Thursday tip: How to use featured image on Nouw

This week we’re telling you how to use the featured image function on Nouw. You can choose what image is shown when your blogpost is linked both on social media and when shown in the Nouw news feed.

Did you know that there is a function called ”featured image” when you write a blogpost on Nouw? It gives you the opportunity to chose what image is to be shown when the blogpost is shared on social media. It’s also the featured image that is shown in the Nouw news feed.

When writing a blogpost, you can find all the images used in your post gathered at the bottom of the page. The image with the yellow tick is the featured image. You can change to any of the other images by clicking on them. Keep in mind that only images over 600 pixels wide and over will be visible.

You can also choose to upload a separate image by clicking ”Choose file”. When doing so, the image will be the featured image, but will not be seen in the actual blogpost.

Editorial staff