Hi! Surviving this week and a terribly difficult Friday, I finally enjoy my weekend. As soon as I got home, I made tea and received a small dose of positive from my space cats Mars and Jupiter - two guys in whole world who really love me (and no one can say that it is not). While I was waiting for an unexpected update for Windows, which should be installed on my computer, in my wish list next to the articles "Wedding of my favorite couple" and "Successfully take exams" "To have hot tea in a big cup never ended".

And now I want to share with you another part of the story about my favorite couple I mentioned just above. I hope you will enjoy.

Enjoy the weekend!

"Firestone" for breakfast

At school, and now, at the university, Karen was a star, people like Maren were her retinue. But Maren was in the role of a beloved servant. Telling her something that she expected support (you're the best), joy (I'm so happy for you) and nothing more. She, to put it mildly, forbade to discuss anything in her presence, except her successes and relations with Kyrre. Today, heading to the house of the Platоu, she was expecting congratulations on reconciliation (With what?) When she entered the room, Maren abruptly put her laptop down,

- What are you doing? - asked Karen.

- Hi!, nothing.

- Hi. - She, as a strict mother, took the laptop from her friend. Maren watched the photos from yesterday's party and just stopped by them with Kyrre photo.

- It was yesterday?

- Yes

- It was fun, but you quickly left. What happened?

I could not watch you torment him. - thought Maren. - I was very tired. It turns out that it's not very easy to record music. - she laughed.

- Oh, yes, you were with him yesterday in the studio. Thank you for having supported him instead of me. I could not come, you know, we were in a quarrel for a while, but everything is in order, we are happy, as before.

- Yes, but as far as I remember, he did not answer.

- The main thing is not "answered" or "did not answer", and most importantly, how he looked at me.

- Yes, of course, he looked and prayed for the evil ones to take you - angry Maren

Suddenly the bell rang. Maren realized that this was not Kyrre (at that moment it was important). Karen left.

Maren looked at the photo. At that moment, she wanted to return what was before his sudden departure four years ago.

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- I can't believe, tomorrow we will do it. - Myles said.

- Yes, it was hard, but we have almost finished.

- By the way, when did you finish it. Just a couple of days ago, you were ready to give up this idea. What changed?

- I was helped by a friend ... no, not so - it was completed by my friend.

- Who is it? When did it happen? I know her?

- Do not ask a lot of questions, we still have a lot of work

- Оk

The next day, Myles was already in the studio, but Kyrre was late. Suddenly the doors opened and he entered.

- Finally, you came.

- Yesterday you asked a lot of questions. I brought the answer - he looked to the side - Come on, do not be afraid, they do not bite - he looked at Myles - I think - and again turned away -In any case, you have me.

Timidly walked Maren. Kyrre looked at his friends - this is Maren Platou - my friend, neighbor and just a good girl.

- Hi, I'm Myles Shear. Almost everyone calls me Manager Myles, but for friends I'm just Myles.

- Nice to meet you. - still smiled timidly Maren

When all the gathered work began. It was fun and it was great. And in the evening they decided to celebrate. The fun interrupted the appearance of Karen.

- Kyrre, dear, forgive me, I was so stupid, I can not live without you, let's start all over again. I realize my mistake, but I do not want to lose you. - without waiting for an answer, she embraced him, as if her life depended on it. He did not pay attention. Such apologies were no longer valid. Kyrre is used to the fact that Karen first rides with someone, and then can not live without him. His only dream was to break with her, and so that she understood it.

Maren hoped that no one would notice her absence and fled - What happened with me? Oh God, I ... - closing herself in her room, she began to cry. She confessed to herself - She fell in love with Kyrre! Again?



When Kyrre woke up, he immediately noticed Maren. For some reason, he was pleased with her presence. Here. Next to him. Suddenly he felt ashamed. Why did not he take care of her, just as she took care of him? He took her in his arms - This is an angel? What are you talking about, Kyrre? - unexpectedly for himself, he kissed her - What am I doing? Why am I now afraid? I'm afraid that this angel who yesterday, at my request, stayed here, who slept next to me, on the floor, who, like me, listens to Avicii - this beautiful angel is about to wake up. He carefully placed it on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

Returning to the sofa, he noticed a copybook for music, music on it and the inscription "What if Firestone is will be look like that?" He took the notebook, looked at the sleeping Maren, smiled. He grabbed the headphone cord into the synthesizer and started playing. - Yes, that's it. God, Maren Platоu is really an angel. - putting on the headphones, he decided to somehow thank her.

Waking up in Kyrre's bed, Maren was at first scared - Where am I? Oh God, what am I doing here? - She forgot everything. The only thing she remembered was how she suggested to her friend to look "Once upon a time"

Kyrre returned - Oh, my angel woke up.

