Because quite frankly, it doesn't keep him as warm and dry as the one from Kaxs.

​And right now, you can find a lot of cute things for this years Trick or Treat right here. Enjoy!



​I am so excited about blogging. 

Well - it is actually the photography part of it that I am most excited about. The poor kids of this household is constantly dragged out for shoots. And I am currently planning this years christmascard. Bought props and what not as well. Sought out a location. Outfits for the kids.

But sometimes, the fun has to give way for the obligations in life.

I am a law student. I used to be a student 13 years ago. I didn't do so well. It was mostly random subjects to keep me occupied until I got a job. This time, I am focused. Focused like a laser. And there is a lot of ground to cover as a law student. And I am doing well. I ask intelligent questions, and have so far seemed to give only good legal advice to people (at least that is what my teacher says when I run them by him to double check) It is really fun then, when I feel I have something to bring to the table.

In addition I am a wife, a mother, photographer, teacher, entrepreneur. I need to be there for everyone all the time. And I am starting to feel I am burning my candle at both ends.

Sometimes I reach stages where I think sitting on a stone and just look into oblivion would be awesome... Just for a little while. Until I get my mojo back. 

Today is one of those days... 

So if you just excuse me, I will be temporarily MIA for a few days. 

In the meantime - I have prepared a few posts for you. Old content, new wrapping. Hope all my new readers will enjoy :-)



It is autumn in Oslo. Three weeks ago the sun was still warming up the air. Now it has gotten really cold. And yellow. And red and orange.
I went out to get some food after school. I took a wrong turn and ended up getting lost... I'm glad I did. I discovered a part of Oslo I never knew exsisted. And so I walked... I walked further and further, until I had no sense of where I was or what direction I came from. Thank God for google maps. I kept meaning to turn it on, but got dragged into streets with majestic old appartementblocks.

And then this. A little area with old wooden houses on a hill. In the middle of the city. A little oasis of tranquility, just a few steps from the busy citylife.

It started up as a simple quest for food. And ended up with me falling a little bit in love with a city that I never really had given much consideration before. A city I thought lacked personality. But a city that proves if you get lost, it will show you sides of it that is more than just hustle and bustle, desingershops and big city stress.



Monday morning... It's been a busy weekend. I have covered several days worth of curriculum. Catching up is what I have done. So while throwing on some of schools taped lectures in the backgound, I quickly whipped up a batch of cookiedough, and threw these in the oven. Because what is better reading food than a little bit of cookies and milk? I know a little bit of a sugar rush goes a long way in my book. And cookies are just so easy to make.

I used a recipe I found in Linda Lomelinos book "sweet food & photography" - it is in swedish, but if you live in one of the Nordic countries you can order the book here. I also found a link to a french version here if that tickles your fancy a bit more.

Or if you can't buy the book right now, or you simply fancy baking the cookies immediately you can visit Martha Stewarts webpage and use this recipe which was very similar I found.

​Do you like choclate chip cookies?



When I got pregnant, all I could see were cute little dresses and sweet girls stuff in all the shops. Glancing a look in the boys section, and all I could see were gory cartoonprints. When I found out I was expecting a boy, I felt I really had to dig deep into my creativity to find decent boys clothes. (Oddly enough, seeing as the shops are so full of cartoonprints, a challenge I seem to share with a lot of boys moms these days)
And I have found a few shops that do the absolute BEST boys collections. One of them is Primark. A little hard to get to as I live in Norway... But rest assured, I always bring back a full seasons worth of clothes everytime I have been anywhere near a location with Primark. One would think Primark was the place to go just because their clothes are cheap. I go there because I love their design. Instead of finding a few little gems amongst all the cartoonprints, you find cartoonprints hidden amongst all the gems. Now, I can get behind that.

I will admit I proabably stock my kid up a little too good at Primark. It is very easy when the items are so reasonably good priced. The waistcoat? It came in brown and blue... Pick one? Nah - why not have them both at £9 each? And I have always loved these waistcoats on my kid.

The hat is from PompDeLux (this was part of a sponsored post on my old blog one year ago - just mentioning it so that the marketingpolice doesn't come to get me) The trousers, shoes and waistcoat are from Primark and the sweater is Tommy Hilfiger. Found on an awesome 70% off sale that made a real dent in my wallet this summer. 

But hey... Life happens right...? 



I have two passions in life. Food and travels. I have so many places on my travel wishlist. The latest and greatest additon to the list is Iceland. But that is a totally different story. One of my favourite countries to visit is Britain though. Not necessarily just London, although we end up going there quite a bit. And I can just lose myself in photo opportunities in that city.

Not just the fancy streets and luxuries of areas like Mayfair, but the beaten up pubs that are really few and far between. We found one in Soho, and felt like visiting "The Nags Head" expecting Del Boy and Rodney to walk in the door any minute.

Full english breakfast with a good cup of tea... A breakfast that doesn't really taste right unless you actually are in Britain.

​Have you got a favourite destination for holiday?



