We are now halfway through our trip through south England. My sister, mum, dad and I are currently all stuffed in a car on our way away from Brighton. But I think it's about time we take this from the start.

Last Friday we landed at an airport close to Maidstone and a few minutes (about 45) in a car later we reached our hotel that was located pretty local but more out at the countryside in Maidstone.

So now that we're on the topic what were my family and I doing in Maidstone? The rambling man fair. A small but absolutely marvellous hard rock festival. This years specialty was Whitesnakes' last tour that made a stop to play maidstones brains out.

We arrived at 12:50 since the festival were starting at 1 and then we simply walked around watching what we wanted, eating what we wanted and simply enjoying ourselves.

All together we heard a total of seven whole concerts but I think we heard songs from at least 15 bands. The seven whole concerts we watched was

Hog jaw - a pretty brutal country/rock band that has been in the business for a long time and knows what they are doing
Terrorvision - probably the only ever band that people refer to as "Britt rock "
Bob Wayne - an absolute mad country singer with a foul mouth and pretty crazy lyrics.
Supersuckers - a hard rock country band. They are usually really good but since we saw it right after Bob Wayne they seemed a bit dull.
Europe - Swedish legends. The original authors of "final countdown"
Uriah heep - classic rock. Have been in the business for 50 years. Can almost have a small ritual sound in the background. Not really my taste
White Buffalo - the most amazing voice ever. Author of a lot of the music that the famous tvserie sons of anarchy use.

It was totally crazy and one of the best things I've ever done to be honest. The day after when we decided we needed a bit calm and room to breath we drove to seven oaks. My mum used to work there so she showed us around like a 100% local and we finished the day with afternoon tea in knole park.

We didn't sleep in Sevenoaks. Instead we got back into our car. Did the usual dance where mum and dad have to switch places cause we suddenly are driving on the left side of the road and got our asses to Haistings.

In Haistings we ended up in a small hotel with a talky guy that talked about absolutely everything except what we needed to know. No check out time and no information. But a great deal about his last guests and his nephew who seems to be doing just fine in colleague. Good for him.

We spent the days in the almost sun and hard wind at the beach dipping ourselves and our hopes of being Vikings in the freezing water having a lot of fun along the road. One of the days my mums friend Sarah joined us and we got a nice tour of the town.

When we felt about done with Haistings which didn't take very long thanks to the hotel we packed our bags again and set off to Brighton. Brighton welcomed us with the opposite. Amazing hotel and really crappy weather. There was sun. I won't say anything else, but the wind made it freezing and gave you a feeling of being slightly blown away.

Bournemouth next.

A sandy sunny wonderful paradise which welcomed us with warmth and beach days after wind and sunburn. We spent two days here basically sleeping and spending time at the beach. One of the restaurants reached three Pokemon stops which all had a lure module on them 24/7. Needless to say I could sit there some time. Two levels on one dinner is a pretty good catch.

After that and now in Windsor as we currently are cause it took some time to write this we've walked around the great Windsor castle in hurling rain, sat down on a pub and are just now doing nothing but relaxing. London soon and hopefully that will be as great as this far.


Ps. On our way here to Windsor we passed Stonehenge. Absolutely marvellous.

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This might seem like something totally pointless when you first look at it. Well sure, you might think its pretty and everything but you would´t look at it twice right? Now I´m going to tell you the real beauty behind it. You see all of the coloured pieces of fabric and all of the title notes on this tree. Every single one of them represent a wish, a prayer, a note to an old self or a young self. Some even send notes to close and loved ones that they´ve lost but can´t let go.

Do you think they can hear it?

I do.

Do you think that their prayers gets answer?

I do.

Do you think that they might leave this tree with a little bit easier heart than when they got there?

I´m 100% sure that´s the case.

Now do you start the beauty I´m talking about? This deep and almost never-ending stories of why people do it.

Yes. Maybe we're all just clinging on to something impossible and maybe it's all pointless but it if give hope and joy and power then there's nothing wrong with that at all.




​So how about we take amount to talk about the homophobia that many people think is a big part of the church. I´m going to start by simply saying yes, the original idea of the church and the bibel is extremely homophobic. It says clearly that a man shall not lie with a man like he lay with a woman and that marriage is supposed to be between one woman and one man. That´s the easy answer and it would be very simple to settle for that but I´m going to take it a bit deeper. 

Do you think that there are no homosexuals that believes in god?

Do you believe that there are no bisexuals that believes in god?

No pansexuals?

No none binary?

And all of the other people in the lgbtq+ family?

Personally I believe that there are. I´m one of them and I know others too, does that mean that there are lgbtq+ people in church against lgbtq+? 

Of course it does´t. I mean you pretty much only have to listen to it to realise that it is about as stupid as it sounds, but then how does it work? Is it split up or is it just a small group in church that all of the other people hate? Does god hate these specific people for their sexuality? That also have a very simple answer. No. The one God that we know in the christian church loves all of his children. That includes me. That includes me. That includes all of the lgbtq+ people. 

