#Nouw30DayChallenge - There is a lot more to photography than cameras, lenses, ISO and Photoshop. A lot is about the choices the photographer makes before the photo is even taken. We have gathered our very best behind the scenes tips!

When it comes to photography, having a nice camera is always a plus, but it's far from necessary. Capturing nice photos doesn't depend on what camera you have, it's mostly all about the photographer behind the camera. Remember - you take the photos, the camera itself is just a tool that you use. As said before, to get a great photo, it's all about what happens behind the scenes!

One of the most important things in photography is light. Whether you're shooting on your phone or on a pricey DSLR, that's where you find the first step to a great photo - lighting. If you manage to get great lighting in your photo that can truly make any smartphone photo look professional.

Photos: Anne Hyrefeldt for @elinskoglund

Get to know your camera
If you photograph with a DSLR or a compact camera - dare to go beyond the auto settings and learn to shoot manually. As soon as you take the step to go beyond auto, you will not want to go back. You will be able to express your creativity on a totally new level as soon as you learn to use the manual settings on your camera. A tip is to use the semi-automatic settings on your camera as a transition from auto to manual.

Angels & focus
Try taking the same photo from a few different angles and see how the photo looks different from different angles and how the light falls into the photo in different ways. Crouch down, stand on your toes, crawl around on the ground - try different ways to find your unique angles!. Also try to use different focus points in your photo to highlight certain areas. Choosing only a specific part of your photo to be in focus can "make" the photo.

Photos: @fridasfriday

Practice often
Practice makes perfect, is a well known saying. And it applies to many things, photography being one of them. Bring your camera when you head out the door and shoot a lot! The more you shoot, and the more you do so in different lighting situations, the more comfortable and sure you will feel in your photography. Your photos will not only be better with time and practice, you will be able to push yourself that bit more, too.

Unexpected motives
If you really bring your creative side to the test, you will notice how you (after some practice) can create the most beautiful photos, portraying everyday things. Or how some of your favorite photos might be portraying the most unexpected tings. Bring out your inner artist and think outside the box! A good place to start is photographing things in your own home.

Photos: @sarasheart

Find your style
Something that can become an instant boost in motivation is when you have found "your style" of photography. It's something that tends to come naturally when you've been photographing for a while. It can be anything from the things or places you are drawn towards, specific angles you prefer, to a specific edit you add onto your photos, or that you always have a specific accent color in all of your photos.

You can find a lot of cute cat videos online (and for that we are thankful), but its also a great place for finding photography tips and tricks. A lot of people post helpful videos on photography, step-by-step-guides and will do comparisons on what camera will suit what needs and situations. If there is something you want to know regarding photography, there is most likely already a video up on YouTube!

Featured image: @bymartina