​A little more then a year ago I was at this place. A wine yard in New Zealand. As you all know my bf is from NZ so last year over christmas and new years we went there to visit his family. It was an emotional trip for both of us. But also the best trip I have ever done. I feels so blessed to be able to call this my second home. This day we took bikes and went for a long bike ride. Then we stopped and saw this beautiful place where they had wine tasting. And one thing I absolute love about B is that he can be so spontaneous. He said do you wanna do some wine tasting. And I was so jet lagged still and tired after riding a bike so wine was big yes for me. We tried four different wines and met the owners who were so nice. We talked and looked at the view. It was beautiful and a moment i will never forget.

To be honest i could pay the biggest amount of money to take me back there in just this second.

Hopefully it doesn't take to long until I put my feet on the ground of the most beautiful land I know. To I see my sister in law Kate and my parents in law again. 

Home is where your heart is, and a big part of my heart belongs there.

A spontaneous visit to a wine yard, a day I never will forget.

Miss is so much.

Thank you life for giving me that moment.



​Pic taken in Ljubljana, Slovenia two summers ago.

So much happening in the world we living. 

Its scary I know

One who shouldn't become a president

Humans get killed in different citys every day, some close some far away

Children dies

I can't watch the news anymore, its to much, its to scary, to sad.

Im afraid of what this world is turning in to be

A choice for a very few few amount people

But SO NOT a choice for the rest of us

A misstake, a missunderstanding and a lie

It makes me sad

Im not religious but I choose to believe that in the end we all going to be okey

Stick together, love don't hate, stand up for the right thing, and think an extra time.




Its kind of weird how only one person can affect you so much, one person can make you feels so much.

Im sitting at home and he is working late, Im drinking some wine and yes Im a bit bored. Texting a few friends in Sweden and god it would be nice with some company right now. But the realise that he will be home soon and thats the best thing. He is my best friend my biggest support. To be honest hes the only person who actually gest me.

I say to him that we are so similar, and we are. Its like our relationship have a kind of flow. When he gets mad at me I get mad back, and then we start fighting. But then someone says something funny and in just one second we both start laughing, We never really have the big fight, because we don't have to. We know each other too well, we are good at solving stuff before it turns out to something major. We are good at that.

My therapist said that from now on all my problems I should discuss with B. All the things I need to talk with someone I should discuss with him. Because Im a we now. And hes my person, and thats so amazing.

Im a we now. With him.




​How lovely isn't this picture, if I may say so. B took this of me when we were back home in Sweden. Its nothing I love  so much as snow. Im like a little kid and Im so happy B manage to capture this moment. Pure happiness. 

Like Iv been writing I'm going through as phase right now trying to find some peace. And with that Im also trying to figure myself out. What I like and not, my thoughts about the future and my life goals But also being happy in the exact moment.

These past weeks Iv been focusing on my sleep. Iv sleep a lot and I think thats exactly what I needed. Two nights ago me and B when out for a run a long the water, And it was so nice. He puches me to start working out again and it felt so good. Its nice having someone who don't listen to you excuses, who doesn't take your crap. Who helps you change in the good. way, 

Today I sat down with my calendar and marked all days with work, working out and also once a week one day is marked as writing day. Cause I have a project Im working on and I really want to finish that by the end of the summer. Thats one life goal.

This year is going to be so good. We are going to travel a lot and Im so excited. But this summer B:s visa runs out and then we have to figure out where to go next. Scary but also super exciting.


This year contains, happiness, travel, love, writing and finding my self on a new level. 

Im starting now, are you with me?



Hi beautiful people out there

Today Iv been quite lazy. But after I spoke to my mum and she told be to get out and get some fresh air I actually went out for a walk slash run. It was good but it was pouring down so I wasn't out for that long.

I still feel a bit low and tired. Going to work two nights now and I really don't want to.
See how I feel tomorrow but I guess it will be okey.

The good thing about today is that it's has been snowing a bit here in London.

And I totally love snow.
Miss Sweden a lot now.

The other is that I have a beautiful cuddling bf in my lap

Love him

And the words on the picture is what I need right now
So I'm sending it to you as well