Last week our international bloggers attended an event, ate tapas with friends, made an addition to the camera collection and visited an exotic island. We're happy to say; last week involved som pictures from Paris, too!

Left: | Sweden | @ofemma got herself some brand new shoes! And some glitter party socks. Because... glitter!

Right: | Slovenia | @TEAZGANKZIZEK showed us how beautiful Slovenia is this time of year. Stunning, indeed!

Left: | Italy | @COTTONANDTONIC show us a sneak peak into her Milano apartment!

Right: | Sweden | @MATILDADJERF is out exploring the world, yet again. This time she's visiting beautiful Bali!

Left: | Poland | @jbanaszewska had a Throwback Thursday on her blog and showed us some of her best memories from Paris. Her post makes us want to travel to the City of Love ASAP!

Right: | Norway | @SARAFLAAEN & her girlfriends started a their Saturday night with tapas and ended with dancing at a club!

Left: | Denmark | @MariaKragmann went to a fun event and hung out with some of her blogger friends.

Right: | USA | @MICHELLES_USA went pomegranate picking - in her own garden in Nevada. Dream!

Left: | Sweden | @karolinlisa treated herself to a Friday bouquet.

Right: | Denmark | @bymartina got a new addition to her camera collection!