This Saturday me and my man went up 6:30 to take an uber to Notting Hill and the restaurant Granger and co. We have for the last three years been passing it from time to time and its always been a huge line in to the door. So no with we decided to try it out and without standing in line. So it was well worth the early morning alarm.. We ordered in spinach and halloumi roll. acibowl, juices and cappuccinos. B ate an "aussie" plate with poached eggs and smoked salmon. It was so good and for the the first 20 min we were almost alone. Yeah it was a bit pricy but delicious.

After breakfast it was still early but Portobello market in Notting Hill was just opening so we walked up and down for a hour, took some nice houses of the colorful houses and I bought this lace white bomber jacket for only 10 pound. Yeah.

Then we walked to Holland park and saw this wonderful peacock.. The colors are amazing. We also run after a few very cute squirrel

What a cutie pie, and he came so close. Very friendly.

Then we slowly walked home again.

A wonderful Saturday morning with my love



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Okey Im going to to admit something. I love my BF more then anything. But tonight he is out having dinner with a friend so Im flying solo tonight. And I LOVE it. Haha. To be honest sometimes I can really miss living by myself. But at the same time I never ever wanna live without him. So I go for the second option.

But I have realized that some away a part can bring so much magic in to a relationship. Okey me and B had distance relationship for three years so I already knew that. But is so much different when you live together.

Anyway , I came home from work, Sat in the garden for a while, ate lasagna for dinner. Had a long shower, shaved my legs ( much needed) and now Im listening to Sommar i p1 med Tove Lo.

Eating some chocolate.

So yes I a enjoying my solo night.

But I know I will be really happy when B comes home.







Good morning from a rainy London

Me and Brad had to run out to get our clothes that was drying outside hehe

Im on my third coffee cup, sitting i bed and enjoying a quite morning. B is watching Formula 1 and yes I sneak peak sometimes. It kind of fun that I have become pretty interested in Fomula 1 as well, especially since Monoco.

Daniel Riccardo is my favorite hehe

Im just going to take this day as it comes, do some yoga, write, eat good food.

Would like to do something tonight but we will se

This is the absolute best not knowing how a day will turn out and be so calm and happy with that,

More coffee.

Love you


So Dan is the one with the sunglasses ohhh,,,,



Hi sweet peeps

Today has been a very weird day but turned out so good. I have had PMS today, fuck it haha. Have been so emotional and felt so little and sad. But one of my friends at work gave me a nice hug and some pepp words.

Then I came home and B had made my favorite food,. pasta Bolognese. I took a beer and sat with him and realized how grateful I am for having that man in my life.

Then my best friend texted from Peru and we talked. God I miss her.

Now Iv been cleaning up, put my hair in brides, had shower, put night serum in my face while watching the Beyonce documentary. "Life is but a dream."

So yea, finally some happy times

So... three things Im grateful for today

My friends and my boyfriend

A good day

That I still dreaming and have set up good goals for myself

What are you grateful for?





Now Im in my bed. After a long day. I good day. I was so nervous going to work today due some issues I have had with one on my co-workers. But with my head high ( and a wonderful morning with B) I came strong and fulfilled with love to work. And you know what? It actually went very well. I have one or two really good friend at work and Im very happy for that.

Something I also started recently is to every day write down three things Im grateful for each day. It help me keep a good focus on the important things. It keeps me strong and grateful. It was a tip I got from my therapist many years ago and it it is really good. So you just try it. Especially if you going through some hard times.

Promise it help. Now Im lying in bed and feeling very grateful and happy. Having a peaceful moment for myself.

Love you gyus and dont forget to follow me on instagram: malinfriks is my name there