Everyday Rambling

Well, I haven't posted in over a year. So I apologize. But mentally, I just wasn't feeling it. But now I'm back!

I'll make some highlights of my year:

-My dad came to visit in December for the first time. It was really cool to get to show him around where I live. It's not a big town, but it's cozy and I really hope he enjoyed his time in Nyköping :)

-I celebrated 6 years in Sweden! I cannot believe it's nearly 7 years that I have been here now! I do miss home greatly but right now, I am content in Sweden. Maybe moving back home will be an option in the future, but right now, I'm okay here.

-I had my first wisdom tooth pulled. I made it to 27 with all my wisdom teeth. Not bad! The liquid food diet was awful, but I got to eat solid foods again on my birthday, so I had cake, of course! Best birthday gift ever!

-I finished reading my first book completely in Swedish! That felt like a huge accomplishment. I'm actually in the middle of my 3rd book in Swedish now! I love that I can now read novels in two languages.

-I have applied for numerous jobs but so far, no one has responded positively. Well, other than my summer job working with Teater Sörmland during Nyköpings Gästabud 2017. As always, a rewarding and fun experience. This year was a new version of the play and it was funny and a little controversial...I absolutely loved it!

So yeah, that's all I can come up with.

But now I am going to try and keep up with writing here. Both to help me gather memories and to help me with a future project of mine, which I will go into later down the road when I feel more comfortable talking about it :)

But that's all for now. I'm going to do my best to post a couple times a week now, but we'll see how that goes! :)

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Food, Gratis/Free, Recension

Tyvärr är den här mer än en månad för sen men livet har varit helt galet och allting har äntligen börjat att lugna ner. Bättre sent än aldrig, va?

Kolla på alla fina produkterna jag fick testa! Tusen tack LOPPI!

Här kommer mina recensioner!

-Alvin & Gänget- Gasen i Botten: Jag har varit ett STOOOOOOORT fan av Alvin och Gänget sen jag var barn, så när jag hörde att jag skulle få en DVD med Alvin och Gänget, kan ni gissa hur glad jag var?! Jag måste säga att det är fortfarande konstigt att kolla på "barnfilmer" på svenska, när jag är så van att höra engelska röster, men det gick helt okej! Filmen är jättesöt och jag självklart rekommenderar det, speciellt till barnfamiljer!

 -Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm: Jag har varit ett stort fan av Burt's Bees sen jag var en tönåring. Allting Burt's Bees tillverkar är 100% naturliga och även bra för personer med känslig hud! Denna lip balm med smaken av rosa grapefrukt få en 10 av 10 ifrån mig! Smaken är sommrig och mina läppar är så mjuka! Jag har tyvärr inte sett produkten i någon affär i lilla Nyköping, men om ni ser det någonstans i Sverige, köp den direkt!

-​Grumme Oparfymerad Kulörtvätt:​ Jag har använt denna produkt tillsammans med den produkt jag fick från Softlan (se bilden övan) men jag ska prata om dem var för sig. Jag som gillar doftar var jätteskeptisk med en oparfymerad produkt....jag har testat oparfymerade produkter tidigare och jag har aldrig gillat dem. Men jag var positivt overräskad! Kläderna är super rena varje gång och det är faktiskt mycket bättre med bara en doft till kläderna, haha! Det är också en fördel att det är skönare möt miljön!

-​Family Fresh Melon Crush:​ Jag måste erkänna att jag köpte produkten innan jag fick den genom LOPPI men jag var jätteglad att jag fick mer av duschgelen! Med doft av vattenmelon och en hint av lime, det är som sommar i en flaska! Den enda nackdel är att den löddra inte bra så man måste använda mycket, tyvärr. Men annars, högt rekommenderat om man vill dofta som en fräsch och mumsig sommar cocktail, haha.

-​Jordan Tandborste:​ Jag har faktiskt inte testat tandbörste än. Precis innan jag hörde att jag skulle testa BlogBag köpte jag en ny tandborste :x Men jag kan skriva hur bra den är när jag börjar att använda det nästa månad! Det jag kan säga är att tandborste är valdigt stilig! Men Jordan Individual, man får en tandborste som har bra kvalitet och kan också visa din personlighet!

-​Softlan Aroma Sensations:​ Doften jag fick testa här heter "Inner Harmony" och innerhåller naturliga eteriska oljor från mandariner och vanilj. Som jag skrev tidigare, jag har använt denna i samband med produkten från Grumme och vilken bra kombo! Kläderna är mjuka och doften är härlig och behaglig. Jag kommer absolut köper den här igen!

