Me and Malin started our day with a brunch at The Granola Bar in Westport, one of my favorite spots in CT. After that we were just strolling around in the stores.

Later that day we picked up Tommy, took him for bowling and for dinner me and Malin took the kids to a hibachi place in my town, it's so fun concept that they cook in front of you and and it's SO good!! X



This morning me and Malin made some yummy breakfast, hanged out and just small talked over the food before we took a walk by the beach with my neighbors dog.

A better Breakfast!!

The heaven for all the dogs - to play around at the beach. The weather was gorg today and 7 celcius!!


The weather was perfect the whole day so after we picked up Tommy we hanged out at our front yard, had some froyo and played.

Later we all played inside and Malin taught Ash some violin

And since it was Tuesday it was time for some tacos, at my favorite spot: Bartaco

My beautiful BFF! <3

Now it's time to get some sleep, tomorrow I am starting to work at 1pm so we will sleep in a little bit and grab some breakfast at a place I love nearby. Sweet dreams!



On Saturday when I got home from Boston I switched the transportation from the car to the train and went in to NYC too meet up Malin at Grand Central. 6 months since I last time saw my best friend, crazy how fast the time flies....

I made us some brekkie this morning, hanged out with the kids for a little while and then headed to upstate NY for some shopping at Woodbury Outlet

We had a little coffee break during our shopping and....

Cupcakes @ Magnolia Bakery

Lunch break @ Shake Shack

We both did some good shopping!! A BIG recommendation to go there if you are traveling to NYC, they do bus tours from Manhattan and other places as well! I got lucky now to take my car there which was nice and only took as 1 h and 15 minutes. Anyways, a really nice outlet, people goes crazy there and brings empty suitcases to fill up with their stuff instead of carrying all their bags, smart but at the same time crazy haha.



Good morning!

Right now I am sitting in the car and we are finally on our way to my beautiful Boston, for those who doesn't know - I started my year as an au pair in Boston and stayed there for two months but moved bc of the family. So Boston will always mean a lot to me. I am thankful that I got the oppurtunity to live there and explore Boston and at the same time something good came out from that, I got my current family. Everything happens for a reason and since I got here I've been so much better to try see the positive sides and not the "negative"!

Have a great day! The weather is pretty, blue sky and sunny - Think it will be a great saturday! X



Tonight I had a date with my beautiful friend at The Cheesecake Factory. A glass of wine over good talk on a Friday night - exactly what I needed. Now I am in bed after been packing my bag for a weekend in Boston. Tomorrow morning me and my host family are leaving for Boston and it's gonna be so fun, I miss my fav city so much!!

Sweet dreams!



Hello Sunshines! Today I slept in, took a walk in the sunny weather and did some calls. I been doing the kids laundry, cleaned the car from garbage and watched the kids for a little while.

Clean N' fresh, there's no better feeling than that!

Bought myself a perfect to-go mirror from Marshalls, perfect size and fits in the bag, only 7 dollars.

I made a fresh salad for lunch w/ cashews, watermelon, strawberries, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and capris.

And I needed to try yesterdays result, carrot cake!

Now I am dressed for the gym and gonna head in a little while. Later I am meeting up my friend for some errands and dinner! Have a great weekend friends!! XX



Hey! Today I woke up with Friday feelings for some reason. Maybe because I don't need to work tomorrow. The weather was gorg today even tho it was a little bit chilly. It kinda smells like spring now so I couldn't resist to buy myself some flowers to my room. Beautiful flowers = happy soul. The youngest one was off from school today so I spent the whole day with him. We went to an indoor playground and grabbed some lunch at Panera Bread (one of my fav spots) and later when the oldest came home we all wanted to bake something so we ended up making a carrot cake, YUM!!

When I got off from work I reorganized some stuff in my bins, the room is clean and everything looks so nice. I looove the feeling when it's clean and organized. I ended my day with a workout at the gym followed by a salad and boiled eggs for dinner before I took a warm and nice shower. I just watched two episodes of TVD (obsessed) and are about to sleep now. A really nice and happy day, more of these pls!

Tomorrow it's Friday and I am off from work, which means = Sleep in <3!! Sweet dreams

Getting silly w/ my fav boy <3

Look how pretty they are!!