- WHAT?! In the sense of an angel? - Maren was frightened.

- You are right, this is what "Firestone" must be like. Drink tea, this is the only thing that came into my head after the question of how to thank you.

Tea resumed her memory, and she remembered that it was after the "Once Upon a Time" - I'm glad you liked it.



III Part is ready for reading. I hope you will like it.

Everybody went home. Maren helped Jenny eliminate the consequences of the party.
- Well, that's all, I went home. - Maren said

- Stay, it's too late. I wanted to see a good TV series. Well, tell me, do not you think that you'll be afraid to be alone at home.

Maren wanted to leave, but suddenly Kyrre turned into a cat from "Shrek", and she decided to stay.

They watched the TV series, and at the same time Kair worked. At the end of the 4th series, he fell asleep, and Maren decided to cover him with a blanket. Picking up the laptop, she noticed an open tab. It was his project, or rather, a new track. Then she remembered those few years when she was studying at a music school.

Like Kyrre.

Piano Class.

Like Kyrre.

Why only a couple of years - she will not remember. But she will never forget what she was taught there. She rummaged in his desk and found a notebook for music. Unexpectedly for herself, she began writing music. Mentally played them in her head. It was good. And so, sitting on the floor, next to the sofa on which Kyrre slept, she wrote the ending. But the end of what? What did he create? Looking at the tab, she saw "Firestone". For some reason, at that moment she wanted to wake him up, she put her hand on his arm, but then changed her mind - Let him sleep. She changed her mind, but her hand stuck, as if glued with glue.



I hope you liked the first part of my humble story.

Today I want to show the second part of it. I hope you will like it

While in the university, Maren and her friend were only engaged in studying. After the exams, she decided to ask a friend who was darker than the cloud, about what had happened.

Evening in Aalesund. It's raining. Maren and Ingrid are sitting in a room, drinking hot chocolate

- He said that he loved me. When I was sick, I wanted him to be near me, but he said that he was busy, and at the same time he was having fun with Malvina at the bar.

- He's a bastard! - exclaimed Maren.
- He always does that.
- It's horrible. But do not worry, everything will be fine
- Thank you. You always calm me.
- In a strange life, I'm a psychologist. In my life I'm crazy.

The girls laughed. Maybe for the first time in a long time.

- No matter how sad it was, but it's true - agreed Ingrid.

The next day they were about to leave. But it was necessary to solve another problem.

Ingrid decided to tell her boyfriend everything that thinks about him

From viewing the last part of the novel of her friend Ingrid and the scoundrel Ted Linel, Maren distracted Kyrre.

- This is a normal picture. They lose time ... they spoil our nerves ... both ourselves and others.
- I completely agree with you.
- You are ready?
- Yes.
- So, can we go?
- One second - Maren turned to his friend and managed to see a blow for Ted, who was wonderful. Now we can go.
- You're right. We would be sorry if we missed such a spectacle.

In the car they were overtaken by a new romantic drama.

- Someone is calling you. Johanna drew her brother's attention to the phone that had been ringing for a long time
- I do not care - there is irritation in his voice.

- Already 14 missed - sister was surprised - Kyrre, this is Karen.
- Give it to me! - he took the phone - Hi! Karen, I said it's over! You understand? Well, thank God! - he turned off the phone.
- Calm down, turn on the radio, forget about it - sister calmed down.

Kyrre turned on the radio - again Bruno Mars! - he was furious.

It can not be said that he does not listen to Bruno Mars. Simply Karen loves to listen to him (more than Kygo). When she once again came to his home drunk after a get-together at the next boyfriend who replaced her with Kyrre while he was busy, they started to quarrel. She turn on the music of Bruno Mars and pretended not to notice the angry boyfriend. At such moments, she completely forgot that this relationship she imposed on him.

He turned to his friend - Maren, give me your phone, I think there will be something more interesting - he took the phone and saw the last one played - "I see fire (Kygo remix)". In addition, he was put on constant play.

He turned to Maren and smiled - Was it really that good?

- You said that you have a favorite - "Blessed", and I have this - she smiled, pointing to the phone.

And now, at last they are in Hordaland.

Arriving home, Maren first went to the kitchen. On the table was a note:

"Maren, I know that you will come back today. Do not be scared, your father and Senara and I went to Oslo. He was summoned for work. We'll be back in a week. Do not forget to feed Elvise."

Eliot Platon often left for Oslo. There he once met Eli Vinn. A year after their acquaintance, they returned to Hordaland, where they were married. Here Maren was born, Senara was born two years later, and in another 3 years Agnes was born. He used to go to Oslo with his wife, and sometimes with his daughters.

