This Presentation is about the first horse i bought

Hi's name is DarkDale, AKA Darky

Hi's level 15

He is a black Morgan horse and the first horse i bought after my Jorvik pony.

i can nearly say that he is my favorite horse in sso but my north Swedish horse looks to much like my real horse so he is hard to beat ;)

Thats all about Darkdale :)

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This is my Brand new competition set!

Its green like you see and it looks lovely on a Chestnut!

The modell in this pic is of course me and my Lovely chestnut Spencer!

Here is the cloth list:


Hat: green juniorhelmet / Grön juniorhjälm/, 5555 Js and 55 Sc

skirt: Grönvit piketröja / Greenwhite Poloshirt / 5550 Js and 69 Sc

Hands: green knitted gloves/ gröna stickade fingerVantar/ 2550 Js and 31 Sc

Pants: Green suede riding pants/ gröna Mocka byxor / 7850 Js and 84 Sc

Shoes: White ridingboots/ vita ridbyxor /6850 Js and 71 Sc



Saddle: Green competition Saddle / Grön tävlings sadel / 7350 Js and 75 Sc

Numnah: Green Professional Numnah / grön profffilt / 3950 Js and 38 Sc

Thats all for tonight i really hope you like this outfitt and use it :D