Last week our bloggers entered a surf competition, wore the fluffiest of coats, shared their skincare routine & photography goals. They also shared some moments from Mexico & Bali. How good does that sound?

Left: | Sweden | @MIAMARIAPETERSSON entered a surf competition in Portugal and came 3rd place, congratulations!

Right: | Poland | @JBANASZEWSKA showed us her full skincare routine on her blog!

Left: | England | @JosefinMolanders had a breakfast date with her other half. And after they exchanged Christmas gifts. Sounds like a great Saturday!

Right: | Denmark | @JosefineHJ showed off her stunning outfit whilst casually posing next to the Copenhagen opera house. That coat though - so fluffy!

Left: | Sweden | @Matildadjerf showed us some photos from a shoot she had the other day.

Right: | Mexico | @FREDRIKKEWIHEDEN shared two moments from Mexico.

Left: | Denmark | @bymartina is back home in Czech Republic and showed us some pictures of where she grew up.

Right: | Sweden | @joannajohansson's son Charlie wore his brand new outfit and looked very cute, indeed!

Left: | New Zealand | @kristenhess is excited to spend Christmas break practicing her photography. And we're excited to see the results!

Right: | Sweden | @sagamariah took us back to a hiking trip she did last spring. Her photos are so beautiful, they make us want to hit the trails ASAP!