The next day, Jenny decided to have a party. Everyone was happy. Almost all. Kyrre closed himself in the room to continue work with "Firestone". But the younger brother, Sondre, interrupted his peace.

- Here he is!
- Sondre!
- What? - he looked at his friends. - Hey! We're going to watch a movie!
- Sondre!
- Come here!

- I'll kill you - Kyrre whispered, so that no one could hear, except his younger brother.

While Maren and Johanna were getting to the room, only 2 seats were left. Seeing her younger sister, Jenny pointed out to Johanna's place next to the table. Therefore, Maren modestly crouched next to Kyrre.




In February of this year I found a story called "Tropical moment". I confess honestly - after reading, I was depressed. This is the story of a girl who fell in love with Kygo. At the end of the story, he confessed to the girl that he also loved her (that's why I fell into depression).

After a while, I decided to create my own story. I bring to your attention the first part of this story.

I hope, you like it

Id: (Original mix)

Part 1

The morning came. A bright beam of sunlight burst through the curtains, and Kyrre decided it was time to get up.
Yesterday, he could not think of anything. "Firestone" remained unfinished, and the only thing that he could do was postpone the recording for the next week, but Conrad agreed to the next month. He was still trying to think of something. He decided to open the window so that fresh evening air from Hordaland would enter the room.
In the opening, he noticed that the neighbor - Maren Platon - a student at Alesund University, a future nurse and just a good girl. They were best friends. But they had not seen each other for four years.
In her hands she held a pen and paper, wrote something and turned to the window.
- Hi. You can be quiet? I'm trying to sleep.
He also took a pen and paper - Sorry, I got carried away.
- It looks good.
- Thank you. Good night.
- Good night.
They certainly could just talk. The distance between them allows them, but they would wake everyone up. And he did not want to extradite himself. He returned late from a party in the house of Olav, although he said it will come back sooner. He needs to sleep before tomorrow's trip to Alesund.
Having written down the last thing that occurred to him, he fell asleep.
And now, in the morning, he decided to play what he wrote down. It seems that it turned out well, but there is still a lot of work ahead. He took off his headphones.
- But at last! You hear me
- Good morning, Mom.
- Good morning, Mr. DJ. Get down, breakfast is cold.
Getting up from the table, he looked out the window and saw that Maren had said goodbye to his younger sister, Senara. Going downstairs, he saw a similar picture, only with the participation of Mom and sister Johanna.
- What's happening? Where does everyone leave?
- Have you forgotten that I'm going with you to Alesund too? - sister asked.
- No. I have not forgotten
- And who else are you interested in?
- Maren.
- Wow.
- I mean, I'm interested in where she goes.
- Aldersund.
- What?
- She needs to take exams. While you were gone, she became a student." - sister said reproachfully.
- You know, it's not my fault.
- This is your mistake!
- Prove it.
- You are guilty! You could find her.
- Calm down! cried Kjersti.
They calmed down.
- In any case, - Kjersti continued - she can go with you.
- Yes, Mom, you're right - agreed Kyrre.
On the way, Johanna spoke without stopping. She has a difficult period. It turned out that her boyfriend was still that bastard, so she decided to part with him before coming to Aalesund, but she decided to make this story more interesting and added a couple of quarrels to her, one of which happened right in the car.
- Why so tormented? You want to quit it.
- Shut up, Kyrre! Oh, I forgot. While we are still here, contact the office store. I need to buy something.
- No. Forward. I shut up and stopped.
- But Kyrre... - said Johanna.
- Go go go.
Angry Johanna came out.
- Strictly you with her - Maren smiled.
- What did she think? First screams for that bastard, then orders to shut up, and then "please stop".
There was silence for some time in the car. In this silence, Kyrre had to accept the terrible truth - to them, to two, once to the best friends, there is nothing to talk about. But then he heard familiar music.
- Maren
- What?
- Do you also listen to Avicii?
- Yes
- Is this now "Blessed"?
- Yes
- This is my favorite
- Oh, really?
- Yes. He is cool.
Their conversation was interrupted by Johanna - "Here I am. Let's go!"



Life style

Hello! My name is Marina. I was always afraid to create my blog, because I did not know what would come of it. And here I am

A hard academic year awaits me. This summer I already did a lot, which I was afraid of one day. I thought, "Why not?" And now I'm here.

I like to look for interesting ideas that make learning easier when you hear from my headphones Kygo, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Armin van Buuren and other DJs.

My classmates say that I am strange when they see how happy I am when I find a new joint picture of Kygo and Maren Platou.

But, as my best friend, with whom we dream to live in Norway and travel together around the world, says: "Nobody is strange, everyone has his manners and manias."

As I said, I do not know what will come of it. But if you are interested - stay with me.

See you soon