A faraway country is calling my name again. But this time, it's for a whole different reason.
when it first called me I remember it coming like a blast!

I started of trying to figure out what life is all about, I went all crazy and played THe ' Dora the Explorer' .
I was self centered, and did not let anyone know what all the fuss was about.

It started all off with a teeny tiny joke that was harmful less bet. But yet again something unexpected happened,
the enemy's bet had now been defeated , which he had tricked me into becoming the winner,
which then actually turned out to be the loser of this whole game. - " I don't like this game anymore! I said and cried"
Am I the only one who is still confused ?
When did I realize that His trick had tricked me? Why did i not I understand what was going on - when everything was served on a silver platter ? I was spontaneous and out of my mind.
Emotions came before I even realized that I was about to fail my biggest failure and biggest lost.
Why care so much for something so ignorant and unimportant as such - I ask myself
I guess i did not want to admit the fact that I've failed in such a stupid Bet.

story is to be continued