Thursday tip: Ways to use the search function on Nouw

This week we're telling you about the different ways you can find information via the Nouw search function. You can search on the site, for other Nouw bloggers or look for information in a specific blog.

At the top right corner here on Nouw you'll find a search bar. You can use that for numerous thing - and today we're giving you the lo-down on what those things are.

Search for bloggers
In the search bar you can search and find Nouw bloggers in a quick and easy way. This function is especially useful if you don’t remember the blogger’s full blogging name, as the function will give you suggestions as you write, making it easier to find the blogger you are looking for.

Search Nouw Magazine and hashtags
Except for searching for bloggers, the search bar can also be used for finding articles in Nouw Magazine or to find hashtags that bloggers have used in their blogposts here on Nouw.

Search in a specific blog
Another helpful way to use the search function is to find posts or information when you are browsing a specific Nouw blog. If you type words in the search bar, you will be presented with the option to narrow your search to that specific blog you are currently browsing.

You can search for blogger and receive suggestions as you type

Here you will be presented with the option to narrow your search to the blog you are currently browsing