#Nouw30DayChallenge - Many people assume that only top bloggers can get collaborations for their blogs, that’s not true. It’s all about how you pitch yourself to the company you get in touch with. We will go through a few steps to think about if you want to make your blog into a business!

1. Make a list of the companies you want to work with
Create a document where you list all the companies that you could see yourself working with. It can be a smart move to write down companies that you have seen other bloggers work with before. But, also write down companies that you think would want to be seen more on social media, but that haven’t put themselves out there just yet.

2. Write up an initial e-mail
It’s time to send out some e-mails. The initial e-mail should be a summary of who you are. Introduce yourself, your skills, your blog, Instagram and why they should choose to work with you. You don’t need to be specific about your statistics, give them your number when they ask for them. In the e-mail it’s a good idea to send them an example of how one of your blogposts looks. Round up the e-mail with confidence, like you already know that you’ll get an answer, a sales trick that’s very effective. For example; I’m looking forward to hearing from you so that we can further discuss further details on our collaboration.

3. Demand what you deserve
Remember that you are unique and that you will be able to offer this company great marketing. You should not be greatful over the fact that you get to work with them, they should be grateful that they get to work with you. Many companies don’t understand the value of marketing and that’s of course frustrating. To be able to market their product in a blog is of great value to the company, never forget that.

4. Talk to other bloggers
When you’re a new member of the blogging community it can be tricky to know how much you should get payed for collaborations. Talk to bloggers around you to get an idea of what sort of money they demand. Some companies don’t have a budget for collaborations, which is a bit strange. There is no way of showing a commercial on TV without paying for it. Here, you need to decide if you are willing to do it “for free” with products as payment or if you don’t want to do it at all. If you agree on having too many non-payed collaborations your blog will be -- as MER HÄR. Don’t say yes to all collaborations you’re asked to do - choose carefully!

5. Deliver
When you have accepted the company’s offer it’s time to deliver. Don’t forget to mark your blogpost with sponsored or “In collaboration with…”. When your collaboration is done, make sure to ask for an evaluation and ask if they have an interest in having another collaboration with you down the line. Having long term collaborations makes you seem trustworthy as a blogger and truthfully can stand behind the product you are marketing.