How to get out of a creative drought

#Nouw30DayChallenge - Do you struggle with finding inspiration or do you need tips on how to find something to blog about? We have the answer!

Some days, blogging goes smoothly and the ideas are flowing, but sometimes it can be a real struggle knowing what to blog about. We list our best tips for finding blogpost inspiration!

Find your way back to your original idea - Sometimes it can be a good idea to go back to your original idea - why did you start your blog in the first place, what was your original idea? It can be easy to forget what we want to accomplish with our blogs - and if that’s how you feel, it can be a good idea to take a step back. Maybe you started blogging about your interest in baking, fashion, photography or beauty? To get inspired again, take yourself “back to basics” regarding your blog!

Flicker through a magazine - A trick to get new inspiration for a blogpost is to flicker through a magazine that you like. An interior magazine can give inspiration to blogposts, like “weekly interior favorites”, “best in store right now” or “great interior decor picks”. Look for topics that you yourself like writing about and let yourself get inspired by magazine articles.

Pinterest - If you haven’t yet signed up for a Pinterest account, I advise you to sign up ASAP! On there you can save inspirational images in different folders, and on a day when you feel uninspired to blog it’s easy to just log on to Pinterest and let your pinned pictures help you with new ideas.

Use your camera - Whether you’re using a phone, a point and shoot or a DSLR, blogging will become easier the more photos you take. Capture moments from your day, when something special happens or just everyday life in general. If you have a few photos from your day that’s often enough for a good to make into a blogpost. Most readers also tend to appreciate when they get to see parts of your day to day life and private life.

Featured image: @juliajaensson