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

This is a part from 1 petrus 4:8. If you stop and think about i for a minute this actually means that the bible talks over itself when it comes to homosexuality being a sin. Because love is love, right? And so is love between two men or two women. Would that mean that this sin actually is okay? Because love makes the sins alright? This isn´t an easy answer. Of course it isn´t. This book was written about two thousands years ago and people have looked at it in million different ways since then, but I would say yes. I would say that if this quote from the bible is just as valid as all of the rest which I know it is, then homosexuality and any other not straight or not cis sexuality is alright. Because as always our love is our most powerful weapon and once again it got ours back. 



​So I thought it was about time that I made a little bit less serious post and figured that it might be about time that I introduced my best friend in all categories, My dog. This little furry guy would walk by my side through hell and I will always be grateful to have him with me. I´ve had him since June 6th 2014 but he is born on March 19th. With almost two human years behind him he is the most amazing creature I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He is crazy about the snow that we have right now and enjoys long walks in the forest close to our side. Today we were out for three hours before we got back home and took a nice long nap on the couch together. He is my angel and I would do anything for him, like I know he would for me. Yes my best friend is a dog a. Stay safe people.




Hey everybody.

So I figured that someone maybe wanted to know more places to follow me, talk to me, make listen or anything so I thought that it was about time that I properly made a `list´of where to find me.

Tumblr: Cuddleprinsessa

Wattpad: Readtobecome or Simplytrying

We heart it: weekendthinker

Snapchatt: Bokslukarn

Kik: Bokslukarn

Of course I won't accept any hate or inappropriate comments about me or anybody else. All of the names above are ways to a place where nobody will judge you no matter what your gender, sexuality, ethnicity or anything else is. Feel free to talk to me at any time. 



​I think that everybody that either struggles with depression or anxiety somewhere along the road have tried to fight this with music, and sure the is great, music is a great outlet and you can get lost in songs and lyric. However there is a big but in this picture. If you accidentally end up with the wrong kind of music, anything that is triggering or depressing then it will do great harm instead of helping at all. So I have two lists that Id like to share. One to wake up to, and one to listen to while going to sleep


​I can´t make you love me​// bon iver

​Not in that way// sam smith

Heal// tom odel 

Disarm// the civil wars

Home// gabrielle aplin

I need my girl// the national 

One day// kodaline

evacuating london// narnia soundtrack

Oblivion// bastille

Saturn// sleeping at last

Sailor man// exert and the two dragons

Autumn leaves// ed sheeran 

Broken// s. carey

Make it to me// sam smith

Paint// the paper kites

​Make a playlist out of this and let it slowly take you to sleep when you have trouble to or simply want something cosy to relax, Its also good i you are having an attack o something like that


​Miracles// coldplay

Flaws// bastille

Bloom// the paper kites

Wake me up// ed sheeran

Green eyes// coldplay

Holocene// bon iver

Poet// bastille

Mykonos// fleet foxes

Shine// benjamín frances

King and lionheart// of monsters and men

The one// kodaline

Always gold// radical face



​So this might be a triggering subject so to minimize the risk of any incidents please stop reading if you feel this touching you. I am going to talk about the journey of coming out to your family as a Lgbt person. This is not a personal story I just wanted to share som tips and advice since i too some people can be life changing. So first of all, coming out is something that you have to do your own way. If it takes 3 months or 3 years doesn't matter. It's your thing, do it your way. Now to some proper advice.

1. If you live in a family that you know won't accept you, don't tell them until you actually can take care of yourself no matter how horrible that sounds.

2. Sometimes it helps to talk to a friend or another adult outside of your family first. That might feel safer and it could give you a good feeling about it before moving on.

3. This is for you. You are the main person in this scenario. If someone starts talking about how how hard it is for them or such, let them, but remember that it is your life and that you should put yourself in the first room. 

4. It´s okay to bry, its okay not to cry. It´s okay to scream, it´s okay not to scream. It´s okat to make a scene and its okay to be calmer than ever. Everything is okay no matter what people say. You are okay just the way you are and everything about you is okay.

5. Don´t let people tell you it´s wrong. If you know for sure that it is true then it is. Don't listen to anything else.




​How come that when we talk about body positivity all we ever talk about is that it is perfectly fine to be fat or skinny as long as you are `healthy´. Now this isn't an opinion that I am against, I am totally on board with that entire concept don't get me wrong. My only issue is that we never talk about the medium sized bodies. We go on and on about how 100kg women and counting still should be happy about themselves and how super skinny 35kg women are so happy and beautiful but somewhere on that road we forget about the 65-75 kg women that falls somewhere in-between whats socially acceptable as `beautiful´. We live as a forgotten people in an ocean of dresses too big an too small constantly having to fell uncomfortable as soon as we get into a dressing room or to a pool. Now feel free to disagree with me I won't mind at all, in fact I´d love to hear your opinions on this too. And I deeply apologize if I by this offended anybody. I believe that what I´m trying to say is, stay happy, stay beautiful cause you are.Even if you can't find people your size in social medias or if you fell like no clothes ever fit. You are absolutely beautiful and you look the way you are supposed too. Don't ket anybody take that away from you. Hang in there love




​Hey people. So since this is my first post I just wanted to say hello and welcome to this page where I hopefully will entertain you and touch some part of your mind. I would absolutely love to get comments or to have people talking to me and I´m always ready to listen to anything. You can find a safe corner of the world here. As you probably have seen For more information ask me personally. Anyway, welcome. I believe we will have a good time together.