This week we’re telling you how to add a hamburger menu to your blog. This type of pop out menu gives you the opportunity to show and hide a column on your blog - and it only takes a few seconds to create.

By creating what is commonly known as a ”hamburger menu”, you can hide and show columns, making them pop out from the side of your blog when clicked on. Adding this kind of menu to your Nouw blog is easy, and today we’re telling you how.

How to create a hamburger menu:
1. Start with adding the different modules you want in your column, in the design editor of your blog. For example you can add contact information, a profile picture and categories to your column. You can have hidden columns on both sides of your blog if you want to, but in our example we’re only using one.

2. When you’ve decided what modules you want in your column, the next step is to drag the black arrow towards the edge of the blog. The menu will ”jump” out to the side and you have now created a hamburger menu on your blog.

3. Publish your changes to your blog by clicking the yellow Publish button at the top right corner of the design editor.

If you change your mind and want to remove your hamburger menu and have the column visible at all times, just drag the black arrow into the middle of the blog - until the column ”pops in” to the blog again.

Create your column and add the modules you want

Drag the black arrow towards the edge of the blog’s left side until the menu becomes hidden

Editorial staff