#Nouw30DayChallenge - Are you one of those people who likes to play around with different edits to get that perfect photo? Or, do you feel that your photos don’t turn out the way you imagined? We give you tips on how to make your photos look fresh, well thought-out and luxe!

Use the right filter - To be able to give your photos that luxe feel, without making them look overly edited - our best tip is to find a filter with the ”right” colors and shades. Try to find a filter with neutral white balance and clean tones. If you edit with VSCO CAM our suggestions are filter S2, A6, and HB1.

Just enough contrast and added clarity - Adding too much contrast will give an un-natural look, at the same time as adding too little can make the photo look slightly dirty. Try to find a place in between these two and add on sharpness to avoid your photos to look out of focus.

The background is important - Whether you photograph a person or an item, the background of your photo is a very important. Make sure to not have a background with too much distractions and things going on, try to keep it somewhat clean and neat.

Color coordinate - If you want to put more time and effort into you photo editing, we recommend you to also think about what you photograph. Make sure to have the photos in your feed or blog in a similar color scheme, preferably to post pictures using the same accent colors.

Use symmetry - When you photograph flat lays it’s important that you find symmetry to avoid the photo looking messy or simply unorganized.

One last touch - Find an edit that makes your photos unique. By using tools like ”fade” or Instagram’s own filter ”Gingham” your photos will get a luxe and soft look.

Featured image: @sandraa