Miss Tee - ny stjärna på DJ-himlen

Hon är aktuell i tävlingen Miss DJ Competition 2012 och säger att musik alltid har varit hennes passion. Nu på lördag intar Dj Miss Tee dj-båset på Apartment No. 4 i Göteborg. Missa inte!

Hon är aktuell i tävlingen Miss DJ Competition 2012 och säger att musik alltid har varit hennes passion. Nu på lördag intar Dj Miss Tee dj-båset på Apartment No. 4 i Göteborg. Missa inte!

Nouw tog ett snack med Dj Miss Tee inför lördagens spelning på Apartment No. 4.

What can one expect when  you stand in the dj booth? 
When I stand in the dj booth there are a lot of factors I can encounter... High-energy is vital to maintain at all times. I have to make sure that I am performing to my best ability - this can apply to monitoring the sound levels, keeping the audience enticed, observing the crowd and how they react to the music I play, as much as I am also enjoying myself when dj’ing. I am a professional and this is my job, I take it very seriously.
What kind of music do you play?
I am a big music lover, therefore I have versatile taste in music. However, I am very much in love with especially electronic music, there are many sub-genres. I play house music; electro, techno, tech-house, disco-house, deep-house, progressive-house, minimal… A little bit of everything! I like to be unpredictable with the music I play, as a dj you have to keep it fresh and at the same time stay true to your own unique style!
How would you describe yourself as a dj?
As the dj who's not afraid to let go, not shy to dance and give herself entirely to the crowd and the music. We both share the dance floor and it's my role as an entertainer and dj to be daring, to give all my energy and heart at all times whilst practicing the best of my technical ability and creativity. I'm not up there to look pretty, I'm up there to have fun and share my love for music with the crowd, that is my core focus. Nothing is more fulfilling than to see the crowd dancing in the mood that I create!


What are your expectations regarding Saturday's gig?
For Saturday's gig, like any other, my expectation is for the crowd to dance, enjoy the music and go crazy! It is an extremely rewarding feeling when the audience appreciate the music I play, in various factors... The best feeling in the world!
Why should people come to Apartment No. 4 on Saturday?
At every gig I have, I customize my playlist to cater to the venue and crowd. As I keep my sets unpredictable, I introduce diverse music with my own style! My aim is to give the crowd a different experience and to interact with the crowd. This is how I get my inspiration! I want people to anticipate my sets and wonder... What it’s going to be like this time?
You're in Miss Dj Competition 2012 where the final will take place in Stockholm on December 15th. You are among "populära bidrag". How does it feel?
It’s very exciting! I love to challenge myself and Miss Dj Competition 2012 is a platform for me to do that.
Why should you be Miss Dj 2012?
DJ’ing and producing is my calling, I realize this now. I’m really in this for the long run. I have big aspirations in my dj career and my aim is to take it to higher heights with a lot of hard work, persistence and determination. I would love nothing more than to play in Ibiza or in Miami at the Winter Music Conference. I want to play for a big arena of people; Sensation, Tomorrowland, Creamfields are also my goals of some festivals I would love to play at. It would be a dream come true, really! I feel Miss Dj Competition 2012 is one of the many challenges I will experience on this journey... I will learn a lot from it and the exposure will be extremely beneficial.

Apartment No. 4, Teatergatan 4. Göteborg.
Öppet: 23-03, Ålder: 20 år. 

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