Best of Nouw #52

Last week of 2016 our bloggers took us from white ski slopes, to white beaches and hot cities. They wrote motivational posts for 2017 and ate some healthy and yummy breakfasts. Who's excited for a new year?

Left: | Norway | @viamiralles gave us a few motivating words on how we should enter the new year!

Right: | The Netherlands | @josjournal spent a day in the ski slopes, for the first time in ages. She enjoyed every second of that day!

Left: | Sweden | @LIZADAGSBERG started her 2017 in the most magical way - with a dreamy breakfast, on a beach, overlooking the ocean. Us, jealous? Totally!

Right: | Sweden | @ISABELALDEN gave us her last weekly list of the year and spent her New Years in London!

Left: | Norway | @fredrikkewiheden spent time with her loved ones in Havana. She also took some stunning pictures we think you should check out on her blog!

Right: | Poland | @olakoperska showed us a colorful and healthy breakfast. Worth checking out if you wish to grab a quick breakfast that is filling, yet fresh and light.

Left: | Denmark | @MARIAKRAGMANN had a lovely Christmas Eve and ate great food with her family.

Right: | Denmark | @sofiemartine gave us a a roundup on all her travels in 2016. Here's a snapshot from her trip to Brussels!