Okay - lets just be real for a second. Who doesn't love a good cupcake? And who can resist fresh strawberries in the batter? I know I can't! Strawberries all around. That's what I say. When I was a kid, strawberries were seasonal. We only had them during summer. And my grandparents had the absolute best ones in - what to me as a three year old kid - was the largest strawberryfield in the history of mankind. (Going back as an adult, I realise it wasn't really big at all)
Nowadays strawberries get shipped in to Norway from all over the world all year around. But the Norwegian ones are still the best ones. However - mailorder strawberries are awesome for baking. And these contain loads of them. Beaten mercilessly trough the blender and just mixed into your average plain cupcakerecipe. You can even just pour it into a 1-2-3 mix to stir it up a bit. I promise you - it is amazing. (just add a bit of extra flour so the batter don't get too runny)

These days I am totally looking forward to the bakingseason we all like to call christmas. And I will experiment with gingerbreadcupcakes and everything christmas. Food I tell you. There are few things in life I enjoy more than great food and some good wine. And then dessert...



If any of you followed me when I was selfhosting my blog, you would know that I have a special passion for foodphotography. Food... Food just lays there. Looking good. It doesn't move. It doesn't talk back. And it doesn't complain when they're not quite happy with the photos (aka - doesn't really want to pay for the service anyways...) Besides that, once the shoot is done, it is quite happy to be consumed by hungry tummies. Much to the lips enjoyment. Not so much the hips always, but as I maintain - life is short. Eat dessert first.

A few days ago I decided to tidy out the fridge. We have been lucky enough to devour the neighbours appletree this autumn, and the fridge in the basement is full of the stuff. Quite literally. FULL! I don't think we have to buy another apple this side of christmas to put it like that.

I did however realise that a good chunck of the apples are dying on me and need to be used pronto. So these days I am juicing and preserving to my hearts content. And there is plenty of crumbles and pies being made as well. I'm making glaced apples, apple with cinnamon, applesauce, appleglaced pork. I use apples in my salads, on my sandwhices... I think I might actually have run out of ideas for things you can use apples for. 

So I started photographing them instead... Just to prove there were many. 

And that is why I am once again slightly behind my readingschedule... Because of food... And a little friend called Nikon D800... Easy to get sidetracked...



A few months back, I was dressing the kid in the morning, and I had the dubious pleasure of realising that he had grown out of two thirds of his clothes.The otherwise very overcrowded closet was all of a sudden almost empty. Because he had grown. Once again... It is not cheap being a parent. No matter how many rules against growing you set in the household, they seem to disobey them every time.

So one quick and ruthless cleanout later and off to Primark we went. Or "Primany" as my husband likes to call it. Especially when we accidentally book a reasonably fancy hotel and find it quite embarrassing to stroll through reception with several Primark bags where everyone else seems to do their shopping at Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

But honestly - when you have a kid that is in his clothes for approximately 5 minutes before he outgrows them, Primark is absolutely golden. And credits given where credits due... they are remarkably good quality for being so cheap. I don't think we own one item of clothing that he has actually wrecked. (Apart from the basics we send to kindergarten during summertime when they don't wear a wintersuit on top of their clothes when playing outside...)

I particularly fell for this jacket. I do have a thing for nice jackets. And although it is slightly too warm outside still for him to wear this, I am sneaking it on during those cold mornings or evenings... Realising I probably do need to take my kid out more to showcast this collection of outerwear he is currently in possession of. Sometimes the heart and the head do not work together where pretty things are involved. 



I am not sure... I love my blog on my domainname www.mariakernan.com - but lately I have been toying with the idea of going back to a blogplatform. To be a part of a union. A team. Maybe get some more followers and readers. Because readers are good. Especally when you produce a content.

So who am I then. My name, as you might have guessed, is Maria. I am a law student by day and a photographer by choice. I am also a mom and a wife. A stepmom as well. A daughter and a sister. I love expensive things in life. But I also love the things that don't cost a penny.

I love to kiss my husband. And hug my son. And micro manage the Mötley Crue also known as my family. We have great days. We have good days. And we have those days when you wish you just threw the duvet over your head and went back to the land of nod.

My dream is an appartement on Park Lane in London. Or at least an appartement in London. And then a shabby cottage in a rustic location home in Norway. Somewhere where the leaves turn bright yellow and red in the autumn. And things look 100 years old.

I want a fireplace in my house, and big, warm scarves for the winter.

I want fields of flowers in the summer.

I want to be a high flying lawyer. Or a photographer of food and things. Anything that doesn't talk back or complains. I want to make a living from my blog - but I am looking forward to be titled a lawyer and take home a proper paycheck every month.

I want to listen to Elsa & Emilie all day long. And for it to be more or less quiet otherwise.

I like the idea of a good party - but when I arrive I feel so uncomfortable I just want to go home again.

​I change my mind on a daily basis wether I want to eat healthily all the time or if I don't care about calories. Life is short, enjoy dessert...