Thursday tip: How to blog offline

Blogging on-the-go is very convenient and easy with the Nouw app. But, did you know that you can also write and save blogposts in the app when you’re offline? We’re telling you how!

Just because you don’t have access to the Internet it doesn’t mean that you can’t write blogposts. In the Nouw app you can both write and save blogposts even though you don’t have Internet access. Later, when you’re connected to the Internet again you can upload your blogpost to your Nouw account as a draft, or publish it right away.

This is perfect if you often find yourself in situations where there is bad to no Internet, for example if you travel on planes and trains often. The function is available in both the iOS and Android app.

How to blog offline:
1. Open a new post and write
2. Click on ”save on iPhone” on iOS or ”save on device” on Android
3. When you have Internet; publish the blogpost right away or upload as a draft to your Nouw account

Example on how it looks in an iPhone with the iOS app