We are excited for Spring, spending time outside - and blogging on-the-go. With our new and improved app you'll be able to blog easier and with more features than ever before. We're sharing what's new the iOS app.

Here are the new functions that are added to the updated version:

New menu design
The app menu has a fresh, new design - a look that you will see more of on nouw.com in the near future.

Now available in 10 languages
The app is now available in all 10 languages that are available on nouw.com. English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Responsive user interface & bug fix
With the new updates the app will work both smoother and quicker than before. We have also solved a lot of the bugs known in the previous version.

‚ÄčSwitch to a different account

Support for online photos (photos already uploaded on Nouw)
In the new app update it's easy to reach your photos you've already uploaded to your Nouw-account.

Be signed in to several accounts at once
If you have numerous accounts, you can now be logged in to several accounts at once, without having to log in and out to switch.

Blog with "Live Photos" (iPhone 6s and newer)
Last but not least is a piece of news that we've been excited to tell you for a while! Now you can blog with Life Photos, meaning you can upload and post your Life Photos from your iPhone to your Nouw blog.

Two Live Photos taken during our event in Poland - click and press down on the image to "play" the Live Photo

Editorial staff