Easy, healthy and good 

All you need is:

Chocolate bar / Chocolate chips

Fruit of your choice (I used a banana and kiwi)

Peanut butter (if you want to spread between two slices of banana)

Topping if you want to (I topped with some coconut flakes and cashews)

How to do it:

1. Cut your choice of fruit as thick as you want it , 2. Melt chocolate in a water bath and put a toothpick in the sliced fruit and dip it in the melted chocolate , 3. Put it on a tray and let it sit in the freezer until the chocolate gets frozen, 3. SERVE!!

These are really good and easy to make but also a healthier choice for a snack. ENJOY!!

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A rainy and grey day... even tho it got pretty humid

Let's ''taco bout it...'' , Tacos á la Swedish style

Look at these two cuties , Tommy and his friend that was over for a playdate and dinner

Hey guys! It was a long time ago now since I did an ''everyday'' update about my days. Hope you guys are doing fine, I am all good besides I've been having a pain in my mouth the last couple of days since my wisdom tooth is starting to grow. Today I was working as normal, the oldest was away for a playdate the whole afternoon and the youngest had a playdate at our house so we had ''taco party'', I made fruit pops and just hanged out at home. Now I am watching Grown ups 2 at the tv by the fire, the weather got me lazy and my mouth pain so I am going to bed early tonight. Before that I am going to watch the latest episode of PLL, you haven't missed the two new episodes have you?!!

Over and out! XX



Yay or Nay? - A super cute ''unicorn frappuccino'' drink from Starbucks 🌈 💗. It didn't really have a flavor besides that it was very sour and sweet. It tasted a little bit like bubblegum/sour berry. Not really my cup of tea since it was too sweet and sour but it was fun to try it since this one has been everywhere the past days because it was limited edition.



Yesterday me and my girlfriends took the train around 4 pm to go in to NYC. We went to Webster Hall on Manhattan to see Zara Larsson, Clean Bandit, Starley and Jesse Glynne. We had soo much fun, a great night with my girls! XX

When we got off the train we took a walk just a block from Grand Central to buy a salad for dinner from our favorite place, Fresh & Co

They gave us free ice cream cookies when we were standing in line to get in

We were on the guest list and got VIP seating since Frida knows Zara a little

We got the chance to chat a little bit with this beautiful girl and she was on fire last night, soo good!

Clean Bandit

Later me and Josie ended up at a club called LAVO and Otto Knows (Swedish DJ) were also there playing his music 



Friday work & Zara Larssons concert in NYC with my girlfriends

Saturday Sleepover at my friends place, make dinner & hangout and maybe go out

Sunday I have a class about Niagara Falls (1/3 Sundays), we are also going to the Niagara falls the first weekend in June = Travel class. This is the last class I am taking in the states to get all the credits I need to recieve a certificate for my time as an au pair. (Since I extended I needed to take 6 more credits so)



I am totally obsessed with this new serie ''13 reasons why''. You'll find it on both Netflix and Dreamfilm. This serie makes you look back to highschool, relate, think extra and feel extra. A serie that makes you open your eyes and that shows how school, friends, relationships etc has such a big influence on us and how it can affect our actions.