Last week our international bloggers managed to tick some things off their bucket lists, thought about moving to the other side of the world and had dinner in a department store after closing. And welcomed spring in New York.

Left: | Sweden | @Josefineeriksson shared her thoughts on packing up and moving across the big blue to OZ. Well, why not?

Right: | United Arab Emirates | @KRISTINEGRINNA has a job that takes her to amazing places around the globe. The latest "pinch me"-moment for her was this place; Casablanca.

Left: | Denmark | @Tinamarias had some quality time with her family on the country side.

Right: | Denmark | Quite the evening @bymartina had when she ate a four course dinner at the bottom of the Illum department store - after closing.

Left: | Denmark | @sofiemartine gave us the ultimate guide on what to get up to in the Danish capital, This being one of the places she recommends for a bite to eat.

Right: | Poland | @olgabutkiewicz also got to tick something off her bucket list, she visited the Southern most part of Africa and was amazed. We would have been, too!

Left: | England | What to wear when taking a stroll on the streets of London? @loveanna knows!

Right: | USA | @Gosia took us with her on her road trip along the coast from Malibu to Santa Barbara. How many palm trees can you spot?

Left: | Malta | @mischievous had a coffee in the sunny and beautiful weather - down by the ocean. Okay, so we might be jealous, just a little.

Right: | USA | @fridajohannsson welcomed Spring in New York city with open arms, by dressing in lighter layers and eating ice-cream in the sunshine.