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I know it has been awhile since last post, but I have been quite busy lately. Nevertheless, I have had the chance to watch this lovely movie and I would like to give my review.

The movie "Lucky you" is from 2006, directed by Curtis Hanson. It is 120 minutes long drama with Huck Cheever, played by Eric Bana (known for Troy and Hulk) in the leading role as a serious poker player. Later on we are also introduced to Drew Barrymore in the supporting as his redemption for all his bad decisions and forsaken love. The plot is mainly about Hucks weakness or as its referred to in the movie "the tell" which is a poker phenomenon that can tell whenever a player is bluffing. Huck is extremely talented in doing figuring out every other players tell but when it comes to his own, he is easily read himself by the pros incl. his own father, L.C. Cheever. This issue makes Huck lose all his gains whenever he face the big guys at the big table - we all know the phrase "easy comes, easy goes". This changes when Billy comes around and Hucks odds starts changing and so does his private life.

The movie is recommended to people who like to watch a movie about adrenalin and sport. The movie is also for those who might be looking for moderate romance and gambling. However, the movie did not move me in a personal as I find it very distanced from my own life. The movie is directed very well by Oscar-winning Curtis Hanson who is known for directing 8-mile with Eminem. The movie stays really true to its topic about poker and gambling and you feel like you dragged into the universe and you almost feel the sweat drops from the actors as the decisions are being made.

I will give 4 out of 5 and hope you'll enjoy watch it as much as I did.

- Marcus.

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Yesterday I watched the movie Revolutionary Road by Sam Mendes from 2008.

Starring the movie we got the lovely couple, April and Frank. Together they represent the Wheelers who are living the typical life of an American middle class family during the 1950's in the state of New York. Everyday Frank goes to work in the city meanwhile April takes care of the house and their two children. Everything seems to have been wonderful and adventurous in the beginning; they bought the idyllic house, got children, decent job for Frank, and lovely neighbors and friends. But things changed and now they both feel a big empty whole inside. Frank starts cheating on April, and April starts questioning her identity and ambitions meanwhile fantasizing about a dream of becoming an actress she once had as a teenager. This develops over time and April suggest that the family moves to Paris in an attempt to change their life and to save their antiquated and creaky marriage. Frank acknowledge the idea and soon they find themselves going to Paris over the next fall. However, things change and both individuals find difficulties living in each others present as truth is being spoken. April is soon about to give birth to their third child and Paris is out of the picture again. Speaking of morale and ethics the couple tears apart and what was once a flame is now burned out.

This movie really spoke to me in such way I can only wonder how real life must be for many couples, not only back in the 1950's but also as we speak today. Of course fiction has shown its face once or twice, but what suggest that we can only find happiness in love? Isn't it the true face of love that we cannot ever really understand each other inner self as one. I do believe in devotion and sacrifices, and my deepest respect is granted those who live by these. But what if life is only has its outcome in sorrow and miserable aspects. What if love is just a temporarily delusion we created in the pursuit of happiness? Even if the odds are high, how can we ever be sure that it is going to last? Sure thing, April and Frank did not know in the movie despite their confidence in the very beginning. I guess only God can knows the answer to this kind of mysterious and unknown love between two individuals. Only He can judge and fully understand and eventually see it thru.

Sam Mendes, director of the movie, is already well-known his incredible work on the successful Oscars-winning movie American Beauty from 1999 - a drama movie about a father in his mid-life crisis finding himself infatuated by the daughters girlfriend.
Sam's parents got divorced when he was 5 years old, and once again I find this very interesting. I really appreciate the work Sam Mendes is doing and I think this makes it way more personal and valuable, knowing this man behind the directing can tell from his own experiences. His work applies to the commonality in which every movie directed should really be based on, speaking of directing.

This movie captures your feelings and keeps you focused through the whole plot as the chemistry between the lovely duo of Leonardo and Kate is reunited (earlier seen in Titanic). Leonardo pulls some strings and once again leaves his audience persuaded and blown away by his charm and anger. Kate as well depicts her fair share in the movie but compared to Leo, she does not give quite the same performance but seem more distant from the view of a spectator. I could not really feel nor relate with her emotions and thoughts in the same way as Leo's character, who was able to engage (this might be the result of my male-being). However, the movie is very well-done and I do recommend you guys to see it if you find time a lazy afternoon whatsoever. But do remember to grab some tissues and hot chocolate 'cause this ain't a love story for soft hearts folks.



hi folks!

As the headline indicates this is indeed the very beginning of my new blog. It's the first time I try something like this. I have been thinking a lot about what to write about. Since my passion has mostly been movies and actors over the past years and it continues to be, I've decided to write about this.

I am a huge fan of movies, actors, filming, acting, and everything in between. I feel like I can jump into another universe when I watch movies and just be a completely other place. For me it is like meditation - I find peace, joy, pleasure, and meaning every time I enter this universe. I also learn about life, the world, perspectives, ideas, and ways to live as far as the movie is reliable. I achieve knowledge and encourage myself to take note when I reflect on the more serious matters that movies represent.

In general, I am very open-minded for all kind of movies and genres. But my favorite genres are drama, romance, comedy, sci-if, adventure, fantasy, action, and mystery. I will be trying to post reviews from all genres but I won't hesitate to say that I find horror and thriller slightly frightening, unrealistic, or even boring in most cases. But once again it depends on the actors and the characters firstly from my concern.

The blog will not only be about movies reviews, but also about TV-shows, actors, actress, producers, directors, announcements, news, film events, and so on. If you guys have any suggestions and things in particular that you would want me to write about, feel free to comment below - I am always open for new inputs and ideas.

I hope you guys will enjoy the blog!