Our youtube channel is https://youtu.be/XDlpmtL3lGQ we're going to do afternoon vlogs on schooldays and on the weekends full days! But it's going to be on Swedish. So Swedish peeps check out our channel!!

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1. What is your middle name?: Aleksandra - Jessica and Monirah - Rochelle

2. What is your favorite drink?; Aleksandra - Coke Monirah - Fanta exotic

3. What is your favorite song atm?; Aleksandra - Never forget you and 2 on Monirah - Infinity and Money

4. What is your favorite food?: Aleksandra - Thai and polish food Monirah - Thai and Chicken

5. What is the last thing you bought?; Icecream for both of us.

6, Favorite color?; Aleksandra - Black, White and grey Monirah - Just the basic colors

7. Do you have any pets?: Aleks - A dog Moni - Nooo

8, Favorite perfum?; Aleks - C thru Moni - Our Moment

9. Favorite holiday?; Aleks - Christmas Moni - Christmas

10. Have you ever been out of the country?; Aleks - Yes i have. Moni - Yeah ive been out of the country.

11. Do you speak another language? Aleks - Polish, Swedish, English and a little bit of spanish! Moni - Swedish, Engish and a little bit of french.

12. How many siblings do you have? Aleks - A brother Moni - Tw sisters and a brother.

13. What is your favorite store? Aleks - Gina tricot Moni - Gina tricot and Bikbok

14. Favorite resturant? Aleks - Daisys and Pong Moni - Daisys, Pong and Jensen Bofhus

15. Favorite Movie? Aleks - Dear John, Divergent and many more!  Moni - I can only watch a movie a few times otherwise i will get bored of them but right now probably Maze Runner.

16. Favorite tv-Show? Aleks - Paradise hotel and Hollywood wifes.  Moni - I have a lot but Pll. Supernatural, Paradise hotel and many more!!

17. Pc or mac? Aleks - Macboook  Moni - Macbook

18. What phone do you have? Aleks - Iphone 6, just got one while writing this!  Moni - Iphone 6

19, How tall are you? Aleks - 1,75cm  Moni - 1.64cm

20. Can you cook? Aleks - Yes  Moni - Yes but i dont do it though