I love Asian beauty products! From the way they look, to the way they perform. Most of all i love the flawless natural-looking makeup that they use in Asia.

I find that the asian makeup and skincare are something i personally prefer, because it focuses on enhancing your face in a more natural way.

My love for Asian makeup started in 2012, when i started listening to K-POP. I think my first purchase from an Asian makeup band was the holika holika Aqua petite jelly BB Cream, and their heartful moisture lipstick, which opened my eyes for korean makeup. Ever since then i´ve been trying out new makeup products, since i am a makeup and skincare junkie.

This blog is dedicated for my love of Asian makeup and skincare products. I will post reviews, hauls, empties, etc. to give you, as a viewer to this blog, information about beauty products from Asia, and hopefully help you to decide what to purchase.

I hope that you will enjoy my blog!