-​The Swedish One från Ella's Kitchen:​ Jag väntade jättelänge med den här för att jag har inte några barn och jag ville se om en vän tiill mig skulle låna mig deras barn för att smakprova produkten....men tyvärr gick det inte som planerat. Så det var jag som behövde att smaka den! Jag var jättenervös för att jag har läst att personer har hittat mogel i klämpåsar tidigare...men sen tänkte jag att använda en sked först så jag kan studera det först, haha. Det smakar mest banan vilket är konstigt för att det är mer äpplen i den än de andra frukter! Och det är mörk lila i färg men jag tror att det är konstigt också för att det är bara 11% blåbär. Det var också inne i kylskåp för några dagar och den var rumstemperatur....usch! Det smakar helt okej, men som vuxen utan barn, jag kommer inte köpa den här i framtiden.

Tack igen att jag fick testa produkterna LOPPI!



Just a short text post here to update that I am back and posts SHOULD be coming up more often now.

I have finally finished my summer job so I will absolutely have more than enough time to post! I've really missed blogging. I am so glad I will be able to have the energy to post again!

Blog posts I am planning on writing will include all the freebies I have gotten since my last post (including reviews!), a big post about my summer job, and possibly one about a lack of an overseas vacation this year.

But we shall see! You never know what the future will bring! ;)



Everyday Rambling

​I have been away from this blog for too long. I have been meaning to write a little update but between laziness and real life business, I haven't been able to make the time.

I know I mentioned the internship at Taco Bar that I got 2 months ago, and just like the pasta place, I got swiftly fired. That said, I'm not mad. I had the stomach flu and I was hospitalized and the boss said he couldn't have people who got sick working for him. Sickness is part of being a human. IT HAPPENS. But whatever, it wasn't a great job, so I'm not mad.

I have a new job now though! As I also mentioned in a previous post, my boyfriend's job, Teater Sörmland, promised me a job this summer during their month long play Nyköpings Gästabud if something went wrong with Taco Bar. It's probably the most rewarding job I have had in my life, and who doesn't want to work with actors all day? They are always entertaining and no matter what mood you are in, they are bound to make you laugh. Plus, I get to dress up like a viking peasant, which is pretty awesome. Once my outfit is fixed, I'll have to post a photo here!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to have some reviews posted here too. All the review posts are going to be written in Swedish, so for those readers that don't know Swedish and are actually interested in what I have to say, use Google Translate!

Other than what I have posted, my life has been a serious rollercoaster the past couple of weeks, with a few incidents that I am not going into detail about. But just know, I am a survivor and I will get through this!



Everyday Rambling

​Hey blog readers!

I just want to thank everyone who read my blog post yesterday. I know it was rather long, but there were multiple reads on it so that makes me happy.

I also want to thank everyone that has told me personally that they refuse to eat at the restaurant I nearly worked in. The amount of love and support and respect I have gotten from everyone means so much to me and I am so thankful and so blessed to have you all in my life <3

I know my self worth, and I refuse to be treated as anything less, and it's so lovely to know so many others agree :)



Everyday Rambling

Yet again, I have been slacking on my posts here, but I am going to do my best to start posting more frequently. I have some legit reasons as to why I have disappeared.

Well, I got a job.....and swiftly lost it. I'm not upset about it though. It was at a new restaurant that just opened in town. They were demanding I work 6 days a week and some of the hours, I would have been working for free, which is not okay AT ALL. They also said I was not allowed to be sick (as if I can control when I get sick). If I was sick and called in just once, they would fire me on the spot. I had my work officer call and ask if he could help me sort this out with the owners. He did, and when he called back, he told me the owner said to shred my work contract and that both my work officer and myself could, and I quote, "go to hell." THE UNPROFESSIONALISM IS TOO DAMN HIGH. They clearly hired me purely because the government was paying 85% of my salary and I was a cheap worker. As desperate for a job as I may be, I am not THAT desperate. I refuse to walk on eggshells stressing about what little thing I might do wrong that would make them fire me and I refuse to work myself to death slinging pasta for bosses who treat me like I have no worth. The best part about this is my complaining has actually gotten a lot of people to refuse to set foot inside the restaurant! I hope this place closes down because no worker deserves to be treated like I was.

The day after I lost that job, I got an "internship" (best way I can describe it in English) at ANOTHER restaurant in town called Taco Bar. I start next monday and I will be an intern for them for about a month and then they will decide if they want me to continue working with them. I really hope this works out. If not, Akira's job has already said they will hire me for the summer working in one of their booths again. I really appreciate that they offered to do that for me. That theater and the people who work there have such a special place in my heart <3

My anxiety has been through the roof too, unfortunately. I think mostly because of the whole job fiasco, but it's been pretty crippling. There have been days I don't want to leave my bed. There have been days where I HAVEN'T left my bed. It's like there is a constant pressure on my chest and it won't let up. Once I get back in a solid routine again, I am hoping that my brain will relax a little and I can get back to really enjoying every day again.

