Last week our bloggers celebrated the Holidays with homemade marshmallow pops, Pinterest friendly Christmas decor and a few postcards from paradise. We also got some recaps and reflections on 2016!

Left: | Denmark | @bymartina & her mum made these cute & festive marsmallow pops.

Right: | Sweden | @joannajohansson's living room looks like something taken directly from Pinterest. So cozy!

Left: | Sweden | @Fashioncoma cerebrated good grades and the end of a semester with burgers, fries and milkshakes. As one should!

Right: | Sweden | @Josefineeriksson kept warm & stylish in her fluffy fake furr!

Left: | Bermuda | @Viaggiolife showed us some postcards from warm and stunning Bermuda.

Right: | Sweden | @Fbyelin gave us her year in pictures and took us from stunning New Zealand to Asia and a few stops in between. Go and have a look here!

Left: | Denmark | @SOFIEMARTINE wrote down a list of six things she's done for herself in 2016. A post all about the positive things from the passed year! Read the list here.

Right: | Finland | @PURELOVE is about to become a mum! She is half way through her pregnancy and is sharing her experience on the blog.