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I know I haven't been in here for a while. I guess I haven't felt creative enough to be able to write anything. Im sorry for that. Iv been very stressed here, mostly about work that has been a bigger adjustment then I thought. But after a phone call with my mum the other day I decided to not let work affect me so much. To see it as job, not my whole life. And that actually made it a lot easier. And when I really think about my job and the reason I do it, its to help other humans beings. And thats pretty great.

I just need to take time to treat my self good as well. To not rusch, stress and live unhealthy. I need to give myself me time, do things I love and find my inner peace. Sort my thoughts out and remind myself of all the beautiful things in life. And how much I have achieved the last couple of years.

I mean one of my biggest dreams has always been since I was a little girl to live in another country and fine true love. And those things I finally do and have.

And is there any better thing, when dreams come true.

So now I sit here in my sofa, in my home with a cup of fennel tea, new flowers and some calm music. And Im trying to just be.... just be exactly where I am.

Its hard but its very very important.

What do you do for yourself? How do you find inner peace?

Take a moment, give yourself a moment for just you.

Even tho its just a couple of minutes, seconds. Breathe and think about the dreams you want to come true...

Do that! And you will be one step closer.

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I’m not afraidof stormy weather

I beentrough stormy weather before

I don’t bendback

I get through it

And everytime

I come out alittle bit stronger

That is a strengthI love about myself

And Ipromise to all the people I love

To you mytruly beloved

That whenstormy weather occurs

When itgets in you way

I will getyou though it...

I promise



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This is what I did last friday.

I decided to make a change with my hair. I did a more ash blonde colour and cut it.

Nadia who I did it. She is a swedish hairdresser here in London. She is amzing and a very nice girl.

Im really happy with the new color




Today is a good day. Started a bit emotional but when I came out to a beautiful autumn day everything got so much better. The sun is shining and I just have thin coat on with our freezing.

I went in to & other stories and found a wonderful dress for upcoming events.

And now I'm going to do a big change. What? You will see later on today.

Love you




Sitting at home...Listening to as song about having someone.

And it make me think about B. The most important person in my life. I am so incredible happy about him. And the support he has given me these past few weeks has been amazing. He always makes me feel better. No one makes me laugh like he do, no one makes me feel so calm and safe like he do.

He is my person and I hope Im gonna spend every day of my life with him.

Took this picture the other night, my hand in his hand.