#Nouw30DayChallenge - We have collected our best editing tips that will easily make your photos better and will help you to improve the quality of both your photos and your blog!

White balance - To get a more natural looking photo, get help from the white balance feature - use the function in your camera or in an editing program or app later on. If you have the possibility to adjust your white balance in your camera, it will make it easier to edit, but there are also several apps that can adjust the brightness and color balance so that the whites areas look neutral. For example the app Snapseed.

Curves - A commonly used tool in editing programs are curves - where you can adjust contrast and brightness in your photos. Play around with the settings for a bit until you find the perfect balance between exposure and contrast. By adjusting the curve you will give the photo a nice effect and the photo will have the illusion of having more depth. Most editing programs have tools to change and adjust the curves, for example Gimp - a free editing program similar to Photoshop.

Cut-out-tool - For bloggers who make collages on a regular basis, the lasso tool is a knight in shining armor. With this tool you can easily cut out parts of a photo that feel out of place or superfluous. In online editing programs like BeFunky, you have the possibility to cut out chosen parts of a photo, to be able to make a collage.

Contrast - The contrast function is a reoccurring editing tool to give your photos a special look. Using less contrast can give a softer look, at the same time as using too much can make your photos look overly edited with unnatural colours. Try to find a balance that looks good on your photos!

Find your own style - Try different editing programs until you find a style of editing that you like. Use a similar style on all your photos to get a unified look on your blog.

Filters - To bring your editing game to the next level, our best tip is to find a filter in an editing app. For the most part, filters will add that little bit of something extra to your photos. And with only a few clicks you will get a great starting point as the filter can give you a great start in creating the look that you want. In Nouw’s own editing tool you have the possibility to change the filter intensity - in this photo below we used Ventura. It gives you the possibility to chose how intense you want the filter to be - at the same time it will give your photos a nice effect.

Photos: @elinskoglund