As far as crafting goes, I have been trying to get the effort to finish a no-sew t-shirt blanket I started months ago. I have the shirts I need to finish it, I just need to find the effort to sit down and cut and tie everything together. I really want to get it done, because I think it will be better to sleep with in the summer than my heavy comforter. As spring is beginning here in Sweden, I am realizing more and more that I wake up extremely sweaty and I am sure that my comforter has something to do with it, so hopefully I will have it fixed by the weekend so I can post photos :)

I have also found my love for making collages again. Problem being, I don't have enough magazines to cut apart to start putting them together. I have asked around but no one I know has magazines to just give away to me so I can be all ~artsy~ which is really unfortunate :(

I don't feel like there is much else to report. so I will leave you with a happy photo of my face I took earlier!



Buzzador, Food

Jag är en buzzador....igen! :D

Jag fick testa Yoggi Yalla drickyoghurt. Buzzador skickade två kuponger till mig och jag valde att köpa de här två:

Smakerna är Mango/Banan/Apelsin och Jordgubb...MUMS!

Jag har aldrig varit en person som gillar drickyoghurt så jag kände mig modig när jag tänkte testa den, haha.

Båda smakerna var okej. Den med mango/banan/apelsin hade lite för mycket syrlighet och jag hade svårt att smaka alla frukter i den. Den jordgubb smakade som vanlig jordgubb drickyoghurt, ingenting speciell om det.

Jag skulle inte köpa dem igen, men det är bara för att jag fortfarande gillar inte drickyoghurtskonsistens. Men jag skulle absolut rekommendera att andra prover dem!



Everyday Rambling

I have not been feeling up to writing here lately, but I figured I should at least try something little.

Mentally, I am still up and down. I have really good days and really bad days. Black and white. No grey area.

I have been going to the gym pretty regularly again, which has been good for my mentality. I have a lot of  pain in my whole body but it is worth it if I can get back to where I was a year ago. I tried a new class today, Barre Move. I was completely underwhelmed though. It was not high tempo at all and I was losing focus really pften. I don't think I will be going back to that class again. Thankfully, tomorrow is boxing so I will work twice as hard during that class.

Over the weekend, I spent some time trying to help a friend's cat have her babies. I was there for quite a few hours and nothing happened at all. Today she ended up going to the vet and the mama cat is fine, but the 3 babies died. She did have one kitten before I went to her place though, so the mama has one little precious munchkin to take care of. It's just so sad about the other 3 :(

Not much else going on. Just Netflix, catching up with TiVo and coloring because the art therapy books are the best thing in the world.

Let's hope I can keep this rollercoaster climbing the hill for a few more days.



Buzzador, Gratis/Free

Jag är en buzzador för Arla Keso Protein Cottage Cheese!

Jag älskar att träna och älskar cottage cheese, så jag var så glad när jag fick höra att jag var buzzador!

Jag valde att köpa de här två:

Jag har bara testat den med jordgubb och musli så långt. Jag älskar att det kommer med en liten sked!

Konsistensen var helt okej, men det var nästan smaklöst. Jag hade förväntat mig en smak av jordgubbar eller kanske någon smak från muslin men jag blev besviken. Om det finns i mer smaker och de lägga till lite mer smak, då ska jag absolut köpa den igen, men jag ska fortsätta att dricka protein shakes tills det händer.

Den med naturell smak ska jag äta imorgon när jag fixa någon typ av protein pannkaka, kanske med bananer. MUMS!



Gratis/Free, Buzzador

Jag är en buzzador! Men vad betyder det? Det betyder att Buzzador har valt mig att vara i deras testpanel.

Den här gången fick jag äran att testa de nya Kelda Grytbaser. Några är gjord för kyckling och andra för köttfärs. De här är vad jag valde:

Jag använde den Balsamico & Rostad Vitlök ikväll. Tyvärr blev bilderna av maten dåliga, så jag har ingen att lägga upp. Men jag var överraskad när det gäller smaken! Det var mycket bättre än jag hade förväntat mig! Det var NÄSTAN perfekt. Det enda problem var konsistensen. Det var rinnigt och nästan som det var kyckling soppa istället för kyckling gryta. Om det var lite tjockare, då skulle jag absolut köpa den igen.

Jag ska testa den andra under kommande veckan!