Last week our international bloggers took a trip to Dubai & Barcelona, shared recipes on how to make one-pot pasta and dressed up for Friday. They wrote down their thoughts on taking time off and showed us a breathtaking LA sunset.

Left: | Norway | @annabjordal dressed up on Friday and wore this amazing blouse with frill details.

Right: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann is in Dubai and showed us some colorful moments!

Left: | The Netherlands | Going to Amsterdam soon? @EMMAPUYPE gave us the perfect place in the city, that is both a place for getting coffee and buying interiors. Winner!

Right: | Sweden | One pot - so much goodness. @sannies showed us how to cook a superb pasta dish using only one pot!

Left: | Norway | @saraflaaen shared her thoughts on the importance of taking a time out from our busy lives - and just relax in a coffee shop.

Right: | England | @elinanna was on a little weekend getaway to Barcelona and wandered the little alleys and backstreets, hunting down the best coffee shops and restaurants.